Archivist's Notes:

This page was first put up years ago by David Walters with one or two people providing information about what issues of Workers International News existed, and a few HTML renditions of articles from some issues.

In 2017 Rob Marsden in London scanned a large fraction of the issues of this publication.

The Riazanov Library digital archive project had already scanned most of Volume 6, from holdings of Holt Labor Library of San Francisco.

The Riazanov Project obtained images many of the remaining issues Rob was unable to scan, though the quality of those digital images was limited by restrictions on imaging made by the library (Tamiment Library) where the issues were held.

This archive as a whole is currently missing roughly five or six issues, out of a total of around 70 issues printed of this publication.

We are missing v1n2, v1n3, v2n5, v2n10 and v2n11. We are also missing v5n5 ("first series" v5, from 1942) and v4n4, but it may be these are issue numbers never printed.

Many of the scans here are of limited quality due to low 200 dpi bi-tonal resolution, parts of a few pages unreadable, parts of pages cropped off clipping off a letter or two of words. We'd welcome re-dos of these.

Although this digital archive is not up to the standards to which many of our others have been held, this is an archive of material that is pretty near entirely text only, and nearly all (tho not quite all) of the text on all pages can made out, even if at times this takes some effort. Thus, this very important journal in the early history of the Trotskyist movement... a U.K. journal politically and historically comparable to the journal "Fourth International" of the SWP in the United States... IS here finally at last... mostly... freely available to the workers movement, scholars, and researchers.

Note that all of Volume 6 except v6n08 and v6n10, and also v5n05 and v7n01 were scanned in high quality fashion from original pages on a flat bed scanner by the Riazanov Library digital archive project from holdings at Holt Labor Library.

Martin H. Goodman MD
Brooklyn, NY October 2017

Director, Riazanov Library digital archive projects
Board of Directors, Holt Labor Library

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Last updated on 26 October 2017