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Paul Thompson & Guy Lewis

The Revolution Unfinished?

Glossary of existing Trotskyist groups

RSL: Revolutionary Socialist League

Deep entrist group, emerged in the 1950s. Leader, Ted Grant. It was the official 4th International Group but was removed in the early 1960s. Most influential entrist group, controls Labour Party Young Socialists. Officially does not exist. Organises under the label of the Militant paper. Journal: 4th International.

IMG: International Marxist Group

Emerged from deep entrists. Became official group of the 4th International in mid-sixties. Built out of student struggles. Recently it partly entered the Labour Party again. Most important political current of mainstream Trotskyism, though smaller than WRP.
Paper: Red Weekly. Journal: International.

WRP: Workers Revolutionary Party

Main split from official 4th International. Has its own version of the International, but it’s not very international as they have successfully split from most of their allies. Claims membership in thousands, but exists mostly on paper. Took over Labour Party Young Socialists in early 1960 s, was expelled and now controls Young Socialists as junior junior WRP. Paper: Newsline (daily).

SWP: Socialist Workers Party

Previously the International Socialists. Small group in 1950s, became semi-Trotskyist because of its “state capitalist” position on Russia. Became largest group through more open approach, but now more sectarian and bureaucratic. Move to the SWP seen as building the party. Paper: Socialist Worker. Journal: International Socialism. Controlling influence in the “Rank and File Movement”.

ICL: International Communist League

Smaller group formed mainly from two expelled Trotskyist tendencies from IS – Workers Fight and Workers Power in 1970s. Has since split, with the Workers Power faction leaving. ICL paper: Workers Action. Workers Power journal: Workers Power.

WSL: Workers Socialist League

Grouping formed from people expelled from WRP, led by Alan Thornett, in 1975 for daring to question the line. Some industrial base, but still bears the imprint of WRP’s dogmatism. Paper: Socialist Press.

WL: Workers League

Grouping formed from people expelled from IS, for instance, for wanting to support Broad Left candidates in some union elections. Contains some ex-leaders of IS. Small, mainly Midlands based, open and have criticisms of orthodox Trotskyism. Paper: Workers News.

RCG: Revolutionary Communist Group

Another small Trotskyist opposition expelled from IS in the early 1970s. Highly theoretical, they don’t even have a newspaper. Journal: Revolutionary Communist. Recently had an obscure split with a minority leaving to form the Revolutionary Communist Tendency.

LSA: League For Socialist Action

Small split from IMG, including people who support the SWP (American) faction in IMG.

RMC: Revolutionary Marxist Current

Very small group split from IMG in early 1970s. Open and non-sectarian. Soon to produce a journal as successor to their paper Spectre.


Originally split from RSL. Another deep entrist group in the Labour Party. Paper: Chartist.

Marxist Worker

Ex-local branch of Workers Fight. Refused to enter ICL. Strong local base in Bolton.

RWP: Revolutionary Workers Party

Tiny group supporting Posadas in 4th International disputes. Entrists, but no-one knows where they entered, so they could have disappeared.

RMT: Revolutionary Marxist Tendency

Very small, semi-entrist group, but open and critical of Trotskyist tradition. Followers of Michael Pablo, ex-leader of 4th International. May be disbanding.


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