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Middle East

Articles from
Fourth International

Volume V, Number 1 (Whole No.40), January 1944

Lebanon’s Fight for Independence, by Marc Loris

Volume VI, Number 12 (Whole No.61), December 1945

Middle East at the Crossroads, by T. Cliff

On the Jewish Problem, by Leon Trotsky

Volume VII, Number 1 (Whole No.62), January 1946

Middle East – The Role of Zionism, by T. Cliff

Volume VII, Number 2 (Whole No.63), February 1946

Stalinism in the Middle East, by T. Cliff

Volume VII, Number 3 (Whole No.64), March 1946

Plight of the European Jews (Review of the Month)

Volume VII, Number 5 (Whole No.66), May 1946

Stalin and Iran (Review of the Month)

Volume VII, Number 7 (Whole No.68), July 1946

Condition in Egypt Today, by J. Damien

Volume VII, Number 9 (Whole No.70), September 1946

A New British Provocation in Palestine, by T. Cliff


Volume VII, Number 10 (Whole No.71), October 1946

Zionism and the Jewish Question in Near East (Review of the Month)

The Jewish Question: The Bases for a Scientific Study of Jewish History, by A. Leon

Volume VII, Number 11 (Whole No.72), November 1946

Egyptian Notes

Volume VII, Number 12 (Whole No.73), December 1946

The Decline of Capitalism and the Jewish Tragedy, by A. Leon

Volume VIII, Number 3 (Whole No.76), March 1947

Zionism, by A. Leon


Volume VIII, Number 4 (Whole No.77), April 1947

Jewish Question Since World War II, by Ernest Germain

Some Features of Capitalist Economy in the Colonies, by T. Cliff


Volume VIII, Number 6 (Whole No.79), June 1947

A. Leon, by Ernest Germain

Volume VIII, Number 6 (Whole No.79), June 1947

The World Struggle for Oil, by T. Cliff

Volume IX, Number 1 (Whole No.83), January-February 1948

Draft Theses on the Jewish Question Today, by the I.S. of 4th International

Volume IX, Number 3 (Whole No. 85), May 1948

Against the Stream – The Trotskyist Position in Palestine

Volume X, Number 9 (Whole No.99), October 1949

Zionism and the Middle East, by S. Munier

Notes on the Israeli Economy, by a Palestinian Trotskyist

Volume XIII, Number 2 (Total No.115), March-April 1952

Anti-Imperialist Struggle in Egypt, by S. Munier

Volume XIII, Number 5 (Total No.118), September-October 1952

The Military Coup in Egypt, by S. Munir

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