Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line: Revolutionary History, Vol. 6 No. 1

Readers’ Notes

Compiled and Annotated by Al Richardson

Stalinism and the Soviet Union

Cencrastus, Winter 1994–95. John Manson, The Case of Comrade Serge; James D. Young, Three Unknown Letters by Victor Serge.

Spectator, 7 January 1995. Anne Applebaum, The Selling of the Twentieth Century, free-for-all in the Russian archives.

Times Literary Supplement, 24 February 1995. Harold Shukman, The Russian Archives; Robert Conquest, Playing Down the Gulag. See also Dmitri Volkogonov, The Russian Archives; Gabor Rittersporn, Victims of the Gulag, in 17 March issue; J. Arch Getty, Victims of the Gulag in 24 March issue; Vladimir Buldakov, Access to the Russian Archives, in 31 March issue; Helen Szamuely, The Russian Archives, in 7 April issue; Robert Conquest, Victims of the Gulag, in the 14 April issue; J. Arch Getty and Gabor Rittersporn, Victims of the Gulag, in 21 April issue; and Robert Conquest, Victims of the Gulag, in 5 May issue. Debate continues over the number of Gulag victims.

In Defense of Marxism, February 1995. Marilyn Vogt-Downey, Trotsky’s Legacy Lives Despite Decades of Suppression; Mikhail Voyeikov, The Theoretical Legacy of Leon Trotsky and its Contemporary Significance, account of a conference on Trotsky in Moscow in November 1994.

Marxist Monthly, February–March 1995. Alexander Pantsov, From Students to Dissidents: The Chinese Trotskyists in Soviet Russia, part 4.

The Times, 29 March 1995. Jonathan Mirsky, Chinese Begin to Whisper about Nation’s Hidden Horrors, famine and cannibalism in the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution.

International Worker, 25 March 1995. Vadim Rogovin, Was There an Alternative to Stalin in the USSR?, a lecture on the Left Opposition. See also David North’s Introduction to Rogovin’s book of that title in 8 April issue.

The Times, 8 April 1995. Roger Boyes, Historian Raises the Veil on Myth of Buchenwald Communist “Martyrs”. See also his Buchenwald Inmate Decries “Bonn Slur” Over Collaboration, in 10 April issue; Robin Gedye, Left Wing Protest at Buchenwald Commemoration, Daily Telegraph, same date.

The Times, 19 April 1995. Michael Binyon, Veterans Applaud as Chernomyrdin Praises Stalin for Defeat of Nazis.

International Worker, 22 April 1995. Fred Mazelis and Nadezhda Joffe, Was There an Alternative to Stalinism in the USSR?

The Times, 24 April 1995. Michael Binyon, Vibrant Moscow Turns its Back on Lenin’s Memory, 125 years since Lenin’s birth.

Daily Telegraph, 29 April 1995. Nikolai Tolstoy, The Shameful Retreat from Moscow, review of Klehr, Haynes and Firsov’s The Secret World of American Communism. Also reviewed by David Caute, What the Reds Were Doing Under the Bed, Spectator, 27 May; James Sherr, How Stalin Infiltrated America, The Times, 27 April.

Socialist Outlook, 29 April 1995. Enzo Traverso, Our Morals are Not Theirs!, a philistine attack on Trotsky.

In Defense of Marxism, April 1995. Zhang Kai, Remove All False Charges Against Chinese Trotskyists, the Chinese bureaucracy slowly begins to rehabilitate its Trotskyist victims.

Journal of Contemporary History, April 1995. André Liebich, Mensheviks Wage the Cold War.

Guardian, 1 May 1995. David Hearst, Coming to the Aid of the Party, Dmitri Volkogonov, the Soviet Union and the Second World War.

International Worker, 6 May 1995. David North, Historical Perspectives and the Origins of the Bolshevik Party.

The Times, 8 May 1995. Stalin’s Rôle Praised, Edward Shevarnadze praising another Georgian.

Workers Press, 27 May 1995. Brian Pearce, Let’s Get It Right, necessary corrections to In Defence of the Russian Revolution.

Guardian, 30 May 1995. Pass Notes 627: Lenin, feeble attempt at humour.

