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George Orwell: Enigmatic Socialist

Essays by Ian Birchall, Paul Flewers, John Molyneux, John Newsinger, Paul O’Flinn and Peter Sedgwick

Collected and Introduced by Paul Flewers. Socialist Platform Ltd, London, 2005

George Orwell is almost certainly the only socialist to have suffered the indignity of being championed by large numbers of his political enemies. Rather than staking a claim upon him, Dr Flewers and his fellow contributors to this collection, Ian Birchall, John Molyneux, John Newsinger, Paul O’Flinn and Peter Sedgwick, critically assess Orwell’s works, especially Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four, and conclude that alongside his positive aspects – his clarity of observation, his quest for human decency and his condemnation of the abuse of power – he also demonstrated serious theoretical and political weaknesses that have enabled his legacy to be systematically and wilfully wielded as a weapon against the very ideas for which he fought during much of his adult life.


Orwell’s Socialism

Orwell and Totalitarianism

Orwell and the World

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