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Polish Trotskyism

Dear comrades,

Some time ago I received a letter dated 28 June 1990 from Comrade Crawford, together with a copy of Revolutionary History, Volume 3 no.1. Many thanks for not forgetting me, and for so kindly introducing me to an international readership.

Unfortunately, I found a few mistakes which need correcting in my article The Bolshevik-Leninist Movement in Poland, as well as in the footnotes to the article about me.

Page 13, note 7: It was not White Russians who were living in Eastern Galicia but Ukrainians, and the entire population of Eastern Galicia in the inter-war years was approximately eight million and not 40 million. This latter figure refers to the Eastern Ukraine, or Soviet Ukraine.

Page 14: My Life was published by Biblion, not Babylon. This mistake is repeated on page 15.

Page 15: The town is called Czestochowa, not Chestakova.

Page 15: KPZU stands for the Communist Party of the West Ukraine, which was a regional organisation of the Communist Party of Poland. In the translation, reference is made to three parties!

I’ve recently been working on a long article – 28 pages – about Trotsky’s writings in Poland in the inter-war years, together with notes. If you would like to publish it, I could send it to you very quickly. You can also write to me in English, as I am able to read it.

Ludwik Haas

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