Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line: Revolutionary History

Harry Wicks

The last issue of our journal announced that we would be publishing a tribute to Harry Wicks, a founder of the Trotskyist movement in Britain and a courageous and honourable working class revolutionist. However we feel that we would not be able to do justice to his massive contribution in a small article, which is all that we would have space for here.

So instead it has been decided that, as a more fitting tribute, to keep his memory fresh among his many friends and comrades, Socialist Platform Ltd will publish a pamphlet consisting of comrade Wicks’ interview with Al Richardson and a number of his writings on the international working class movement. We are gratified to learn, as will our readers, that Logic Barrow is at present preparing Harry Wicks’ memoirs for publication.

A memorial meeting, to be addressed by his close collaborators, has been organised by Socialist Platform for Sunday 8 October at Conway Hall at 3.00pm. We feel that many of our readers will wish to attend to mark the passing of this old comrade and friend.


C.L.R. James (1901-1989)

Revolutionary History shares the general sadness over the death of C.L.R. James. James followed the work of our magazine closely and sympathetically, and sent copies regularly to his friends in the USA. A tribute to his many-sided contribution to the movement will appear in our next issue.

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