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1944 — 1976

Socialist Workers Party [US]

A Note on Socialist Workers Party Builders

The SWP Party Builder and Party Campaigner were internal organizational bulletins published irrelguarly from 1944 through 1947 when further issues were suspepended until they reappeared under the name of Party Campaigner in 1960 for 2 issues. in 1964 they published 2 issues. This bulletin again took the name Party Builder again in 1970 and continued to publish it with this name through the 1970s. the bulletins were used by the National Office of the SWP in New York City to communicate with the branches over regular party and branch building activities such as subscription sales for The Militant and branch organizational matters such as local union fraction work, anti-racist work and other activities of the Party that was going on between national conventions.

1944 — 1976

Volume 1, No. 1, August 1944, the Party Builder:

Politicall Committee Proposals on Education
Comments on Educational Plan
Obeservations on Educational Program
The Conclusion of the Militant Sub Campaign: the Nex Steps
On Party Recruitment
Branch Reports on Educational Work

Volume 1, No. 2, October 1944, the Party Builder:

Vacation School Report
Home Comments On the Mid-West School
The Minneapolis-St. Paul Forum
Report From Toledo
Report From Youngstown
Report From N. Y. East side Branch
Some Comments On Our Recent Campaign.
L.A. Literature and sub Campaign Report
Buffalo Report on Progress of Sub Campaign
N.Y. Local Call-Back and Literature Campaign

Volume 1, No. 3, December 1944, the Party Builder:

Organization Report by M. Stein (Delivert at the 11th National Convention of the American Trotskyist Movement. November 16-20, 1944)
Militant and F.I. (Supplementary report to the Organization Report) by Reba Aubrey
Pioneer Publishers (Supplementary report to the Organization Report) By Lillian Charles Lettr on the The Expansion Program and the Immediate Tasks

Volume 1, No. 4, February 1945, the Party Builder:

On the Party Press, By Martin
Detroit Organizes for teh 10,000 Sub Campaign, By Jerry Kirk
Report on Section Organidzation, By J. Bowers
Letter from Milwaukee, by Jack O'Connell
Excerpts from a Letter from Los Angeles
A Letter from Flint, By Jeff Thorne
Militant Subscription Campaign, By M. Stein
Ten Year of teh Fourth International, by Harry Gold
The Need for Formal Study of Capital by V. Grey Panel Discussion used in Minneapolis, By B. Bruce

Volume 2, No. 1, March 1945, the Party Builder:

Notes on the National Trainign School by Martin
Notes on the 8-Page Militant — Proposals — by Farrell Dobbs
Report to the Militant Institute (New York, March 11, 1945) by Farrell Dobbs
A Letter to the Mitlant Institute
Lenin and Trotsky on Worker Correspondence by J. G. Wright
Suggestion for the 8-Page Militant (Presented at the Militant Institute in New York on March 11, 1945)
Some Suggestions for the Press by Martin

Volume 2, No. 2, April 1945, the Party Builder:

Discussion on Trade Union Policy
Note On Trade Union Discussion
Memorandum On Trade Union Policy
In Explanation of Motion of Morrion and Motion By M. Morrison
Comments On Trade Union Policy
Our Change in Trade Union Tactics By M. Morrison
The New Turn in Trade Union Policy By A. Winters and Larry Williams

Volume 2, No. 3, June 1945, the Party Builder:

Trade Union Report to Plenum, By M. Stein
on the Vererans; By George Storen
Partyy Socials, By R.K,
Report on the New York Forums, By S. Stein
Comments on the Basic Taining Course, By Sam Ryan
Letter From Toledo, By M. Ingersoll
Promoting the Militant in Chicago, By Bernard Forrest
The Sub Campaign in Minneapolis; By A. Fields
A Letter From Los Angeles, By Al Lynn
Remarks on Current Sub Drive — Los Angels’s Comrades
A Letter From Milwaukee, By Jack O'connell
A Letter From Santa Monica, By Rose Cappy
Comments on the Party Builder
A Letter on Conclusion of the Militat Sub Campaign
Photoraphy for “The Militant”, By Joseph Hansen
Organization of Public Meetings, By Carol Lynn

