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The Trade Union Archives is maintained by the Central Organization of Finnish Trade Unions, SAK ry, which is the largest of the central trade union organizations in Finland. The Archives was founded in 1976 as the central archives for the affiliated trade unions of SAK. The main aim of the archives is to promote historical and social research of the trade union movement. The archives are generally available to the public, however, certain donated collections may be subject to specific conditions regarding their use. The Trade Union Archives is a member of the International Association of Labour History Institutions (IALHI).

The Trade Union Archives has about 470 metres of shelf space, about half of which is used for the Central Organization of Finnish Trade Unions' own material. SAK has material in the archives dating from 1930. There is a 12-year period of confidentiality applying to all the Central Organization of Finnish Trade Unions' (SAK) documents.

The Trade Union Archives contains material from SAK's affiliated unions and their local branches, relating to different professions. The local interunion branches are organizations which consists of SAK's different affiliated trade unions on a local level. The Trade Union Archives also has material from these organizations from many different regions. In addition, there are some personal collections of individuals who have been influential in the trade union movement.

The Archives has SAK's and its affiliated unions' published newspapers, and other printed material, such as annual reports, programmes, collective bargaining agreements and research work. In addition, there is material which has been published by international trade union organizations (ICFTU, ETUC, NFS etc).

The Archives has about 8,000 photographs, about 250 posters, films and videos produced by SAK.

The vast majority of the material has been catalogued. The catalogues can be checked manually or by using a computer.

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