Socialist Appeal, May 1995. Steve Jones, Defending October, review of In Defence of the Russian Revolution. See also Mark Harrison, Bolshevik Writings, Trotskyist International, May–August; Richard Price, The Bolsheviks in Their Own Words, Workers News, August–September; and Duncan Chapple, Defending October, But Abusing Our History, Socialist Outlook, 29 April.

Against the Current, May–June 1995. Kim Moody, Interpretation or Fusion?; Alex Callinicos, Misunderstanding Capitalism, state capitalism and the Soviet Union.

The Times, 10 June 1995. London Staged Cover-Up of Katyn Killings.

Guardian, 14 June 1995. James Meek, Come Back Stalin, Says Grandson. See also Alan Philps, Stalin Party Wins Backing of Grandson, Daily Telegraph, same date.

Independent, 19 June 1995. Norman Davies, Victims of Communism, Socialists in Stalinism’s postwar prison camps.

Guardian, 28 June 1995. John Pilgrim, letter on Peter the Painter.

Guardian, 1 July 1995. Jonathan Steele, Stalin’s Notes From Underground, review of Lars Lih, Oleg Naumov and Oleg Khlevniak’s Stalin’s Letters to Molotov.

The Times, 12 July 1995. China Halts Work on Temple to Mao, work stops in Hunan. See also Zedongs of Praise, Independent, 16 July.

Independent, 16 July 1995. Soap Could Have Been Mao’s Forté, more about his ambitions.

Marxist Review, July 1995. Dave Wiltshire, The Foundation of Bolshevism.

Workers Liberty, July 1995. Cathy Nugent, The Politics of Victor Serge, review of Dave Cotterill’s The Serge-Trotsky Correspondence.

In Defense of Marxism, July–August 1995. Joe Auciello, An Unsatisfactory Biography of Lenin, review of Dmitri Volkogonov’s Lenin. Also reviewed by Ellis Hillman, A Yeltsinite Reassesses Lenin, Workers News, June–July; and Jean-Michel Krivine, Lénine ou le vrai Volkogonov, Rouge, 2 November.

Times Literary Supplement, 4 August 1995. Abraham Brumberg, A Case of Evil Intent, review of Arkadi Vaksberg’s Stalin Against the Jews, and Yaacov Roi’s Jews and Jewish Life in Russia and the Soviet Union.

Guardian, 8 August 1995. Stalin’s Spy Ring, Volkogonov claims that Stalin used 11 million informers.

Irish Times, 9 August 1995. Eilis Ward, Trotsky and Ireland, an attempt to get Trotsky asylum in Ireland in 1934.

Sunday Times, 20 August 1995. Carey Scott, In Memoriam: Fourteen Million Ghosts of the Gulag, a Gulag museum to be set up in Perm 36.

Marxist Review, August 1995. Dave Wiltshire, 1905: Bolshevism in Practice.

Daily Mail, 20 September 1995. Richard Ingrams, Seeing the Nightmare of Russia Changed his Politics, Malcolm Muggeridge’s Soviet experiences in the 1930s.

International Worker, 23 September 1995. David Walsh, A Reply to the Falsifiers and a Fresh Look at Lenin’s Work.

Marxist Review, September 1995. Ray Athow, Leon Trotsky’s Fight to Build the Fourth International; G.D., Bolshevism, 1917 and Revolution Today.

International Socialism, Summer 1995. Charlie Hoare, Bookwatch: China Since Mao.

Times Literary Supplement, 13 October 1995. Peter Graves, The Enigmatic Stalinist, review of Stefan Heym’s Radek, a novel.

Sunday Times, 15 October 1995. Carey Scott, Poisons Tested on Stalin’s Prisoners.

Morning Star, 30 October 1995. Steve Booter, Defend the Revolution: Like Trotsky.

Socialist Action, October-November 1995. J.C. Smith, Tito’s Break with Stalin, review of Jasper Ridley’s Tito.

International Worker, 4 November 1995. David North, Was There an Alternative to Stalinism?.

Guardian, 7 November 1995. Andrew Higgins, Politically Correct Story of Mao’s Sex Life, Xi Tao, Wu Xujun and Lin Ke deny that he was a dirty old man.

