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Emergency Conference Of The Fourth International

Correspondence With The Workers Party

Adopted by the Emergency Conference of the Fourth International
May 19-26, 1940

Correspondence With The Workers Party

Letter from National Secretary of the WP.

Dear Comrade S.:

By decision of the Political Committee of the Workers Party, section of the Fourth International, I am authorized to request you to inform us of the time, place, and agenda of the International Conference which the recent convention of the Socialist Workers Party, in collaboration with the Canadian and Mexican sections, decided to convoke.

The Workers Party, despite its views on the manner in which the contemplated conference was convoked, is desirous of sending delegates who can participate in the conference in what, in our view, are the best interests of the Fourth International. Fraternally yours,

(Signed) M. S. [Max Shachtman, Nat’l Sec’y. May 1940

Letter to Workers Party from Emergency Conference

Dear Comrades:

In reply to your letter of , I have been instructed to convey to you the following resolution adopted by the conference.

Resolution on the Basis of Representation

The Emergency Conference of the Fourth International, or-ganized on the initiative of the United States, Mexican, and Canadian sections, is now in session. The following sections are represented by mandated delegates: Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Cuba, Germany, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain, the United States, and the Bulletin of the Russian Opposition.

The conference has received and considered the request of the Workers Party to participate in the conference. On this point the conference adopts the following regulations:

1. The Socialist Workers Party, United States section of the Fourth International, is participating in the conference by mandated representatives. It is the only organization in the United States entitled to voting rights.

2. If the Workers Party of the United States desires to participate in the conference it may do so on the condition that it recognizes the authority of the conference and agrees to accept its decisions. On that basis the Workers Party is invited to send fraternal delegates to the conference.

On receipt of a declaration from the Workers Party that it accepts the above condition, its delegation will be notified of the time and the place of the next session of the conference. Fraternally yours,

(Signed) J. S. [J. Stuart],
Secretary of the Emergency Conference of the Fourth International
May 1940

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