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—Socialist Workers Party [US] Education for Socialist Bulletins—

The Fight Against Fascism in the USA:

Forty Years of Struggle Described by Participants


Section One: Struggles Against Fascism During the Depression

1. “How the Silver Shirts Lost their Shine in Minneapolis,” by Farrell Dobbs (from Teamster Politics ) This document under copyright and we cannot place it on-line.

2. “50,000 Anti-Nazis Answer SWP Call; 1,780 La Guardia Cops Protect Nazis.” (February 22, 1939, Socialist Appeal )

3. “Should Fascists be Allowed the Right of Free Speech?” (March 3, 1939, Socialist Appeal)

4. “Comrade Cross Invents a Problem, by Felix Morrow,” (May 1939 SWP Internal Bulletin)

5. “Resolution of July 1939 Convention on Workers Defense Guard,” (July 7, 1939, Socialist Appeal )

6. “Proposals on Initiating Defense Guards” (SWP Political Committee minutes of July 25, 1939)

7. “Coughlin Delivers Fascist Blast Against Workers Defense Guards,” by Joseph Hansen (July 14, 1939, Socialist Appeal)


Section Two: Struggles Against Fascism at the End of World War II

1. “Report on the Los Angeles Antifascist Campaign,” By Murry Weiss (abridged)

2. “Minneapolis Picket Line Smashes Fascist Rally,” by Barbara Bruce (August 31, 1946, The Militant )

3. “Comments on the Minneapolis Antifascist Campaign,” by Vincent R. Dunne


Section Three: Protests Against the American Nazi Party

1. “Letter from James P. Cannon to Tom Kerry,” June 23, 1960

2. “Wagner Hands Rockwell an Issue,” (July 4, 1960, Militant )

3. “No Victory for Nazis,” by Joseph Hansen (March 6, 1961, Militant )

4. “Letter from Joseph Hansen to Larry Trainor”; (February 6, 1961, Militant )


Section Four: The Struggle Against Racism and Fascism Today

“Free Speech and the Fight Against the Ultraright,” by Malik Miah (August 1975 International Socialist Review )


Appendix A: Selections from the Writings of Trotsky

“The Danger of Ultraleft Tactics in Fighting Fascists,” (December 2, 1974, Intercontinental Press )

“Background to Trotsky’s Letter on Tactics in Fighting Fascists,” by Gerry Foley
(December 2, 1974, Intercontinental Press )

From “The Death Agony of Capitalism and the Tasks of the Fourth International”:
“On the Question of Workers’ Self-Defense” (October 25, 1939)

From “Why I Consented to Appear Before the Dies Committee”


Appendix B: From “The Capitalist Witch-Hunt— And How to Fight It”

Appendix C: An Example of Sectarian Adventurism in the Struggle Against Fascism

Introductory Note, by Fred Feldman

“No Platform for Fascist Scum! SYL Builds Anti-Nazi Demonstration” (April 1975 Young Spartacus )

“Defense of Anti-Nazi Demonstrators Scores Victory!”
(June 1975 Young Spartacus )