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Proletarian Revolution No. 59--What’s Inside?

In the lead article, “U.S. Imperialism Out of the Balkans,” we analyze the forces and political meaning of the recent imperialist war and occupation in the Balkans. It was an effort by imperialism in general, and the U.S. in particular, to assert its domination. We explain our position our military defense of Serbia while giving no support to the Milosevic regime. Many other questions arise out of a confused situation where Serbia itself played an oppressive role against the Kosovar Albanians. In this article and a related one (Self-Determination and Military Defense) we take these questions on.

In “Defending Mumia: Mass Mobilization is Key”, we take a sober, critical look at the state of the campaign to free the black militant Mumia Abu-Jamal, of which we have been an active part. Mass mobilization is central to freeing Mumia. To this end we have pressed for a strategy of placing demands on popular leaders and mass organizations like trade unions to seriously back this fight. We have posed the need to raise the question of Mumia within a broader fight against racist police brutality, which has clearly been a central question of workers and youth of color in this period.

“Surviving the ISO” is an account of a comrade who had previously joined the ISO. It describes in personal terms the sharp conflict between that organization’s Marxist pretensions and the reality of its organizational life. For those interested in building a revolutionary party and considering the ISO, it’s must reading.

In “The ANC’s ’Last Chance’ Election,” the recent elections in South Africa are examined in light of the on-going class struggle. It goes beyond the results of an electoral landslide for the ANC to point out mass disaffection with its rule. Despite setbacks, the potential for class explosion is enormous.

Other articles include:

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