Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line: Revolutionary History, Vol. 6 No. 2/3

Reader’s Notes

Compiled and Annotated by Al Richardson

Soviet Union and Stalinism

Workers Press, 18 November 1995. Terry Brotherstone, Trotskyist Archive to be Set Up at University of Aberdeen. See also Terry Brotherstone, Trotsky Archive, in 25 November issue.

Times Literary Supplement, 1 December 1995. David Pryce-Jones, The Gulag Miasma, review of Adam Hochschild’s The Unquiet Ghost: Russians Remember Stalin.

Independent, 2 December 1995. N.C. Sorel, When Lenin Met Trotsky.

Workers Press, 9 December 1995. Peter Fryer, For Students of Trotsky, review of the Journal of Trotsky Studies, no. 3.

Sunday Times, 10 December 1995. Peter Millar, Big Brother is Taking Notes; Craig Raine, Fear Eats the Soul, reviews of Michael Scammell’s The Solzhenitsyn File, and Vitaly Shentalinsky’s The KGB’s Literary Archive.

Workers Press, 16 December 1995. Brian Pearce, Errors Corrected, corrections to his translation of Andrzey Stawar’s review of Trotsky’s History of the Russian Revolution in the Journal of Trotsky Studies, no. 3.

Observer, 24 December 1995. Sally Laird, Red or Dead; Andrei Navrozov, The Strange Death of Literary Russia, reviews of Vitaly Shentalinsky’s The KGB’s Literary Archive. Also reviewed by Robert Winder, Freeing the Truth From a Frozen Grave, Independent, 16 December; Mike Driver, KGB Archives Begin to be Opened, Marxist Review, February 1996.

Independent, 30 December 1995. Michael Mordaunt, Take Your Pick, remarks on Trotsky’s assassination, with interesting painting about it by John Keane.

Ethical Record, December 1995. Paul Flewers, The Descent into Obscurantism, Vekhi and the Russian intelligentsia; Al Richardson, The Russian Revolution 1917: Aims and Results.

Europe-Asia Review, Volume 46, no. 8. Ian Thatcher, First Russian Biographies of Trotsky, review of Volkogonov’s and Vasetsky’s biographies.

Independent, 3 January 1996. John Keane and Harry Shukman, Choice of Weapons, letters on Trotsky’s assassination.

Independent, 7 January 1996. Jan Dalley, Grave Affairs, review of R.K. Massie’s The Romanovs: The Final Chapter, D. Steinberg and V.M. Khrustalov’s The Fall of the Romanovs, P. Kurth’s Tsar: The Lost World of Nicholas and Alexandra, and Royal Russia: The Private Albums of the Russian Imperial Family. The first three also reviewed by Norman Stone, Regicide of All the Russias, The Times, 30 November.

Workers Press, 13 January 1996. Peter Fryer, Comic Telegram, the Stalin-Howard interview.

Forward (New York), 26 January 1996. Stephen Schwartz, The Most Fearsome Russian Spy, the GPU assassin Mark Zborowski.

International, January 1996. Bill Hunter, What is to be Done on Party Organisation?, a look at pre-1914 Bolshevism; Terry Brotherstone, Trotsky in Russia, reporting on a conference on Trotsky in Moscow; John Plant, A Revolution Without Recipes, review of Al Richardson’s collection In Defence of the Russian Revolution.

International Viewpoint, January 1996. Marilyn Vogt-Downey and Geoff Barr, Conference Report: Trotsky in St Petersburg, conference to commemorate the ninetieth anniversary of the 1905 Revolution. See also Marilyn Vogt-Downey and Geoff Barr, The Legacy of Leon Trotsky, International, April; Marilyn Vogt-Downey, Conference on Trotsky in St Petersburg, Socialist Action (USA), February.

Workers Press, 3 February 1996. Brian Pearce, Moral Questions, Trotsky’s Their Morals and Ours. See also Peter Fryer, Fraudulent Morality, in 10 February issue.

Workers Press, 17 February 1996. Brian Pearce, From Lenin to Stalin.

New Statesman, 2 February 1996. Paul Lashmar, Stalin’s “Hot” War, Stalin gave the go-ahead to Kim Il Sung in the Korean War.

