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The Twelfth National Convention of
The Socialist Workers Party

The Twelfth National Convention of the Socialist Workers Party, the largest in the 18 years of American Trotskyism, held its sessions in Chicago, November 15 to 18, 1946. The immediate task of this national gathering, the third since the assassination by Stalin’s GPU of Leon Trotsky who inspired, taught and led our movement, was to sum up the activities and lessons of the two years that elapsed since the last convention and to chart the course for the period immediately ahead.

Coming out of the Second World War stronger than at the start of the War, the Socialist Workers Party became the the pre-eminent Trotskyist party in the world, with a tremendous amount of authority and a leadership fully intact, unlike many of the parties of the Fourth International that were decimated by the Fascists and Stalinists.

This Convention of the Socialist Workers Party should be seen as an inergral part of the history of the Fourth International since the politics expressed here influenced, indeed, determined the shape of the politics for the entire world movement

The Twelfth National Convention of the Socialist Workers Party

Theses on the American Revolution

Resolution on the French Constitutional Referendum

Resolution on Wages, Prices, Profits and the Struggle against Inflation

From a Propaganda Group to a Party of Mass Action (Resolution)

Supplementary Resolution on the Struggle Against Inflation

Motion on the Minority Faction

Motion on Unity with the Shachtmanites