The Times, 15 November 1995. Richard Beeston, Georgians Lament Loss of Local Boy Stalin, the Stalin cult lives on.

Independent, 18 November 1995. Richard Pipes, The Secrets of Ekaterinberg, review of Mark Steinberg and Vladimir Khrustalev’s The Fall of the Romanovs. Also reviewed, along with Robert Massie’s The Romanovs: The Final Chapter, Sunday Times, 12 November.

Marxist Review, November 1995. R.B., The Working Class and the Russian Revolution, review of Siegelbaum and Suny’s Making Workers’ Soviets: Power, Class and Identity.

Trotskyist International, October–December 1995. Paul Morris, Lenin, Trotsky and the Permanent Revolution, Lenin and Trotsky in 1905.

David North, In Defense of the Russian Revolution, Labour Publications pamphlet, 1995. Two very worthwhile lectures.

Labour Movement

Militant International Review, February–March 1995. Phil Hearse, The End of Socialism?, review of Eric Hobsbawm’s The Age of Extremes. Also reviewed by John Rees, The Light and the Dark, International Socialism, Spring.

Socialist Worker, 4 March 1995. Paul McGarr, Lessons to Beat the Bosses Today, the Clyde Workers Committee.

New Statesman, 10 March 1995. Paul Flewers, Soviet Sympathies, Tribune’s support for Stalinism in the 1930s.

Socialist Worker, 18 March 1995. Mark Steel, A Message to Rosa, Glenys Kinnock, a fan of Rosa Luxemburg?!

Independent, 19 March 1995. Francis Beckett, Unsentimental Education, the eventful life of the daughter of Stalinist leader Bill Rust.

Against the Current, March-April 1995. Alan Wald, The End of American Trotskyism?, part 3.

New Statesman, 7 April 1995. Paul Anderson and Kevin Daley, Moscow Gold?, lengthy account of the Communist Party of Great Britain. See also the letters by John Green, Puppet Performance; Walter Kendall, Balancing the CP Books; Ian Birchall, The March That Wasn’t; Gordon Munro, Tarnished Gold; Andrew Coates, Not So Democratic Left, in 21 April issue.

Socialist Outlook, 8 April 1995. K. Govindan, The Most Important Strategist for the Socialist Movement, review of Ernest Mandel’s Trotsky as Alternative. Also reviewed by Ray Athow, Mandel Distorts Trotsky, Marxist Review, October; Mike Phipps, Mandel’s Fog of History, Labour Briefing, April; and Robert Brenner, Mandel’s Alternative to Trotsky, Trotskyist International, May–August.

Daily Telegraph, 12 April 1995. Hugh Davies, McCarthy Was on Right Trail Say Historians, the CPUSA and McCarthyism. See also Anne Applebaum, Truth in a Witch-Hunt, Daily Telegraph, 13 April.

Workers Press, 15 April 1995. Tom Cowan, Dockers and Working Class, the White and Blue unions in the docks. See also Bill Hunter, Dockers’ Breakaway was Inspiration, Not Manoeuvre; Dave Finch, My Late Mother-in-Law and a Little Sectarianism; Keith Sinclair, Move Wasn’t Totally Planned or Totally Spontaneous in 29 April issue.

Daily Telegraph, 29 April 1995. Greg Gowrie, Stuck Between Stalin and Mrs Thatcher, review of Francis Beckett’s Enemy Within: The Rise and Fall of the British Communist Party. Also reviewed by Sarah Baxter, Comrades on the Picket Line, Slaves to the Party Line, The Times, 27 April; Anthony Howard, Following Party Lines, Sunday Times, 19 March; John Torode, A Lot of Dirty Water and Rather a Small Baby, Independent, 28 May; Paul Foot, The Multi-Principled Party, Guardian, 7 July; Andy Croft, We’ve Won in China (also reviewing Nina Fishman’s The British Communist Party and the Trade Unions, 1933–45), New Statesman, 31 March.

Workers Press, 29 April 1995. Geoff Pilling, How May Day Started; James D. Young, Internationalism and The Red Flag.

Trade Union News, April 1995. Harry Constable, Blue Was the Colour: Hull Docks in the Fifties, review of Keith Sinclair’s How the Blue Union Came to Hull Docks.

