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Middle East

Articles from
International Socialist Review

Volume 20 Number 3 (Whole No.148), Summer 1959

Algerian Realities? by Lillian Kiezel (book review)

Volume 24 Number 2 (Whole No.163), Spring 1963

“Arab Socialism” and the Nasserite National Movement, by A. Sadi

Volume 28 Number 5 (Whole No.182), September-October 1967

Ahmed Ben Bella, by Will Reissner (book review)

Volume 30 Number 2 (Whole No.191), March-April 1969

Burning Issues of the Mideast Crisis, by Peter Buch

Volume 30 Number 5 (Whole No.194), September-October 1969

Palestinian Liberation and Israel, by Peter Buch

Volume 31 Number 2 (Whole No.197), March-April 1970

Kibbutzim Children, by Constance Weissman (book review)

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