Vietnam Subject Page

Studies in the organization and politics of Trotskyism in Vietnam

Vietnam: Stalinism versus Revolutionary Socialism

By Richard Stephenson [Al Richardson]

A Chartist International Publication, 1972.

(Reprinted in What Next? No.15, 1999).

Stalinism & Trotskyism in Vietnam: A Spartacist Pamphlet

A collection of articles written by John Sharpe in April-May 1973, plus other material.

This material first appeared in Workers Vanguard and Spartacist, publications of the Spartacist League (US).

Pamphlet published by the Spartacist Publishing Company, 1976.

Vietnam & Trotskyism

A series of articles by Simon Pirani together with supplementary material.

The book is based on material published in a seven part series in Workers Press beginning in December 1986.

Workers Press was the weekly paper of the British Workers Revolutionary Party.

Pamphlet published by the Communist League (Australia), 1987.

From Revolutionary History magazine

Vietnam: Workers’ Revolution & National Independence

Volume 3, No. 2, Autumn, 1990.


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