Volume 2, No. 4, August 1945, the Party Builder:

Party Work in the Youngstown NAACP By Chalmers Alexander
Los Angeles Election Campaign of 1945
The Sub-Campaign in Detroit
Los Angeles Local Organizer’s Report, July 1945
Los Angeles Local Literature, Report, June 1945 By Al Lynn
The Sub-Campaign in Detroit
Excerpts From A Letter From Detroit
Toledo Report On Militant Subscription Campaign By Maggie Mcgowan
The Sub-Campaign Ie San Francisco
The Sub Campaign in San Diego By Nadine Collins
Report On the Sub Campaign in Philadelpeia
Cleveland’s Report on the Sibscription Campaign
Portland’s Experiences On the Sub Drive

Volume 3, No. 1, March 1946, the Party Builder: (missing page 23)

The Youngstown Steel Conference:

Comments On Auto Workers' Conference By W. H. Arthur
Building A Branch in Baltimore By Dorothea Lessing.
Recruitment in Philadelphia By Max Geldman
Reports On the Militant Subscription Campaign:
Flint — Jerry Kirk
New York — Harry Gold
Connecticut — Connecticut Trail Blazers
Bayonne — Arlene Williams
Reading — James White
Los Angeles — Ruth Daniels
Philadelphia — Max Geldman
Arrangements For Newark Forum By Frieda Kelb
New York Youth Work By E. Varlin and S. Robertson
Report On New York Election Campaign By Carol Lynn
Report On the National Railroad Conference By Farrell Dobbs

Volume 3, No. 2, July 1946, the Party Builder:

Organization Report to the Plunum, by Farrell Dobbs
Letter from George Clarke
Flint Branch Recruitment and Integration, by Jerry Kirk
Rport from Toledo, by M. Walker
Growth of the San Francisco Branch, by Bob Chester
Recrutiment and Initial Stages of Integration, by Herb Cappy
Some Problems of Branch Organztion, by Richard Kirk
New Your Public Speaking Class, by Abe Davis
Report on Work in Buffalo CIO Veterans Committees, by L. H. and Bill Gray

Volume 4, No. 1, January 1947, the Party Builder:

Call for First Ohio State Convention
Taks and Perspectives of the Ohio Socialist Workers Party
Proposals for the By-Laws of the Socialist Workers Party Ohio State Organization

Volume 4, No. 2, March 1947, the Party Builder:

Lessons of A Union .Election Campaign, By J. Lyons
Report On Left-Wing Developments
In the Railroad Unions
Letter From M. Genecin, Akron
Letter From J. andrews, Akron
Branch Reports On Educational Work:
  1. San Pedro
  2. Philadelphia
  2a. Philadelphia
  3. San Diego
  4. Detroit
  5. Calumet
  6. Milwaukee
  7. San Francisco

Volume 1, No. 1, May 1960, the Party Campaigner:

1960 Election Campaign Opens
Double the Circulation by Karolyn Kerry
Reports from Branches

Volume 1, No. 1, May 1960, the Party Campaigner:

We Move Ahead by Joseph Hansen
Boston by Len
Denver by Norman and Tom
Twin Cities by Helen Scheer
Chicago by Howard Mayhew
St. Louis by S.T.
Detroit by Sarah Lovell
Ohio by Jean Simon
A San Franciscoby R. Martin
New York by Paul Williams

October 1963, the Party Campaigner:

Introductory Subscription Campaign by Karolyn Kerry plus letters and comments from the branches.
Political Campaigns Other Than Electoral, by George Breitman
The Detroit Forum, by George Breitman

June 1964, Part 2, the Party Campaigner:

Every Branch Should Have A Campaign, by George Breitman
Production of Leaflets, by Jim Kralm
New York Militant Labor Forum, by P. Ring
Campaigning in a Small Hining Tmm, by Everett Luoma
New York Militant Sub Campaign, by L. Harcus
Newsstand Sales of the Militant in Harlem, by Jack Harsh
Midwest Summer School, by J. DeGroot

Volume 6, No. 1, July 1970, the Party Builder:

