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No. 1, February-March, 1964

Front page

Witch Hunt in the SWP


Editorial Notes:

In Lieu of a General Policy Statement

Our Name

And About the SWP


New Expulsion!


Rescind the Suspensions!
(statement to National Committee of SWP)


Weiss Resolution
(submitted to SWP PC)


The Left Wing Views the Kennedy Assassination


Toward Rebirth of the Fourth International
(resolution submitted to 1963 SWP Convention by RT)


Castro in Moscow
by P. Jen (Peter Friedlander)

No. 2, July-August, 1964

Election Supplement October 1964

Critical Support for the Election Campaign

of the Socialist Workers Party

Vote for DeBerry and Shaw

page 5

Revolutionary Tendency in YPSL

Calls for Critical support to DeBerry-Shaw Campaign

SP Suspends National YPSL

page 7
(Statement to Oct. 15 Rally Against Fascism)

Independent Class Politics--The Only Answer to Goldwaterism

page 8

PLM Errs in Opposing SWP Election Campaign

No. 3, January-February, 1965

front page

Harlem Riot and After

Freedom for Cuban Trotskyists!

page 2

YPSL Tendency Joins Spartacists:

On The Dissolution of YPSL

Statement by the YPSL Revolutionary Tendency

page 8

Bureaucracy and Revolution in Moscow and Peking

page 16

Purge Hits YSA

(leaflet, 18 Jan. 1965)

To Win this Strike...
(NYC welfare workers strike)


Special Supplement, March 1965 [Harlem Riot and SL
Report to Our Readers:
Spartacist Editor Subpoenaed By "Harlem Riot" Grand Jury


Statement on Vietnam, 17 April 1965

No. 4, May-June, 1965

front page

Hands Off the Vietnam Revolution!
(statement of the International Committee of the Fourth International, 2-21-1965)

pages 2, 3 and 4 (bottom)


page 2

More on Vietnam:
(from P. Jen to "The Newsletter" of English SLL)

(cablegram from Spartacist editorial board to Ho Chi Minh; reply from Ly-Van-Sau for the NLF)

page 3

Responses to Spartacist No. 3:
(from Conrad Lynn and Theo Melville, RWP (Posadista))

Spartacist Growth:
(letters from Houston, Austin and Baltimore)

page 4

Death of a Comrade:
(letter from Edna Kavanagh, on Canadian and Australian Trotskyist veteran Jack Kavanagh)

Conspiracy and Treachery in Alabama

page 6

Malcolm X
(obituary, black borders)

page 7

New York Welfare Strike

pages 8 and 9 spread

The Student Revolt at Berkeley
by Geoff White

page 16

Socialist in Berkeley Elections
(Geoff White)


Special Supplement, May 6 1965

Hands Off The Dominican Revolution!

No. 5, November-December, 1965

front page


Lesson in Betrayal

page 2

Trotskyist Unity

International Committee Statement

To the American Committee for the Fourth International and to "Spartacist"

NY Peace Parade

Press Release:

Spartacist Breaks With New York Parade Committee

page 3

(on NY Peace Parade)

Conrad Lynn to "Spartacist"

James Robertson to "National Guardian"

Cuban Trotskyists

page 5

Toward Arming the Negro Struggle
by Mark Klein

page 6

Imperialists and Stalinists in Vietnam

page 7

Progressive Labor:

Stalin Lives?

page 8 and 9, spread

Trotsky and the Fate of the Russian Revolution

Review Article by Shane Mage
(of Deutscher's Trotsky biography)

page 12

Algerian Coup-

A Crushing Blow to Revisionists' Theory
by Cliff Slaughter

pages 15 and 16

Two Reports from Chicago:

I. The Riots and Spartacist

II. The Struggle for Militant Leadership
by Bob Sherwood

No. 6, June-July, 1966

front page

Battle for Asia
by L.M. (Lyndon LaRouche)

Trotskyists Under Attack
(Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, Poland)

page 2

Reunification Smashed
(betwen ACFI and Spartacist)

page 5

ASOC Dissolves

Baltimore "Town Socialist"
(reprinted from Baltimore Evening Sun)

page 6

Third I.C. Conference:

Defeat for World Trotskyism

page 7

Spartacist Statement to International Conference

page 10

Brooklyn College Sit-In

page 11

The SWP in Transit:

From Centrism to Reformism

page 16

"Tri-Partite" Agreement:

Public Workers Fight No-Strike Scheme

No. 7, September-October, 1966

front page

1966 Elections
by D.H. (Douglas Hainline)

page 2

London Conference Aftermath

page 5

1948-Style Independent:

Henry Wallace and Gideon's Army

page 6

Santo Domingo Commune:

Reformist Betrayal

page 8

Labor Murder in San Francisco
by Geoffrey White

page 10

Red Squad Handbook
(review of "The New Left," by Phillip Abbot Luce)

page 12

Target City Program:

CORE in Baltimore

page 13

Freedom Socialist Party Reactivated

page 16

Storms in the Ghetto

No. 8, November-December, 1966

"Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution":

Maoism Run Amok

page 2

Revolution and Truth

page 4

Texas Farm Strike

page 8 and 9 spread

Political Revolution in Hungary--Ten Years After

page 10

We Are Here!

Founding Conference

Greetings to the Spartacist Conference
by Dick Fraser

page 11

Declaration of Principles of the Spartacist League

page 14

Defend Latin American Revolutionists!

