Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line: Revolutionary History


The decision we took a year ago to organise each issue of our magazine round a central theme has so far worked with some success, and has meet with the general approval of our readers.

However, it has led to the accumulation of a number of illuminating articles in our hands that cannot easily be grouped into any obvious pattern. We have therefore decided to present a few of them in the current issue, since several have been in our possession for some time, and a further delay in publication would only amount to a discourtesy to their writers.

We shall return to our thematic approach in our next number, devoted to the question of the German Revolution to commemorate the seventieth anniversary of the Spartakist Revolt.

For the benefit of readers joining us for the first time, we should point out that our practice is to print material expressing a wide range of opinion, and to lay side by side contradictory views, as we feel our readership is quite capable of coming to its own conclusions. Apart from the fact that there is no unanimity of view on the Editorial Board itself, we believe that a blinkered orthodoxy would not serve the cause of a critical examination of the facts, as well as robbing history of life and interest. In this spirit we invite those groups that see themselves as revolutionary which have not yet sent a delegate to this magazine to join us and to add their insights and experience to ours.

Some of our readers abroad will already know that there exist journals and organisations with similar aims in France, Spain, Italy and Germany. Starting with this number we intend to publish a brief resume of the work they are carrying on, much of it of exceptional interest and vitality.

Revolutionary History

Updated by ETOL: 6.7.2003