Workers Liberty, April 1995. Vic Collard and James D. Young, On the IS/SWP Tradition; Barry Finger, Max Shachtman and His Left; Al Richardson, History Was Not Made by One Authoritarian Man, replying to Robin Blick.

Informations Ouvrières, 17-23 May 1995. François Forgue, L’Humanité reécrit toujours l’histoire, the disgraceful rôle of French Stalinism at the time of the Sétif massacre in 1945.

New Left, May 1995. Albert Einstein, Witness for Socialism, an article written for Monthly Review in 1949.

Workers Liberty, May 1995. Chris Jones and Ray Challinor, The IS-SWP Tradition; Sean Matgamna, How the Dockers Forged Solidarity, And Then They Lost It, review of Bill Hunter’s They Knew Why They Fought; Alan Johnson, Unfair to Revolutionary History, in defence of this magazine; How Hitler Could Have Been Stopped, includes German Trotskyist statement of February 1933, Oskar Seipold’s speech to the Prussian Landtag, Marcel Beaufrère on the Trotskyists of Buchenwald; Colin Foster, Democracy Was Possible in 1917, reply to Al Richardson’s criticism of Robin Blick’s The Seeds of Evil.

Militant, 5 May 1995. The Class War Within the War, the Second World War in Britain.

Socialist Worker, 13 May 1995. Hassan Mahamdallie, The 1871 Paris Commune: The First Workers’ Government.

Observer, 21 May 1995. Barry Hugill, College Refuses to Yield Secrets of Churchill’s Rival, Fenner Brockway’s papers still closed to historians at Churchill College, Cambridge.

Workers Press, 27 May 1995. Cliff Slaughter, Secret of Japan’s “Success”: A Hidden History, part one, class struggle in postwar Japan.

Guardian, 29 May 1995. Pass Notes 626: Brian Behan, ex-Stalinist, ex-Trotskyist, ex almost everything.

Socialist Worker, 27 May 1995. Helen Croft, Fighting Shoulder to Shoulder, on Eleanor Marx.

Marxist Review, May 1995. Ray Athow, Engels in Manchester, review of Edmund and Ruth Frow’s Frederick Engels in Manchester.

Red Labor International, May 1995. Honor the Memory of Set Persson, account of a remarkable Swedish Stalinist militant.

In Defense of Marxism, May–June 1995. Arthur Maglin, An Anarchist’s Autobiography, review of Sam Dolgoff’s Fragments; Frank Lovell, The “End of American Trotskyism”?, responding to Alan Wald; Ernest Mandel, World Socialist Revolution Today, details on the history of the Fourth International.

Trotskyist International, May-August 1995. John McKee, Fighting Racism in the USA: From the Civil War to the Comintern; part 2, The US Left and Black Liberation in October-December issue.

Socialist Worker, 24 June 1995. Hassan Mahamdallie, Bradford: A Proud Moment of Revolt, the Mannigham Mills strike of 1890–91.

Guardian, 30 June 1995. Jenny Turner, Left In and Out of History, good review of Michael Kenny’s The First New Left, a mediocre book on a rotten subject.

New Interventions, June 1995. Paul Flewers, From the Red Flag to the Union Jack, the rise of social patriotism within British Stalinism; Paul Stevenson, The Internationale: An Anthem for Doomed Youth, the Second International and the First World War.

Searchlight South Africa, June 1995. Baruch Hirson, The Beatification of Joe Slovo; A Short History of the Non-European Unity Movement; Joe Rassool, Letter on the General Strike of 1922.

International Review, Second Quarter 1995. D.V., Revolutionaries in Germany During World War I; Leonardo, A Link in the Chain of Imperialist War; C.D.W., The Mature Marx: Past and Future Communism.

Socialist Review, June 1995. Chris Bambery, The Red Years, review of four books on British Stalinism; Gareth Jenkins, The Forgotten Fighters, Communist-led resistance in the Second World War.

Bulletin, Spring 1995. The Split in the Socialist International: Was It a Tragic Mistake?, the events of 1914. Part 2, The Establishment of the Communist International, in Summer issue.

