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Paul Thompson & Guy Lewis

The Revolution Unfinished?


Selected Readings

Trotsky: main works

The Revolution Betrayed

History of the Russian Revolution (3 vols.)

The Permanent Revolution

The New Course

The Transitional Programme

Other works are shown in the text


Other Works

Charles Bettleheim:

Cultural Revolution and Industrial Organisation in China (Monthly Review 1974)

Economic Calculation & Forms of Property (Routledge & Kegan Paul 1976)

Class Struggles in the USSR 1917-23 (Monthly Review Press 1976)

Wilfred Burchett:

China – The Quality of Life (Penguin 1976)

Antonio Carlo:

The Socio-Economic Nature of the Soviet Union (Telos, Nov. 1974)

Fernando Claudin:

The Communist Movement: From Comintern to Cominform (Penguin 1975)

Tony Cliff:

Russia: A Marxist Analysis (Pluto 1970)

Lucio Colletti:

The Question of Stalin (NLR 61)

Regis Debray:

Prison Writings (Penguin 1975)

Isaac Deutscher:

The Prophet Armed (OUP 1954)

The Prophet Unarmed (OUP 1959)

The Prophet Outcast (OUP 1963)

Richard Hyman:

Marxism and the Sociology of Trade Unionism (Pluto)

Geoff Hodgson:

Trotsky and Fatalistic Marxism (Spokesman 1975)

Michael Kidron:

Western Capitalism Since the War (Penguin 1970)

Nicolos Krasso:

Trotsky’s Marxism (NLR 44)

Kuron & Modzelewski:

Revolutionary Marxist Students in Poland Speak Out (Pathfinder 1972)


Vol.2, No.1 The Building of Revolutionary Parties in Capitalist Europe

Vol.2, No.2 Revolutionary Perspectives in Britain

International Socialism:

No.84 Avanguardia Operaia & the IS: a debate

No.48 The Trade Union Bureaucracy in Britain


League For Socialist Action:

The Labour Party: Which Way?

Ernest Mandel:

A Socialist Strategy for Western Europe

The Mystifications of State Capitalism (International, Vol.1, No.2)

The Leninist Theory of Organisation (IMG)

Workers’ Control (International, Vol.2, No.1)

On the Current Stage of the World Revolution (Imprecor, 10.6.76)

On Bureaucracy (IMG)

Marxist Economic Theory (Merlin 1968)

Kostas Mavrakis:

On Trotskyism: Problems of Theory and History (R&KP 1976)

Ralph Miliband:

Bettleheim and Soviet Experience (NLR 91)

Michel Pablo:

On the Political Organisation of the Vanguard (International Marxist Review, No.1, 1971)

Tony Polan:

Why the Socialist Labour League is not Marching

David Purdy:

The Soviet Union: State Capitalist or Socialist? (Communist Party 1976)

Marc Rakovski:

Marxism and the Analysis of Soviet Societies (Capital and Class, CSE 1977)

Revolutionary Communist:

No.1 Our Tasks and Methods (RCG)

No.2 The Question of the International

John Robens:

Imperialism, Stalinism & Permanent Revolution (IMG)

Victor Serge:

Memoirs of a Revolutionary (OUP 1967)

Paul Sweezy:

On Studying the Transition Process (Monthly Review, Vol.23, No.9, 1972)

Sweezy & Bettleheim:

On the Transition to Socialism (Monthly Review Press 1974)

Workers Socialist League:

The Battle for Trotskyism: Documents of the opposition expelled from the WRP in 1974 (Fulrose Ltd. 1976)


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