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Revolutionary Communist League of Britain

Kampuchea Support Campaign Established

First Published: Class Struggle, March 20th-April 2nd 1980
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Sam Richards and Paul Saba
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Last month, 25 representatives from various towns and cities met to found the Britain-Kampuchea Support Committee (BKSC). The majority had been activists in the past in the solidarity movement for the national liberation struggles of the Vietnamese, Laotian and Kampuchean peoples.

Reports on recent events in Kampuchea and the rest of Asia and their significance for support work in Britain, and on the work of the Preparatory Committee, were delivered. In the ensuing discussion, representatives reported on the work done to date in the various localities.

The conference adopted a constitution which condemns the Russian-backed Hanoi aggression and the devastation it has inflicted on the land and people. It expresses the Campaign’s determination to support the Kampuchean people’s independence struggle.

“The BKSC (a) supports the just struggle of the Kampuchean people for the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of their country, (b) acclaims the decisions of the UN General Assembly of September 21st 1979 which maintains the seat at the UN of Democratic Kampuchea and of November 14th 1979 which calls for the removal of foreign troops from Kampuchea and (c) organises material support for the struggling Kampuchean people.”

A programme of future work to counter the widespread misrepresentation on Kampuchea and mobilise support from people of all walks of life for the liberation struggle was discussed and it was resolved to begin publication of a Bulletin.

The Campaign is to go on until the last Vietnamese soldier and Russian advisor is compelled to leave Kampuchea in accordance with UN resolutions and the Kampuchean people regain their independence, sovereignty and liberty.

Class Struggle reprints the membership form if you wish to join the Campaign. Copies of the aims and constitution are also available on request.

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