Socialist Worker, 1 July 1995. Sam Ashman, A Union that Had US Bosses Wobbly, the Industrial Workers of the World.

The Times, 7 July 1995. Conviction Under Incitement to Mutiny Act, a British Communist jailed for leafleting soldiers, from 7 July 1930 issue.

Independent, 9 July 1995. Nic Ciccuti, Marxism Never Died for Carl, 95, Carl Cowl, a veteran US revolutionary.

Observer, 30 July 1995. Peter Conrad, Perhaps He Loses a Little in Translation, review of Curtis Cates’ André Malraux: A Biography, with some tart remarks about Trotsky.

Workers Liberty, July 1995. Mark Sandell, Storming the Bastille; Tom Willis, Not Marx – Marx and Engels!; John McIlroy and Al Richardson, Save Our History from Academics and Sects!; Sean Matgamna, Why Lenin Got It Wrong, Lenin and Ireland; Andy Wilson, The IS/SWP Tradition.

Against the Current, July-August 1995. Charlie Post, Power, Money, Marxist Theory, review of Ernest Mandel’s Power and Money; David Finkel, Shachtman and his Legacy, review of Peter Drucker’s Max Shachtman and His Left; Frank Lovell, American Trotskyism: A Response, replying to Alan Wald; Archie Lieberman, The Lessons of Working Class History, Trotskyism and Stalinism.

The Times, 1 August 1995. Red Rule in Barcelona: Extremists Out of Hand, from 1 August 1936 issue.

Camden New Journal, 3 August 1995. John Gulliver, Literary Legacy of Murdered Man to be Released at Last, Ellis Hillman’s efforts to get the papers of murdered leading Anarchist James Alexander released.

Guardian, 9 August 1995. Stuart Jeffries, An Arable Parable, the historical significance of Orwell’s Animal Farm. See also Daniel Johnson, Who’s Who in Animal Farm, The Times, 22 August.

Weekly Worker, 10 August 1995. Jack Conrad, Lenin’s Misused Consul, review of Bob Pitt’s John Maclean and the CPGB. See also Gerry Cairns, Meddling Bolsheviks, in 12 September issue; Bob Pitt, Dogmatic Refusal, in 12 October issue.

Guardian, 26 August 1995. George Orwell, Triumph of the Herd Instinct, the unpublished preface to Animal Farm.

Socialist Outlook, August 1995. K Govindan, Unsung Victims of Ho Chi Minh, review of Ngo Van’s Revolutionaries They Could Not Break. Also reviewed by Chris Bryant, They Could Not Be Broken, Trotskyist International, May-August.

Workers Press, 9 September 1995. Peter Fryer, A Timely Antidote, review of Ray Challinor’s The Struggle for Hearts and Minds.

Workers Press, 16 September 1995. Peter Fryer, Clarion’s Call, the Fife Socialist League; Mistitled Reprint, the reprint of Pearce and Woodhouse’s Essays on the History of Communism in Britain.

Workers Press, 23 September 1995. Peter Fryer, Lawrence Daly and the SLL.

Guardian, 29 September 1995. Jonathan Steele, Betrayed from Within, Bill Alexander says ‘we were never stooges of Stalin ... in the Spanish Civil War.

La Commune, September 1995. Michel Guillaume, Vietnam 1920-–45: Révolution et contre-révolution sous la domination coloniale, review of Ngo Van’s Viêt-nam 1920–1945. Also reviewed by Pierre Rousset, Indochine, colonialisme, révolution, Rouge, 5 October.

Marxist Review, September 1995. William Westwell, Karl Marx and the American Civil War; PT, Workers’ Struggles Under Fascist Rule, review of Tim Mason’s Nazism, Fascism and the Working Class.

Workers Liberty, September 1995. Bob Pitt, The Real John Maclean, part 1, part 2 in October issue; John Palmer, A Relapse into the Worst of Trotskyism; Tony Dale, Unfair to Serge; Sam Levy, Revolutionary History.

Against the Current, September–October 1995. Steve Bloom, A Reply to Alan Wald, the debate continues; Mark Harris, Tragic Life of a Pioneer Communist, review of Paul Buhle’s A Dreamer’s Paradise Lost: Louis C. Fraina/Corey.