Guardian, 13 February 1996. Darsie Gillie, Khrushchev’s Literary Laurels, from 1961.

Workers Press, 2 March 1996. Peter Fryer, Photographs that Lie, Stalinist jiggery-pokery.

The Times, 7 March 1996. New Clash in Moscow, the struggle of the Right Opposition, from 7 March 1928 issue.

Daily Telegraph, 8 March 1996. Alan Phelps, “New” Russians Find a Soft Spot for Man of Steel, the revival of the Stalin cult.

International Worker, 23 March 1996. Vadim Rogovin, The Origins and Consequences of Stalin’s Great Terror, lecture delivered at Glasgow University.

The Times, 28 March 1996. David Pryce-Jones, After All, He Loved His Mother, review of Edvard Radzinsky’s Stalin, and Robert Thurston’s Life and Terror in Stalin’s Russia.

Guardian, 13 April 1996. Andrew Higgins, Secret Plot that Led to Korean War, the rôle of Stalin, Mao and Kim Il Sung.

The Times, 23 April 1996. Michael Binyon, Era of Russian Archive Glasnost “Coming to End”, the Russian archives closing their doors.

Sunday Times, 31 March 1996. Norman Stone, New Light on a Reign of Darkness, review of Edvard Radzinsky’s Stalin.

News and Letters, March 1996. Franklin Dmitreyev, The Tragedy of Nikolai Bukharin, review of Donny Gluckstein’s The Tragedy of Bukharin.

Socialist Action (USA), March 1996. Nat Weinstein, Fascism: What It is and How to Fight It, preface to new edition of Trotsky’s pamphlet of that name; Paul Siegel, General Volkogonov’s Assassination of Lenin, review of his Lenin: Life and Legacy.

International Worker, 6 April 1996. David North, Rehashed Stalinist Lies From a Cold War Warrior, reply to Richard Pipes’ review of Dmitri Volkogonov’s Trotsky in the New York Times.

Guardian, 12 April 1996. Robert Service, The Great Terrorist, review of Edvard Radzinsky’s Stalin, Dmitri Volkogonov’s Trotsky: The Eternal Revolutionary, and Robert Thurston’s Life and Terror in Stalin’s Russia, 1934-1941.

New York Review, 4 April 1996. Theodore Draper, Rise and Fall of a Revolutionary, review of Dmitri Volkogonov’s Trotsky: The Eternal Revolutionary. Also reviewed by Niall Ferguson, When He Was Bad ..., Sunday Times, 14 April (the ‘Russian Goebbels’?!); Norman Stone, The Extermination of Trotsky, Sunday Telegraph, 14 April.

International, April 1996. Geoff Barr, An Old Story: Trotsky and Democracy — Soviets versus Parliaments.

Marxist Review, April 1996. Ray Athow, In Defence of Lenin, review of Volkogonov’s Lenin: Life and Legacy; Tony McEvoy, Lenin: Arch-Enemy of Russian Chauvinism.

Workers Power, April 1996. Clare Heath, K is for Kollontai, good outline of her as a revolutionary, but omits her later Stalinist career.

Socialist History, no. 8. Alan Johnson, Main Alternative?, review of Ernest Mandel’s Trotsky as Alternative.

Trotskyist International, no. 19. Richard Brenner, With Friends Like These, review of Hillel Ticktin and Mick Cox’s The Ideas of Leon Trotsky. Also reviewed by Phil Hearse, Trotsky’s Political Economy, Socialism Today, February.

Labour Movement

Irish Democrat, October-November 1995. Peter Berresford-Ellis, British or English Imperialism?, unusual tribute to F.A. Ridley, getting the subject of his Spartacus wrong!

Spartacist, Autumn 1995. Wohlforth: Who is this Road Kill?, review of Tim Wohlforth’s The Prophet’s Children.

Guardian, 24 November 1995. New Doubts about Che’s Grave. See also Bolivia “Finds” Che, Guardian, 2 December; Phil Davison, Bolivia Starts Digging for Che’s Remains, Independent, same date; Bones Unearthed at Che Guevara Site, Independent, 14 December; Bones Found at Che “Grave”, Guardian, same date.

