To the Conscience of the World

— a statement initiated by 10 prominent Mexicans

THE INTERNATIONAL ORDER has been violated as a consequence of the invasion against Iraq. A single power is inflicting grave damage to the norms of understanding, debate and mediation amongst countries. This power has invoked a series of unverified reasons in order to justify its invasion. Unilateral action has led to massive loss of civilian life an devastation of one of the cultural patrimonies of humanity.

We only possess our moral authority, with which we appeal to world conscience in order to avoid a new violation of the principles, which inform and guide the global community of nations. At this very moment, a strong campaign of destabilization against a Latin American nation has been unleashed. The harassment against Cuba could serve as a pretext for an invasion.

Therefore, we call upon citizens and policy makers to uphold the universal principles of national sovereignty, respect of territorial integrity and self-determination, essential to just and peaceful co-existence among nations.

Mexico, April 2003

A Selected Sample of Signers

Leopoldo Zea
Adolfo Sanchez Vazquez
Miguel Leon Portilla
Andres Henestrosa
Maria Rojo
Jaime Labastida
Victor Flores Olea
Federico Olvarez
Gilberto Lopez y Rivas
Pablo Gonzalez Casanova
Rigoberta Menchu
Nadine Gordimer
Adolfo Perez Esquivel
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Mario Benedetti
Ernesto Cardenal
Oscar Niemeyer
Harry Bellafonte
Danny Glover
Thiago de Melo
Eduardo Galeano
Sergio Rodriquez Lascano
James Petras
Roy Brown
Ariel Dorfman
Margaret Randall
S. Brian Willson
Rosalyn Baxandall
Roxana Dunbar Ortiz
James Cockcroft
Leslie Hoag Hope
Marta Harnecker
Michael Lebowitz
Michael Albert
Edward S. Herman
Michael Lowy
Peter Rosset, USA
Richard B. Du Boff
Saul Landau
Tariq Ali
Noam Chomsky
Howard Zinn

ATC 105, July–August 2003