International Socialism, Summer 1995. Chris Bambery, Was the Second World War a War for Democracy?; Alex Callinicos, Hope Against the Holocaust.

Red Action, Summer 1995. Marx and Engels: Street Fighting Men, Marxism reduced to street brawling and Ireland.

Observer, 1 October 1995. Philip French, For Whom the Bells Continue to Toll, a Stalinist view of the Spanish Civil War.

Observer, 15 October 1995. Peter Conrad, Revolution of the Mind: The Life of André Breton, review of Mark Polizotti’s biography.

Morning Star, 17 October 1995. Henry Coyle, Red Tide on the Clyde, review of Bob Pitt’s John Maclean and the CPGB.

Workers Press, 28 October 1995. Peter Fryer, Childe’s Play, the Marxist prehistorian V. Gordon Childe; Dave Chapple, Lawrence Daly and the Fife Socialist League, part 1; part 2 in 4 November issue.

News and Letters, October 1995. James D. Young, Pan Africanism and the British “Left”, Celt ... pan Africanism ... Bosnia, find the link. See also his Pan Africanism and the British “Left”, Workers Press, 23 September.

Workers Liberty, October 1995. Ernest Haberkern, The Left and Max Shachtman, review of Peter Drucker’s Max Shachtman and His Left; Cathy Nugent, Victor Serge was a Revolutionary, But ...; Alan Johnson, Keep to Your Course!, review of Ernest Mandel’s The Place of Marxism in History; Mike Fenwick, Of Cults and Cul-de-Sacs, review of Tim Wohlforth’s The Prophet’s Children; Sean Matgamna, Marxism and the Irish Revolution, review of Rayner Lysaght’s The Communists and the Irish Revolution.

World Revolution, October 1995. Pavel, Trotskyists Pour Scorn on History of the Workers’ Movement, responding to the review of The Italian Communist Left in the last issue of this journal.

Trotskyist International, October-December 1995. Keith Harvey, Trotskyists and the POUM; Bolshevik-Leninists of Spain, What Do the Trotskyists Want?, from July 1937.

Critique Communiste, Autumn 1995. Michel Lequenne, Sur la dialectique d’histoire: La contre-révolution Stalinienne.

New Interventions, Autumn 1995. Rosa Luxemburg, The Socialisation of Society; Jim Higgins, Suppose He Had Been Enthusiastic, review of Harry Ratner’s Reluctant Revolutionary.

Rouge, 2 November 1995. Alexis Violet and Roger Coudon, Le point de vue d’un ancien brigadiste, interview with International Brigader about Stalin’s betrayal in Spain.

Guardian, 3 November 1995. John Mullan, Visions of a Generous Heart, review of Fred Inglis’ Raymond Williams: The Life. Also reviewed by Robin Blake, Radical with Pipe and Armchair, Independent, 5 November.

Workers Press, 11 November 1995. Al Richardson, Never Trust a Stalinist, Stalinist historiography; Charlie Pottins, Tito on Merseyside, Stalinist spying on Trotskyists in Liverpool in 1951.

Guardian, 22 November 1995. Jon Lee Anderson, Che’s Secret Grave “Lies Under Bolivian Mountain Airstrip”.

Marxist Review, November 1995. Dave Lettuce, How the Stalinists Betrayed the Spanish Revolution; Mike Driver, George Orwell: Homage to Catalonia.

Workers Liberty, November-December 1995. Mark Osborn, Trotsky Was No Zinovievite, the legacy of James P. Cannon; Ted Crawford, Room for Debate, defending this magazine; Dossier: The Spanish Revolution and Those Who Killed It, including John McNair on the issues involved and on workers’ control, M. Bortenstein on the economy, George Orwell on the Barcelona May Days, Solidaridad Obrera on the massacre of the Tarragona Anarchists, Robert Martin on the International Brigades, and a collection of Trotsky’s comments. An excellent issue.

Socialist History, no 7. Raymond Challinor, The Journey to War; Peter Bain and Tommy Gorman, Keeping the Home Fires Burning: The Albion Shop Stewards in the Second World War; Dave Morgan, The Second World War and Stalin; Chris Bryant, The Grace of Alliance, the history of Christianity and Socialism.

