Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line: Revolutionary History

Errata for Revolutionary History, Volume 1, No.2

Page 17, n3. This refers to Azana as the Prime Minister. He had in fact been the President of the Republic since 10 May 1936, prior to when Held wrote the article.

Page 17, n14; p55, nl. Differing dates are given for the death of V.A. Antonov-Ovseyenko. This is not a typographical error but represents a conflict in the evidence available to us

Page 40. For Slingover read Slingova.

Page 50. The crosshead should read What became of Nin?.

Page 55, n10. It is worth noting that Bolloten (The Spanish Revolution, 1979, p.458) hints that the two Orlovs were in fact the same person and he was trying to cover up the part he had played in the atrocious torture of Nin.

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