The SWP International Information Bulletin for July 1957 could not be found in the collections of Holt Labor Library, Tamiment Library, UC Davis Special Collections, the Prometheus Library, and some other major and extensive collections.

I could not find the Autumn 1959 International Internal Bulletin either, despite extensive search for it. However, both John Sherlock of UC Davis’ Special Collections and the Prometheus Research Library, after kindly looking into this matter and doing a bit of research, informed me that the one article in that issue, "A Recall to Order," was reprinted in the Pabloite 4th International, No. 7, Autumn 1959, pages 55–67. THAT was available from Holt Labor Library.

Thus, a scan of that article, as printed in 4th International Autumn 1959 pp. 55–67, is provided here.

—Martin Goodman, for the Riazanov Library digital archive project
November 1, 2013