Organization Report to SWP National Committee Plenum, February 28, 1970 By Joel Britton
New Financing of the Expanding Party (Report to SWP National Committee Plenum), March 1, 1970 By Judy White
One Year Progress Report On Sustalner System, January 1970 (Chart)
Allocation of $15.00 (Norm) Per Member Per Month Sustainer (Chart)
Report on Fund Raising Activities of L.A. Branch, by Peggy Brundy

Volume 6, No. 2, June 1970, the Party Builder:

San Francisco Women’s Liberation Fraction Report by Debby Woodroofe June, 1970
A Suggestion For Getting Subscriptions by Mareen Jasin
New York Women’s Liberation Fraction by Ruthann Miller June 9, 1970
Austin Women’s Liberation Excerpts from March, April and June
Reports by Laura Maggi
Statistical Report On Evelyn Reed’s Western & Southern Women’s Liberation Tour April - May 1970
How to Give Reports by Linda Jenness
Atlanta Forum Report by Joel Aber June 1, 1970

Volume 6, No. 3, July 1970, the Party Builder:

California Campaign Balance Sheet and Projections By Sharon Cabaniss, Co-Director State Campaign
Professionalism in Revolutionary Politics By Richard Crawford
Doing Regional Work From A Small Center By John Votava, Ilona Stanton, Caroline Fowlkes
Report On Philadelphia’s Women’s Liberation Center by Mareen Jasin

Volume 6, No. 4, July 1970, the Party Builder:

How to Deal With the News Media by Bob Gahtan
Appendices: How to Deal With the News Media
Some Suggestions in Doing Publicity by Bill Massey
Appendices: Some Suggestions in Doing Publicity
A Report On Sales and Promotion of Pathfinder Literature in California
Over A Six Week Perios by Jim Kendrick
Bookstore Report From the New York Area by Priscilla Ring

Volume 6, No. 5, August 1970, the Party Builder:

Proposals For Tee Fall Campaign
In California by the State Staff
How the California Campaign Gets Speakers Fees
On Campaign Press Coverage by Bernie Senter
The Michigan SWP Election Campaign by John Hawkins
Ohio Campaign Report by Marcia Sweetenham
Washington State Election Campaign Report by Rick Congress
Technology in the Service of the Revolution by Rod Holt
Pathfinder Press Sales on College Campuses — An Important National Opening For Party Propaganda Work by Jim Kendrick
How to Chair A Meeting (Atlanta Branch Circular)

Volume 6, No. 6, August 1970, the Party Builder:

Financing A New Branch by John Staggs, Atlanta
Philadelphia Women’s Liberation Report by Paula Reimers
New York 1970 Election Campaign Report by Mike Arnall
An Electoral Organizational Method We Should Consider by Joe Johnson, Denver
New York Militant Labor Forum Report by Sara Johnston
Denver Antiwar Report by Al Rosenthal
Bober Tour: Report and Evaluation by Berta Langston, New York
Education: New Member Through Cadre by Marian E. Thelen, Boston

Volume 7, No. 1, July 1972, the Party Builder:

Organization Report to the May 11-14, 1972, SWP National Committee Plenum, Approved May 14, 1972, by Betsey Stone
The Trade Union Panel, by Frank Lovell

Volume 7, No. 2, July 1972, the Party Builder:

Problems of Education, by GusHorowitz
The National Tape Service, by Rich Lesnik
Education for Socialist Bulletins
Available from the National Tape Service
Class Series Outlines:
—The Transitional Program
—The Origins and Character of Chinese Stalinism
—United Front vs. Popular Front
—Principles of Leninist Party Organization
—A Marxist Approach Toward the Labor Movement
—Revolutionary Socialist Strategy in Electoral
—The National Question and the Black Struggle

Volume 7, No. 3, July 1972, the Party Builder:

1972 Election Camp Aign Report to SWP Na Tional Committee Plenum, by Larry Seigle, Approved May 13, 1972
Ideas on Party Election Propaganda, by by Doug Jenness

Volume 7, No. 4, July 1972, the Party Builder:

