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Introduction to the Truth

Truth, a revolutionary Marxist publication, was begun September, 1974, in Chicago. The publishers of Truth were comrades who had been expelled from the Revolutionary Socialist League (RSL), which had been a tendency in the International Socialists (IS) that had been expelled a year earlier. This was a period characterized by splits and fusions throughout the Marxist movement.

The Truth group met with representatives of the International League, an international Trotskyist tendency formed from expelled militants of the French OCI and its international organization. The Truth group joined the International League with issue No. 6, February 1975. It became the Trotskyist Organization of the United States (TO/US). The Fourth International was declared rebuilt by the International League in 1976, calling itself the Fourth International (Rebuilt). It published a journal called The Fourth International (rebuilt) in English, French and Spanish.

The decision to declare the Fourth International rebuilt was based on the progress towards the rebuilding from the work in Europe and our adherence from the United States. Both groupings had been a political minority which would have preferred to stay in their respective organizations. The declaration was based on a common agreement over tasks and perspectives. It was also based on the political moment, the fall of Franco among other important events, the need for an international center for collaboration and to attract other tendencies.

We reached out to the other Trotskyist tendencies to regroup in various ways with some success. We attracted the Class Struggle League and some others to join with us. We proposed a Trotskyist Congress of all U.S. tendencies to form a united Trotskyist movement. We often found ourselves with other political tendencies in the same coalitions, involved in the same struggles and collaborating with them in spite of our differences.

In 1987, we decided that our eleven year effort at rebuilding the Fourth International had not been successful. Our international tendency changed its name to the International League and changed its policy towards other Trotskyist groups. We became more willing to explore various organizational and political ways we could collaborate.

As part of that change, the TO dissolved and joined Socialist Action. The effort was not successful and those who had political agreement with the International League in the U.S. began to publish Truth again in 1988.

From 1988-1995 we explored joining other U.S. Trotskyist groups and collaborated with them in practical work. We weren’t able to join as full members but we made some friends and didn’t make any more enemies.

In 1995, the International League reached an agreement to form a new international tendency with some Trotskyists from the Movimiento Al Socialismo (MAS) in Argentina which also had collaborators in several other countries of South and Central America. The name of the new organization was International Workers Unity. The goal of the new organization was to reach agreements with other Trotskyist organizations nationally and internationally towards the rebuilding of the Fourth International. It published International Correspondence in English and Spanish. This regroupment lasted for some years. This regroupment led us directly to work with the World Social Forum movement in 2001, which was based organizationally in the Workers Party of Brazil in which our tendency was active with some elected Congresspeople.

The Truth tendency, with the addition of some new people, changed the name of its paper to New Life and then later to Socialism! publishing a print publication continuously to 2000.

This brief sketch indicates our place in the Marxist constellation. Our work on earth in the same period consists of supporting and participating in many struggles. Many workers, revolutionary fighters and leaders around the world fought in these important efforts. Some highlights covered in Truth include:

The years of Truth show the political maturation of some U.S. communists over nearly 30 years. Those of us associated with Truth in Detroit continued to work in the Committee for the Political Resurrection of Detroit (CPR), in the Social Forum movement and other struggles against neoliberalism.

We are part of a growing natural alignment and convergence with many other U.S. communists and socialists who remain true to the vision of a classless society.


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