Red Action, Autumn–Winter 1995. Trotskyism: A Minority Within a Minority Within a Minority, review of Harry Ratner’s Reluctant Revolutionary by a real mass organisation.

Communist Left, no. 8, 1995. Introduction: The Battle Against the Destruction of the Party; The Faction’s Letter to the International Secretariat; Preface to the 1952 Edition; Straightening Dog’s Legs, on the history of the Italian left.

Communist Left, no. 9, 1995. The Tactic of Affiliating the CPGB to the Labour Party; Notes on the History of the Left: Stalinism’s Victory Over the Oppositions; Letter to Korsch from the Left in October 1926; The Struggle for a Split in the Italian Communist Party.

Ken Loach’s Land and Freedom

Rouge, 27 April 1995. Jaime Pastor, Un Hommage à la mémoire des vaincus.

Guardian, 23 May 1995. Derek Malcolm, A Winning Battle.

Observer, 28 May 1995. Philip French, Cannes: Another Country.

Workers Press, 10 June 1995. Paul Day and Martin Ralph, Loach Angers Stalinists.

Socialist Review, June 1995. Andy Durgan, The Revenge of History.

Militant, 14 July 1995. Alistair Tice, Land, Freedom and Workers’ Revolution.

Morning Star, 4 August 1995. Jeff Sawtell, A Spectre of Revisionism, all the Stalinist lies from the 1930s!

Workers Press, 19 August 1995. Bill Hunter, The Stench of Stalinism.

Workers Press, 26 August 1995. Terry Brotherstone, Understanding Spain: “That Changes Everything”.

The Times, 18 September 1995. Dalya Alberge, Actors Wanted: Only Revolutionaries Need Apply.

New Times, 30 September 1995. Kevin Morgan and Paul Preston, Partisan.

Morning Star, 7 October 1995. Bill Alexander, A Distorted Picture of Reality, well he would say that, wouldn’t he?

Socialist Worker, 7 October 1995. Judy Cox, Land and Freedom: Spain 1936.

Independent, 8 October 1995. Ryan Gilbey, Spain 1936 and All That, quite ignorant.

Observer, 8 October 1995. Philip French, War and Peace Pipes.

Informations Ouvrières, 11-17 October 1995. Jacqueline Trinquet, Terre et Liberté; Ramón Vidal, Lettre d’un Militant du POUM.

Militant, 13 October 1995. Nick Wrack, Land and Freedom.

New Worker, 13 October 1995. Frank Graham, A Travesty of the Spanish Civil War, an apoplectic tankie finds it ‘boring’ and ‘incomprehensible’!

Camden New Journal, 19 October 1995. Bob Pitt, A Conflict of Truths about the Spanish Civil War. See also Jeff Sawtell, Criminal Irresponsibility of the “Ultra-Left”; H.S. Monk, Same Old Poison, Just a New Label in 26 October issue; Frank Graham, Loach Has Created a Spanish Dad’s Army, in 9 November issue.

International Worker, 21 October 1995. David Walsh, The Spanish Revolution Betrayed; We Wanted to Show that Stalin was a Monster.

New Statesman, 27 October 1995. Lt Col Jack Gilbert (Retired), Loach Offensive, the Stalinist counter-attack continues.

Living Marxism, October 1995. Toby Banks, The Spanish Connection.

Marxist Review, October 1995. Dave Lettuce, Land and Freedom; Chris Eames, Interview With Ken Loach.

Socialism Today, October 1995. Phil Hearse, Land, Freedom and Revolution.

Workers Liberty, October 1995. Chris Bradley, Land and Freedom.

Trotskyist International, October-December 1995. Stuart Craig, Land and Freedom!.

New Statesman, 3 November 1995. Mary Lewis, Culpable Communists.

New Statesman, 10 November 1995. Raymond Challinor, Growing Grey Whiskers; Al Richardson, Old Stalinists, Old Lies, exposing Stalinist lies over Spain.

New Statesman, 17 November 1995. John Saville, A Long War, still fronting for the Stalinists.

Freedom, 21 November 1995. N.W., Land and Freedom Yesterday and Tomorrow.