Militant And ISR Business Office Report to Sales Directors
Detroit Sales Report, by Debby Deegan, Detroit Branch
On ISR Sales, by Morris Starsky, Los Angeles Branch
Organizing the YSJP Teams, by Janice Lynn
Report on Education in the Boston Branch, by Louis Proyect, Boston Branch
Plenum Remarks Under Organization Report, by Judy White, Brooklyn Branch, New York Local

Volume 7, No. 5, July 1972, the Party Builder:

Western Subscription Team Report, by Mike Arnall, Seattle Branch
Militant Sales in Seattle, Seattle Branch by Dymphna Flavin,
Successful Sales of the USLA Reporter in New York, by Sue Adley, Lower Manhattan Branch, New York Local
Minneapolis and the Fall Subscription Drive, by Louis Cobet, Minneapolis Branch
Upper West Side Forums, by Stacey Seigle, Upper West Side Branch, New York Local
Philadelphia Fall Subscription Drive, by Lea Tammi, Philadelphia Branch
Los Angeles Do-It-Yourself Banquet Kit

Volume 7, No. 6, August 1972, the Party Builder:

The Progress of Pathfinder Sales, by Michael Smith, Lower Manhattan Branch, New York Local
Forums: A Year Round Intervention Into the Political Life of the Community, by
John V otava, Oakland-Berkeley Branch
Local SWP Camp Aign Media Work, by Cathy Perkus, Lower Manhattan Branch, New York Local
Granma Bookstore, by Sue Smith, Oakland- Berkeley Branch
Militant Forum, by Joe McKeown, Seattle Branch
The Sales of the Press Through Commercial Outlets, by Paul T. Doganges, Upper West Side Branch, New York Local

Volume 7, No. 7, August 1972, the Party Builder:

Political Work in the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), submitted by Trade-Union Director, Oakland-Berkeley Branch
Some Comments On Branch Finances, by Ralph Schwartz, Minneapolis Branch
The Chicago Campaign to Keep Current, by Bernie K. and Howard S., Chicago Branch
Suggestions For Ballot Work, by Judy Uhl and Larry Seigle
New England Speakers Bureau And Regional Work Report, by Dave Jerome, Boston Branch
Hints For Increasing Bookstore Sales, by Helen Schiff, Lower Manhattan Branch, New York Local

Volume 8, No. 1, July 1974, the Party Builder:

Report to the SWP June 1974 National Committee Plenum On the Party's Fight For Democratic Rights, by Larry Seigle
Report On the 1974 Spring Sales Campaign, by the Militant Business office
Comments and Reports On the Coalition of Labor Union Women
Report On San Francisco Sears Strike and City Workers Strike, Report from the San Francisco Branch
Improving Our Election Work, by George Breitman, Lower Manhattan Branch, New York Local

Volume 8, No. 2, July 1974, the Party Builder:

Changing Youth Values in the 70s: A Study of American Youth, Based on a Study by Daniel Yankelovich, Inc.
Survey Finds Young U. S. Workers Increasingly Dissatisfied and Frustra Ted, New York Times article, May 22, 1974
Widening Gap in Views Is Registered Between College and Noncollege Women, New York Times article, May 22, 1974
Young Workers Dissatisfied With Jobs, Politicians, Business, Militant article, July 12, 1974

Volume 8, No. 3, August 1974, the Party Builder:

Twelve Study Guides For Classes:
Twelve Study Guides for Classes, Introduction
History of the Russian Revolution
The Permanent Revolution in Vietnam
The Post World War n Transformations in Eastern Europe, China and Cuba
Speeches to the Party
History of the Fourth International: From the Left Opposition to the 1963 Reunification
Appendix: Outline for Classes on the History of the Fourth International Before the Founding Congress
Revolutionary Defense Policies and Principles Black Liberation and Socialism
A Marxist Approach to the Labor Movement Teamster Rebellion
Teamster Power
Popular Frontism: Road to Disaster in Chile

Volume 8, No. 4, August 1974, the Party Builder:

