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Pamphlets, documents and articles relating too Trotskyism in India or the Trotskyist movement in India positions on a particular question.
A club sign "♣" indicates that the title comes from the Holt Labor Library pamphlet and document collection that has been digitized by the Riazanov Library Project


Trotskyism in India
– from Robert J. Alexander, International Trotskyism 1929-1985: A Documented Analysis of the Movement. Copyright 1991, Duke University Press. – 88K

Trotskyism in India – Part One: Origins Through World War Two (1935-45)
– by Charles Wesley Ervin – from Revolutionary History, Vol.1 No.4, Winter 1988-89 – 2 parts, 118K

Problems of the Labour Movement in India 1932 Polemic over Comintern's actions with regards to India

An Open Letter to the Workers of India Leon Trotsky (July 25, 1939)

A Voice from Peasant India Jadunandan Sharma (New International, 1939)

The Classes of India and Their Political Roles A Thesis of the Bolshevik-Leninist Party of India (Fourth International, March 1942)

The Mind of India’s Bourgeoisie by Larissa ReedA Thesis of the Bolshevik-Leninist Party of India (Fourth International, March 1942)

Why India Spurned Cripps (Fourth International, April 1942)

Britain’s Role in India Bolshevik-Leninist Party of India (Fourth International, April 1942)

American Labor on India (Fourth International, September 1942)

Petty-Bourgeois Radicalism on The Struggle in India Felix Morrow (Fourth International, September 1942)

To the Workers and Peasants of India Manifesto of the Fourth International (Fourth International, October 1942) PDF version of the original pamphlet, here

A Transition Program for India The May 1942 Program of the Bolshevik-LeninistParty of India (Fourth International, October 1942)

A Letter From India: A Postcript to a Slander Felix Morrow (Fourth International, November 1942)

The August 1942 Struggle by Rupsingh (Fourth International, October 1944)

Some British “Friends” of India by Ajit Roy (Fourth International, March 1943)

News from the Bolshevik-Leninist Party of India (Fourth International, July 1943)

Trotskyism in India

The Present Political Situation in India (Theses) Theses of the Political Committee of Bolshevik-Leninist Party of India and Ceylon, Adopted August 4, 1944 (Fourth International, October 1944)

Resolution on “Pakistan” The following resolution on the slogan of Pakistan [separation of India into Hindu and Moslem states] was adopted by a majority vote at the First Representative Conference of the Bolshevik-Leninist Party of India, the Indian section of the Fourth International, at its September, 1944 gathering. (The New International, December 1946)

Gandhi on the Road to Betrayal Bolshevik-Leninist Party of India (Indian Section of the 4th International) July 20, 1944 (Fourth International, October 1944)

The Food Crisis by S. Krishna Menon (Fourth International, October 1944)

War and the Food Crisis by J.K.L. (Fourth International, October 1944)

Ministry-Makers and ‘Leftist’ Fakers January-March issue of Permanent Revolution, theoretical organ of the Bolshevik-Leninist Party of India (BLPI), Indian section of the Fourth International

The Politics of the Indian Bourgeoisie India (Document of the BLPI 1946)

The Present Political Situation in India 1948, BLPI by Colvin R. De Silva

Sino-Indian Border Dispute (1960)

Dictatorship in India (1976, US SWP pamphlet)