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New International

Volume IV, Number 4 (Whole No.19), April 1938

The Jewish Question, by Jack Weber

Volume IV, Number 8 (Whole No.23), August 1938

Zionism and the Lion, by Ben Herman

Volume IV, Number 10 (Whole No.25), October 1938

British Policy in Palestine, by L. Rock

Volume IV, Number 11 (Whole No.26), November 1938

The Jewish-Arab Conflict, by L. Rock

Volume V, Number 2 (Whole No.29), February 1939

Zionism and the Arab Struggle, from The Spark

Volume V, Number 4 (Whole No.31), April 1939

Notes on the Jewish Question, by Charles Crompton

Volume V, Number 6 (Whole No.33), June 1939

Class Politics in Palestine, by L. Rock

A Program of Action for Palestine, by Haor

Zionism and the Arabs, by Naomi Handleman (letter)

Volume V, Number 7 (Whole No.34), July 1939

A Step Towards Social-Patriotism, by Editorial Board, Bulletin of the Russian Opposition

Volume V, Number 10 (Whole No.37), October 1939

Rebuttal on the Palestine Question (letter from The Spark)

Volume VIII, Number 9 (Whole No.67), October 1942

Jewish Colonization in Palestine, by Karl Minter

Volume IX, Number 1 (Whole No.71), January 1943

Whither Zionism? Whither Jewry? by Karl Minter

Volume IX, Number 3, Whole No.73, March 1943

Whither Zionism? Whither Jewry? – II, by Karl Minter

Volume IX, Number 4 (Whole No.74), April 1943

Whither Zionism? Whither Jewry? – III, by Karl Minter

Volume XII, Number 6 (Whole No.108), August 1946

For Self-Determination in Palestine, by Leon Shields

The Meaning of Self-Determination, by Albert Gates

Volume XII, Number 9 (Whole No.111), November 1946

The Jews of Europe and Immigration to Palestine (Editorial)

Marxism and the Jewish Question (Editorial Introduction)

Free Immigration Everywhere; A Free Palestine with Majority Rule, Resolution of the Workers Party

Assimilation Utopian: Self-Determination of the Jews, by Edward & Albert Findley

No Immigration to Palestine, Arab Freedom the Main Issue, by W. Brooks

Volume XIII, Number 3 (Whole No.115), March 1947

Four Recent Books on Palestine, by Wm. Gorman

[On Palestine] From W. Brooks (letter)

Volume XIII, Number 7 (Whole No.119), September 1947

The Jewish Problem After Hitler, by Albert Gates

Volume XIV, Number 1 (Whole No.122), January 1948

What’s Ahead for Palestine? by Al Findley

Volume XIV, Number 3 (Whole No.124), March 1948

Cooperative Palestine, by P.C. (book review)

Volume XIV, Number 5 (Whole No.126), July 1948

How to Defend Israel, by Hal Draper

Volume XV, Number 1 (Whole No.131), January 1949

Views on Anti-Semitism, by Leon Shields (book review)

Volume XVII, Number 4 (Whole No.148), July-August 1951

The Jewish Question and Israel (resolution)

Volume XVIII, Number 2 (Whole No.152), March-April 1952

Israel on Its Fourth Anniversary, by Al Findley

Volume XXII, Number 1 (Whole No.171), Spring 1956

Israel’s Laboristic Economy, by Albert Findley

Volume XXII, Number 2 (Whole No.172), Summer 1956

Israel’s Arab Minority: The Beginning of a Tragedy, by Hal Draper

Volume XXIII, Number 1 (Whole No.174), Winter 1957

Israel’s Arab Minority: The Great Land Robbery, by Hal Draper

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