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Middle East

Articles from
Labour Review

Vol.2 No.2, March-April 1957

The Manchester Guardian and the Suez Crisis, by Gracchus

Vol.2 No.3, May-June 1957

Zionism and the State of Israel, by E.S. Hillman

Vol.2 No.4, July-August 1957

Review of Guilty Men of Suez, by Frank Verity, reviewed by J.D.

Vol.3 No.2, March-April 1958

Marxism and the Algerian Revolution, by Michael Banda

Vol.4 No.3, October-November 1959

Review of Britain and the Arabs, by Glubb Pasha & The Great Powers, by Max Beloff, reviewed by J.A.E.

Review of T.E. Lawrence, by Jean Bernard Villars, reviewed by Robert Sherwood

Vol.6 No.3, Winter 1961

Review of Lawrence of Arabia, by Anthony Nutting, reviewed by J.A.

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