Labour Briefing, November 1995. Pat Byrne, Revolution Betrayed, review of Land and Freedom; John McIlroy, Militancy in Blue, review of Keith Sinclair’s How the Blue Union Came to Hull Docks.

Socialism Today, November 1995. Leslie-Ann Barrett, Land and Freedom, review of Ken Loach’s film; Tony Cross, Animal Farm Revisited.

Marxist Monthly, November–December 1995. Corin Redgrave, Engels: Our Contemporary; Charmaine Roche, Ken Loach’s Land and Freedom.

New Statesman, 1 December 1995. John Spencer, Comintern Insults, the furore around Stalinism and the Spanish Civil War continues. See also Ray Challinor, Begging Belief, in 8 December issue; Paul Preston, Viva La Revolución, in 16 February issue; John Coombes, No Modern Allegory; Charles Fyffe, War’s War; Mike Orr, Reform or Revolution?, in 1 March issue; Richard Hughes, Revolutionary Sacrifices, in 15 March issue.

Workers Press, 2 December 1995. Bill Hunter, More on a “Scabby Attack”, the 1955 dock strike.

Militant, 8 December 1995. Sarah King, The Success Will Continue, review of Peter Taaffe’s The Rise of Militant.

Workers Press, 9 December 1995. Peter Fryer, Rocking the Boat and Blowing the Whistle, review of Les Forster’s Rocking the Boat; Mike Cooke, How the “Blue” Union Came to Hull Docks; The Struggle for an Independent Union, reviews of Keith Sinclair’s and John Archer’s pamphlets.

Socialist Worker, 16 December 1995. Paul Foot, Marx Alive in Clerkenwell, Marx House.

Workers Press, 16 December 1995. Peter Fryer, Eleanor Marx on Xenophobia;

Workers Press, 23 December 1995. Charlie Pottins, Saving Grace?, the Eighth Army News, which supported imprisoned Trotskyists in 1944.

Labour Briefing, December 1995. Bryan Griffiths, Who Were the POUM?, review of Revolutionary History, Volume 4, no. 1/2.

Marxist Review, December 1995. Dave Lettice, How the Stalinists Betrayed the Spanish Revolution.

Red Pepper, December 1995. Sally Ramsden, Comrades Up in Arms, the debate over Land and Freedom.

Socialism Today, December 1995. Peter Taaffe, Militant History, interview about his book on Militant; Sheena Menzies, A Review that Missed the Point; Nick Heath, Wrong on Spain, letters on the Spanish Civil War.

Socialist Appeal, December 1995–January 1996. John Pickard, Herbie Bell: Centenary of a Class Fighter, remembering a pioneer Trotskyist.

World Revolution, December 1995–January 1996. Ken Loach’s Land and Freedom: The Myth of the “Spanish Revolution”; Against the Imperialist Front and Massacre of the Spanish Workers: For the Class Front of the International Proletariat, from Bilan, August–September 1936.

Socialist Worker, 6 January 1996. Paul McGarr, True Democracy and the Fight for a Future, Babeuf and the Equals.

Informations Ouvrières, 3–9 January 1996. A Camps, La Mémoire sélective du stalinien espagnol Carrillo, Carrillo’s memoirs covering the Spanish Civil War.

Workers Press, 13 January 1996. Charlie Pottins, “Red Emma” in Whitechapel, Emma Goldman; Bill Hunter, Trial Served to Cover War Guilt, the Nuremberg Trials, from Socialist Appeal, October 1946.

The Times, 20 January 1996. Spanish Thanks, Spanish citizenship given to 600 International Brigaders.

Workers Press, 20 January 1996. John Plant, Quelch and Choirs, in defence of Harry Quelch; Brian Pearce, Who Azef Was, the notorious Russian double agent.

Sunday Times, 28 January 1996. Ian Burrell, Marx is Better Read Than Dead, the Communist Manifesto becomes a best seller in Britain.

Guardian, 31 January 1996. Michel Bole-Richard, Franco’s Gene Test for Mad Marxists, psychiatric tests on International Brigaders.

