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Emergency Conference Of The Fourth International

Resolution Of Greetings To Natalia And Leon Trotsky

Adopted by the Emergency Conference of the Fourth International
May 19-26, 1940

The Emergency Conference of the Fourth International, concluding its final session with all its tasks successfully accomplished, sends you heartfelt greetings. Your fortunate escape from Stalinist assassins is a great victory for the international proletariat and for the oppressed people of the whole world. As capitalism in death agony wages a second world war, all its reactionary hatred and the venomous spite of its tools is turned upon the working class, particularly its vanguard. The attempt upon your life is a measure not of the strength of reaction but of its ever deepening weakness and the consciousness that its mortal enemy is the Fourth International. Your and Comrade Natalia’s unswerving devotion to the cause of the world working class, despite the greatest personal danger, inspires all of us to increased courage and self sacrifice for the coming period. On behalf of every section of the Fourth International we pledge ourselves to ever greater efforts to end the rule of Cain Stalin and to extend the October Revolution throughout the world.

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