Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line: Revolutionary History

8: Are the elections a victory for the CGT?

From Front Ouvrier Renault, 10 July 1947

Fifty nine per cent of the voters and 80 per cent of those who voted, such is the CGT score in the last delegate elections.

By comparison with the elections of last year, it is a reverse, but in comparison with the strike pushed against the CGT leadership this is only half a defeat. Why?

The so-called Democratic Union was incapable of putting a list forward in the elections and its call for abstentions was not followed. Faced with the reactionary CFTC, the workers had no other choice but the CGT.

If these are the same delegates as before, this is because the revolutionaries are still unable to destroy their treacherous leadership. But the results of the vote justify the work undertaken by the Front Ouvrier to throw out the scabs and strike-breakers from the leadership of the CGT.

Daniel Renard

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