International, January 1996. Ngo Van, Revolutionary Witness: Vietnam’s History of Struggle Against Imperialism; John Robinson and Geoff Barr, How Healy Destroyed the Workers League, review of Tim Wohlforth’s The Prophet’s Children.

Marxist Review, January 1996. Ray Athow, Marx and Engels and the Class Struggle in France; Dave Lettice, The Founding of the French Communist Party; Dave Wiltshire, Leon Trotsky on France, 1936; Jim Graham, Stalinists Help Restore Capitalism in 1945.

Socialist Action (USA), January 1996. Hayden Perry, The Paris Commune of 1871, review of R. Christiansen’s Paris Babylon.

Workers Liberty, January 1996. Roger Clark, The Australian Labour Party and the Australian Left; Karl Kautsky, Marxists and Mass Workers Parties; Ernie Haberkern, Post-Trotsky Trotskyism, second part of his review of Peter Drucker’s Max Shachtman and His Left; Ernie Haberkern, Shachtman and the US Military; Mike Fenwick, John Maclean: Accuser of Capitalism.

Workers Power, January 1996. John McKee, Lessons of the ILP Split.

Against the Current, January–February 1996. Paul Le Blanc, The Marxism of CLR James.

Socialist Worker, 3 February 1996. Kevin Ovenden, No to the War! Yes to Revolution!, on Karl Liebknecht.

Independent, 4 February 1996. Paul Routledge, Spain Repays its Debt of Blood and Honour, naive account of the Civil War.

Workers Press, 10 February 1996. Charlie Pottins, Lest We Forget, note on Bob Armstrong.

Observer, 11 February 1996. Roger Tredre, Left or Right, All Have Designs on Morris, forthcoming conference on William Morris in Scarborough next September.

The Times, 17 February 1996. Demonstrations of the Unemployed, one of the Social Democratic Federation’s demonstrations, from 17 February 1885 issue.

Workers Press, 17 February 1996. Nikos Loukidis, Andreas Papandreou and After, details on his early Trotskyism; Peter Fryer, Success Story, John Reed and Marx on Gladstone.

Sunday Times, 18 February 1996. Hugh Pearman, Old Father William, review of several books on William Morris.

Workers Press, 24 February 1996. Charlie Pottins, Veterans, the overlooking of Staff Cottman, veteran of the POUM militia, by the Stalinists.

Marxist Review, February 1996. Cheryl Thompson, The Paris Commune and Art.

Workers Liberty, February 1996. John O’Mahoney, The Labour Party in Perspective, Marxism and the Labour Party; Martin Thomas, Marxism and Imperialism; Alan Johnson, Rediscovering Marx, review of Hal Draper’s The Adventures of the Communist Manifesto; Laurens Otter, When Shachtman Moved Right; Ernie Haberkern, 1950 was not 1951, replying to Otter; Jim Higgins, Cliff’s Head Revisited, the prehistory of the Socialist Workers Party; Edward Conze, Think Like a Marxist, first part of a series on dialectics; Mike Fenwick, Three Fronts to the Class Struggle, Kautsky and the Labour Party.

Workers Power, February 1996. From World War to World Revolution?, history of the Fourth International, part 1. Part 2, World War Two: The FI’s Heroic Struggle, in March issue; part 3, Trotskyism on Trial, in April issue.

Bulletin, February–March 1996. The Tragic Split in the Socialist International, the Spartacist uprising of 1918–19, including a valuable article by Karl Radek.

Workers Vanguard, 1 March 1996. Joseph Seymour, Marxism vs. Anarchism: From 1848 to the Bolshevik Revolution: Part 1: The Origins of Anarchism. Part 2, Mikhail Bakunin: Founder of the Anarchist Movement, in 15 March issue; part 3, The Fight in the First International, in 29 March issue.

The Times, 8 March 1996. Edward Owen, Orwell Tribute, naming a plaza in Barcelona after him.

The Island (Sri Lanka), 17 March 1996. Bertram Bastiampillai, The Secret Files: Britain, World War II and the Samajists, review of Wesley Muttiah and Sydney Wanasinghe’s documentary collection on the LSSP.

