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Middle East

Articles from
International Socialism
(1st Series)

No.3, Winter 1960/61

A Note of Protest, Michel Raptis & Sal Santen Case, Note of the Quarter

No.4, Spring 1961

144 Excitable Persons (Algeria), by Theo Melville (poem)

No.13, Summer 1963

Algeria, by Jean-François Lyotard

No.14, Autumn 1963

Algerian Shades, Note of the Quarter

No.15, Winter 1963/4

Letter from a Reader, Dennis Anderson

A Study in Inevitables, Ian H. Birchall (book review)

No.32, Spring 1968

Israel and Imperialism (a brief analysis), N. Israeli

No.33, Summer 1968

Egyptology, by Nigel Harris (book review)

No.36, April/May 1969

Palestine: Guerrilla Organisations, by Ibrahim Ali

No.47, April/May 1971

Palestine, by Ibrahim Ali

No.49, Autumn 1971

Sudan, by Ian Birchall

No.51, April-June 1972

Workers’ Self Management in Algeria, by Christopher Hitchens (book review)

Mo.63, Mid-October 1973

Middle East, Notes of the Month

Mo.64, Mid-November 1973

Middle East, Notes of the Month

Background to the Middle East Crisis:

No.69, May 1974

The Palestine Problem, by Helena Cobban (book review)

No.76, March 1975

Crisis in the Middle East, by Phil Marfleet

No.77, April 1975

Zionism, by Daniel Campion (book review)

No.84, December 1975

Egypt: The Deepening Crisis, by Phil Marfleet

No.87, March/April 1976

The Middle East: An Overview, by Terry Povey

No.89, June 1976

Egypt’s Deepening Crisis, by Phil Marfleet

No.90, July/August 1976

Lebanon: Another Black September? by Terry Povey

No.95, February 1977

The Middle East: Kissinger’s Legacy, Note of the Month

No.96, March 1977

Egypt, Note of the Month

Letter on What We Mean by Terrorism, from SWP Middle East Group

No.102, October 1977

Towards Another War? Note of the Month

Final Solution, by Donny Gluckstein (book review)

No.104, January 1978

Middle East: Peace for Profits, Note of the Month

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