Letter from Red Flag
(English Posadistas, on Adolfo Gilly and Mexican Trotskyists);

and Spartacist telegram to Peruvian court re: Hugo Blanco

page 16

Report from New Orleans:

SNCC and Revolution

Victory for Gallashaw

No. 9, January-February, 1967

front page

After The Elections:

Facing 1967

page 2

Oust Healy!

An Open Letter to Other Supporters of the IC

page 4

Crisis for Welfare Union

page 4

Guevarism vs. Fidelism:

Posadas in the MR-13

page 8 and 9 spread

Centrism and the Fourth International

Realignments in the International Labor Movement
by L. D. Trotsky

page 11

Report from Germany:

A Sinister Coalition
by Bernt Bahr

page 14

Does Soviet Nuclear Shield Cover Hanoi?

An Open Letter to Attache Rogochov

page 16

"Student Power" or Workers' Power?

The Berkeley Student Strike

No. 10, May-June, 1967

front page

Anti-War Sellout
(special supplement inside)

page 2

Healy at Liege and Peking

page 5 (bracketed)

Excerpts from Spartacist Call to

Picket NYC SANE Ralley

page 8

Crisis of Leadership:

SSEU Elections


Special Supplement, May-June 1967
(inserted in #10, 8 pages)

Black and Red--

Class Struggle Road to Negro Freedom

(leaflet, 15 July 1967)

Newark Shows Need:

Organize Black Power!

(leaflet, Oct. 21 1967)

Beyond October 21:
From Protest to Power

(leaflet, Nov. 3 1967)

What IS The "Workers League"?
Wohlforth's Latest Incarnation


No. 11, March-April, 1968

front page

For A Labor-Socialist Ticket In 1968

page 2

Defend City Labor!
(NYC SL leaflet)

page 4

Arab-Israeli Conflict:

Turn the Guns the Other Way

page 8 and 9 spread

Theses on Guerilla Warfare
(translated and expanded from Espartaco #2)

page 12

How Does Violence Start?

An Open Letter to ILWU Local 10 on Black Ghetto Uprisings,

An Answer to the Longshore Union "Dispatcher."
by Stanley Gow

page 13

Defend Them!
(Queens RAM case; Gallashaw; Huey Newton)

Bill Epton Jailed

Save TSU Five!

page 16

On Draft Resistance:

You Will Go!
by Douglas Hainline

Supplement, May 1968
Johnson Goes, Imperialism Remains!
NLF Program:
Fetter on Victory

(leaflet, late spring 1968)

Don't Beg—lTake It, It's Yours!
(for MLK Poor Peoples' March)


No. 12, January-February, 1968

front page

To the Brink and Back:

French Revolution

page 2

Rebellion at Columbia:

New Left Flounders

Glen Robinson
(boxed obituary)

page 7

Scabs, Fake Lefts Push Merger:

SSEU At The Crossroads

page 8

Cops, Spies, HUAC:

Repression in New Orleans

(leaflet, 13 Nov. 1968)

New York City School Strike:
Beware Liberal Union Busters!

No. 13, August-September, 1969

Special Issue on Split in SDS

front page

Toward Stalinism or Trotskyism?

New Left's Death Agony

page 4 and 5 spread

The Secret War Between Brother Klonsky and Stalin
(And Who Won)
(document for 1969 SDS conferences, s/Nick Dicken and Leon Day)

page 8

As Factional Warfare Erupts:

Spartacists at Chicago
(position papers for June 1969 SDS convention, s/George Kukich, Gallatin Deitz, Libby Scheier and Joel Salinger)

1. PL--Trotskyism with a Pre-Frontal Lobotomy

2. Which Way SDS

3. On Stalinist Wreckers

No. 14, November-December, 1969

front page

Seize the Opportunity!

Revolutionary Regroupment

page 4

Spartacist National Conference

A Letter
(bracketed, from J.J. in Iowa)

page 8

SSEU's Final Sellout:

Death of a Union

(leaflet, 23 March 1970)

Postal Strike Aids All Workers!
Answer Any Troops' Use By General Strike!

Nos. 15 & 16, April-May, 1970

front page

Drawing the Class Line

page 2

Toward Regroupment: An Exchange
(wih NYC Maoist)
(excerpt from letter from Christopher Lasch on open admissions)

page 4

Maoist Genesis:

Chinese Menshevism
by Bill Grey

page 16

Storm in the NMU

Nos. 17 & 18, August-September, 1970

front page

America Faces Crisis

page 4

Terrorism and Communism

page 8

The Wohlforth League:

Counterfeit Trotskyists

page 16

Toward Women's Liberation


Supplement, May 1970
Blood and Nixon


No. 19, November-December, 1970

front page

Conflicts Sharpen in Labor

page 5

PL At A Dead End

page 6

Syndicalism and Leninism

page 8

Chilean Popular Front

(leaflet, 7 March 1971)

Open Letter to the International Socialists:
The Irish Upsurge and the Cliff Group


No. 20, April-May, 1971

front page

Social Crisis Deepens

page 4

Brussels Statement
(at European USec conference)

s/International Communists of Germany, SLUS, Revolutionary Communist League of England, SLNZ

page 8

World Trotskyism Rearms


Supplement, July 1971
Against NPAC Pop Fronts:
For Class Action Against The War
It Takes One To Know One
(boxed quote from Michael Harrington article, "New York Times" magazine, 30 May 1971)

(leaflet, 3 July 1971)

The SWP in the NPAC Conference:
Pop Front Sealed In Blood!


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