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Revolutionary Strategy in the Fight Against the Vietnam War


Part I.
The Antiwar Strategy of the SWP and the YSA

1. From The Next Phase of American Politics

2. The Antiwar Movement (Excerpts from a Discussion in the SWP Political Committee, (June 25, 1965)

3. Revolutionary Policies in the Antiwar Movement, by James P. Cannon

4. A Reply to a Criticism of Our Antiwar Policy, by Lew Jones

5. From Some Comments on Party Policy and Tactics in the Antiwar Movement, by Tom Kerry

6. The Fight Against the Vietnam War


Part II.
Revolutionary Antiwar Policy and Practice

1. Socialists and the Antiwar Movement: A History, 1965-69, by Gus Horowitz

2. May 1970 -- A Student Upsurge Without Precedent

a. The Impact on Capitalists, Unions, and Students, by Jack Barnes

b. From "After the May Upsurge: Young Socialists, and the Student Movement"


Part III.
Disputed Issues in the Antiwar Movement

a. Mass Action vs. Calculated Confrontation, by Doug Jenness

b. Mass Action vs. 'Multi-issue' Reformism, by Larry Seigle

c. The Communist Party and the April 24, 1971 Demonstration, by Larry Seigle

d. The Communist Party's Peace Policy, by Dave Frankel

e. Why Moscow and Peking Favor the 'Sign Now' Demand, by Barry Sheppard



Introductory Note


I. Revolutionary Strategy in World War I: Three Articles by Lenin

1. The Conference of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party Abroad

2. The Question of Peace

3. The Military Programme of the Proletariat



II. Proletarian Military Policy, By James P. Cannon

1. Resolution on Proletarian Military Policy

2. The Military Policy of the Proletariat

3. Summary Speech on the Proletarian Military Policy

4. Militarism and Workers' Rights


III. The "Bring Us Home" Movement After World War II

A Hidden Chapter in the Fight Against War: The Going Home Movement, by Mary-Alice Waters