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Revolutionary Communist League of Britain

British Communists Lead Demonstration

First Published: Class Struggle, Vol 2, No. 14, September 7 to 21, 1978
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Sam Richards and Paul Saba
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On August 20th, the 10th anniversary of the brutal occupation of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet social imperialists, the peace and quiet of the Soviet embassy in London was broken by the militant chanting of 140 demonstrators. The demonstrators denounced the brutal occupation and exploitation of Czechoslovakia, and exposed the military build up and war preparations of the Soviet expansionists. Outside the embassy were also 40 members of the so-called “New Communist Party” who were there to congratulate Brezhnev on his suppression of the Czechoslovak people. These traitors to the working class were barracked by shouts of “Quisling”. A delegation comprising representatives of the Revolutionary Communist League of Britain (RCLB) and the Communist Workers Movement (CWM) – who had jointly organised the march and representatives of the Bangladeshi Workers Association and the Indian Workers Association (Great Britain) presented a letter to the Soviet Embassy denouncing Soviet aggression. A letter was also handed in at the Czechoslovak Embassy near-by.

The march had started with speeches from participating organisations at Speakers Corner, Hyde Park. The speakers pointed out that the crushing of the independence of Czechoslovakia was one of the first public acts that demonstrated to the world’s people that the Soviet Union had changed from a great socialist country into an imperialist superpower bent on expansion throughout the world. Today it is locked in struggle with the other superpower the USA for world domination. The speakers pointed to Soviet expansion in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and showed how the acts of the Soviet imperialists themselves put the lie to the “socialist” mask it wears in an attempt to cover up its true features.

Comrade Chris Burford, the Chairman of the RCLB, pointed out that the focus of the struggle between the two superpowers is Europe. It is the richest prize. Pointing out that Soviet social imperialism is the main source of war today, he called on the people to prepare themselves for defence.

At the same time, it was pointed out, the working people of Britain could not rely on the other superpower, the USA which is only after its own interests. The demonstration’s demand for US bases out of Europe made this clear.

The present situation in the world clearly demonstrates the need to defend independence as a component part of the struggle for socialism in Britain, the speakers said.


The demonstration in London was not an isolated gesture of defiance. It is part of a rapidly growing movement throughout Europe. In many European countries, on the same day, similar demonstrations led by revolutionary communists took place. In Norway, 10,000 people took part in protest demonstrations and rallies. 3,600 marched in Oslo. In Storskog, a city on the Norwegian-Soviet border, a giant poster was erected at the border saying: ’Soviet Union – Out of Czechoslovakia’. Demonstrations and mass meetings took place in 30 Swedish cities. 3,500 protested through the streets of Stockholm. In Copenhagen, Denmark, the “Committee against Soviet aggression against Czechoslovakia” organised a march of 1000. The Soviet Embassy in Reykjavik, Iceland was besieged by hundreds. In Belgium, a demonstration of 800 was joined by bystanders as it marched through Brussels with a mock up of a Soviet-tank, and placards condemning Soviet aggression.

None of this, of course, has been reported in the capitalist press. While they oppose Soviet aggression for their own class interests, they also try to say the Soviet Union is “communist” in order to sow confusion amongst the people and turn the correct stand of the working people against Soviet expansionism into anti-communism. For the ruling class to admit that it is revolutionary communists themselves that are leading the struggle against Soviet social imperialism, and all imperialists, would not serve this aim.