Founding Conference of the

Fourth International


On The Greek Question

On the basis of the December 1937 resolution of the IS and of previous resolutions concerning the movement of the Fourth International in Greece, the International Conference states:

1. That the unification of the United Internationalist Communist Organization with the International Communist League is necessary because the divergences which at present separate these two groups (the present situation in Greece, the question of Archio-Marxism), while they require a serious discussion before the international organization, do not justify continuing the separation.

2. The unification should be brought about on the basis of acceptance of the Transitional Program of the Fourth International, and of its statutes.

3. The two groups shall fuse immediately, combining themselves in a new organization under the name “Revolutionary Socialist Organization (Greek Section of the Fourth International).”

4. The new organization will have a new newspaper under a new title.

5. A provisional leadership, on a basis of parity, shall be formed, its composition to be sanctioned by the IS.

6. Those members of the two groups who are abroad shall constitute a commission whose role shall be to aid the Greek section politically and materially.

7. This commission, together with the leadership in Greece, shall prepare, with the least possible delay, a convention of the new organization, preceded by a discussion before the international organization. This convention will draw up the political line of the organization within the framework of the principles of the Fourth International, and shall elect the new leadership on a proportional basis.

8. Until the national convention, in case of divergences about what policy to support, the IS shall decide.

9. An international bulletin on the Greek question shall be brought out by the Greek Commission abroad, with all the documents of both tendencies.

This resolution, presented by the representatives of the two organizations after a preliminary agreement between them, and after the labors of the Greek Commission, was unanimously adopted by the International Conference.

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