Report to the SWP June 1974 National Committee Plenum On Party Tasks and Organization, by Barry Sheppard
Some Comm:Ents On Branch Bookstore Finances, by Philip Hardy, Houston Branch
Appendix: Sample Records
Suggestions On Giving A Fundraising Speech, by Linda Jenness, Brooklyn Branch, New York Local 13
Chapter Building Perspective For Usla Work, by Gary Prevost and Marvin Johnson, Twin Cities Branch
Report On Danielson Tour of Colorado, by Peter Seidman, Denver Branch
Forums in Houston, by Louis Proyect, Houston Branch
Media Work, by Ann Glick, Boston Branch
Our Participation in the National Education Association Convention, by Dan Fein, Houston Branch
Branch Summer School Classes, by Bill anderson, Lower Manhattan Branch, New York Local
Organization of Spring Sales Campaign, by Harvey McArthur, Philadelphia Branch
Report On Philadelphia PRDF Benefit, by Dick Osborne, Philadelphia Branch
The Campaign Around the "Home Rule Charter" in Washington D. C" by the Washington D. C. Socialist Workers Campaign Committee
Abortion Work in Boston, by Carol Henderson Evans, Boston Branch
Spring 1974 Bustin Tour, by Lynn Foster, Boston Branch

Volume 8, No. 5, August 1974, the Party Builder:

National Campaign Tours, by Nancy Cole, Socialist Workers 1974 National Campaign Committee
Proposed Schedule For National Campaign Tour
Black Work in Atlanta and Some Suggestions On Carrying Out Black Work Nationally, by James Harris, A tlanta Branch
PRDF Endorsement At the Michigan Federation of Teachers Convention May 3-4, 1974, by Paula Reimers, Detroit Branch
APpendix: Resoujtion Passed By the Michigan AFT and Detroit PRDF Letter to MFT Convention
Organizing A Campaign Banquet, by Elizabeth Jayko. St. Louis Branch
The Fight to Organize Book Publishing in New York, by Lee Smith, Lower Manhattan Branch, New York Local
Organizing A Press Campaign, by Lenore Sheridan, Chicago Branch
Report On Sovlet and East European Defense Work, by George Saunders, Upper West Side Branch, New York Local
Organizing Campaign Street Rallies, by Janice Lynn, New York State Campaign Director
Philadelphia Bookstore Consignments, by Rosy Rultenberg, Philadelphia Branch
Airing Our Views—A Brief History of the SWP Radio Show in Boston, by Jerry Keene, Boston Branch
Appendix: Radio Program Resume

Volume 9, No. 1, April 1975, the Party Builder:

Reports from Socialist Activists and Educational Conference, August, 1974
The Black Struggle Today and Our Tasks, by Page Andrew Pulley
Steelworkers Workshop
Building Trades Workshop
Report to the Branch Finances Workshop, by Mary Scully, Lower Manhattan Branch

Volume 9, No. 2, April 1975, the Party Builder:

Writing For the Militant:
Workshop on Writing for the Militant
The Militant–What It Is and How to Use It Larry Seigle
Report on Militant Prepaid Subscription Cards Joel Britton

Volume 10, No. 1, January 1976, the Party Builder:

Reports On Implementation of Party Turn: Report on Implementation of the Party Turn, by Doug Jenness. the general line of this report was approved by the National Committee plenum, January 3, 1976
Appendix I, Statistics on Party Growth Appendix II, Composition of Party Membership: Comparison of Three Years
Motion Adopted by National Committee Plenum on Provisional Membership, January 3, 1976
Report to the Political Committee on Implementing the National Committee Decision on Provisional Membership, January 16, 1976,by Doug Jenness
Key Financial Tasks, by Barbara Matson

Volume 10, No. 2, April 1976, the Party Builder:

On the Development of the Pat Wright Election Campaign, by Nancy Fields, Downtown Brooklyn Branch, New York City Local
Building A "No-Frills" Branch, by Jane Roland, East Flatbush/Crown Heights Branch, New York City Local
Suggestions On Branch Education, Submitted by the National Education Department
Out of the Bookstore And Into the Street, by Marc Lichtman, Downtown Brooklyn Branch, New York City Local
How to Simplify Bookstore Inventories, by Brett Merkey, Pittsburgh Branch
Questions From A Prospective Prqvisional Member, by Claire Moriarty, Downtown Brooklyn Branch, New York City Local
Statistics On Party Growth