Engels Centenary

Workers Press, 15 April 1995. Geoff Pilling, Grasping the Real Future, Engels’ The Condition of the Working Class in England.

Workers Power, April 1995. Dave Stockton, The Challenge of the “Labour Aristocracy”.

Workers Power, May 1995. Helen Watson, The Dawn of Oppression.

Trotskyist International, May-–August 1995. Dave Stockton, Engels and the Struggle for Scientific Socialism.

Workers Power, June 1995. Paul Morris, “The General” on War and Insurrection.

New Interventions, June 1995. Al Richardson, The Neglected Legacy of Frederick Engels.

Marxist Review, August 1995. Ray Athow, Frederick Engels Centenary: Lenin and Trotsky on Engels.

Workers Power, September 1995. Richard Brenner, Engels and the Revolution in Human Thought.

World Revolution, October 1995. Engels: A Life of Struggle for the Working Class.

Rouge, 16 November 1995. Francis Sitel, Friedrich Engels, savant et révolutionnaire, an interview with Georges Labica.

New Interventions, Autumn 1995. Theodor Bergmann, Engels on Agriculture.

Ernest Mandel

Guardian, 22 July 1995. Tariq Ali, Capitalism’s Optimistic Critic.

Green Left Weekly, 25 July 1995. Allen Myers, Renowned Marxist Economist Dies.

New York Times, 25 July 1995. Ernest Mandel.

The Times, 25 July 1995. Ernest Mandel.

Rouge, 27 July 1995. Livio Maitan and Daniel Bensaid, Après la Disparition d’Ernest Mandel.

Independent, 28 July 1995. Ken Coates, Ernest Mandel.

Socialist Worker, 29 July 1995. He Believed in Revolution.

Independent, 2 August 1995. Keith Flett, Ernest Mandel.

Morning Star, 2 August 1995. Kenny Coyle, Robbed of a Leading Thinker.

Informations ouvrières, 9–15 August 1995. Pierre Lambert, Ernest Mandel.

Socialist Action (USA), August 1995. Gerry Foley, Ernest Mandel, Central Fourth International Leader, Dies in Antwerp.

Socialist Outlook, August 1995. Ernest Mandel, 1923–1995.

International Viewpoint, September 1995. Memorial issue with contributions by Salah Jaber, François Vercammen and Charlie Post, plus reproductions of obituaries by Angelica Abelleya (La Journada), Elmer Altvater (Suddeutscher Zeitung), Karl Grobe (Frankfurter Rundschau), Tariq Ali (Guardian), Jaime Paster (El País), Jean Pierre Stroobants (Le Soir) and Laurent Mauduit (Le Monde).

Workers Liberty, September 1995. Sean Matgamna, Ernest Mandel, 1923–1995.

Workers Power, September 1995. Keith Harvey, Reconciling Revolution and Reform.

Rouge, 14 September 1995. Hommage à Ernest Mandel.

Against the Current, September-October 1995. Ernest Mandel, 1923–1995.

Rouge, 5 October 1995. L’Hommage à Ernest Mandel, graveside tributes by Fausto Bertinotti, Gilles Perrault, Abraham Serfaty, Mohamed Harbi, Rosario Ibarra, Gregor Gysi and Victor Rios.

Socialist Outlook, 7 October 1995. Remembering Ernest Mandel, contributions by Duncan Chapple, Charlie Van Gelderen, Aidan Day and the editors, plus some pieces by Mandel.

Socialist Action, October–November 1995. Ernest Mandel, 1923–1995.

Trotskyist International, October-December 1995. Mathieu Roux, From Trotskyism to Centrism.

New Interventions, Autumn 1995. Ken Tarbuck, Ernest Mandel, 1923–1995.

Critique Communiste, Autumn 1995. François Vercammen, Ernest Mandel est décédé.

Other Obituaries

Socialist Outlook, 8 April 1995. Wang Fanxi, Obituary: Lou Guohua, Chinese Trotskyist, veteran of the movement since 1927.

Independent, 12 April 1995. Simon Long, Chen Yun, survivor of the Long March and the Cultural Revolution. See also John Gittings, Old Guard, Guardian; Chen Yun, Daily Telegraph; Chen Yun, The Times, all same date.

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