MIA: History: ETOL: Trotskyism vs Revisionism [Cliff Slaughter/SLL-WRP-ICFI]

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Trotskyism vs Revisionism

These seven volumes of letters and documents represent, from the point of view of the British Socialist Labour League, the history of the crisis that racked the Fourth International from 1953 through the early 1970s. These letters and documents in many cases also duplicate the same material in the U.S. Socialist Workers Party published series Toward a History of the Fourth International. These volumes were published by the SLL and edited by Cliff Slaughter, a leading member of the SLL-lead International Committee of the Fourth International.


Volume 1: The Fight Against Pabloism in the Fourth International

Volume 2: The Split in the Fourth International

Volume 3: The Socialist Workers Party’s Road Back to Pabloism

Volume 4: The International Committee Against Liquidationism

Volume 5: The Fight for the Continuity of the Fourth International

Volume 6: The Organisation Communiste Internationaliste Breaks with the the Fourth International

Volume 7: The Fourth International and the Renegade Wohlforth