Daily Telegraph, 25 March 1996. Tom Rowland, Fans Lose Touch with Designer Socialist, the William Morris Society loses control of Kelmscott House.

The Times, 28 March 1996. The Civil War in Paris, from 28 March 1871 issue.

Labour Briefing, March 1996. Mike Phipps, A Life of Struggle, review of Albert Meltzer’s autobiography I Couldn’t Paint Golden Angels; Mike Ward, Spain Recognises International Brigade.

News and Letters, March 1996. Maya Jhansi, 1871 Paris Commune Fires Imagination Today.

Workers Liberty, March 1996. Pete Keenlyside, When IS Went Sour; Tom Willis, The First Workers’ Government, The Commune and Marxist Theory, the Paris Commune; Edward Conze, We Must Study the Inter-Relations, second part of a series on dialectics.

Workers News, March–April 1996. Richard Price, The Myth of the “People’s War”, review of Raymond Challinor’s The Struggle for Hearts and Minds; Finland: Stalinism or Socialism, from Workers International News, December 1939.

International Socialism, Winter 1995–96. Julie Waterson, The Party at its Peak, review of Nina Fishman’s The British Communist Party and the Trade Unions; Megan Trudell, Living to Some Purpose, review of John Keane’s Tom Paine: A Political Life; Andy Durgan, Bookwatch: Civil War and Revolution in Spain.

New Statesman, 29 March 1996. Sheila Rowbotham, Hidden Agendas, review of Logie Barrow and Ian Bullock’s Democratic Ideas in the British Labour Movement, 1880–1914, and Karen Hunt’s Equivocal Feminists: The Social Democratic Federation and the Woman Question, 1884–1911 (it’s that nasty Mr Bax again).

Guardian, 5 April 1996. Ray Sánchez, Cuban Class of ’96 Leaves Marx Firmly on the Shelf.

Socialist Outlook, 6 April 1996. Geoff Ryan, Viva la Commune!.

Weekly Worker, 11 April 1996. Jack Conrad, From War to Aborted General Strike, the general strike of 1926.

New Statesman, 12 April 1996. Kevin Davey, The Paris Commune: Aux Barricades!.

Guardian, 13 April 1996. Vivek Chaudhary, Anti-Fascists Carried the Fight to Spain from London, the Stalinist backlash against Land and Freedom continues.

New Statesman, 19 April 1996. Keith Flett, Stalin’s Mistake, the real meaning of the Paris Commune.

Workers Press, 20 April 1996. James D. Young, Hitler’s Fascism and German Socialist Resistance, 1933–44.

Sunday Times, 21 April 1996. Fiona McCarthy, The Man Who Saw Beauty Everywhere; Hugh Pearman, Champion of the Art of Craft, William Morris.

Workers Liberty, April 1996. Pablo Velasco, Revolutionary First, review of The Collected Works of John Reed; Peter Drucker, Reviewing the Third Camp, replying to reviews of his Max Shachtman and His Left; William Morris, The Revenge of the Bourgeoisie; Extracts from the Press; Frederick Engels, The Left and the Commune, supplement on the Paris Commune; Edward Conze, Things Must Be Studied in Their Movement, third part of a series on dialectics.

Socialist Action, April–May 1996. Peter Lewis, Marxist Theory and the British Labour Movement, a look at ‘British Marxism’.

International, April 1996. Bob Archer, The Condition of Britain, review of John Lea and Geoff Pilling’s The Condition of Britain: Essays on Frederick Engels.

Labour Briefing, April 1996. Tony Dale, Prisoner of History, a history of the Independent Labour Party.

New Interventions, Spring 1996. Héctor Meléndez, Socialism in the Next Century, Gramsci’s Socialism; Paul Flewers, Hitting the Pits, Stalinist strike breaking down the mines; Harry Ratner, The Prophet’s Children, review of Tim Wohlforth’s book; Paul B. Smith, John Maclean and the CPGB, review of Bob Pitt’s pamphlet of that name.

Oral History, Spring 1996. Alan Johnson, “Beyond the Smallness of Self”: Oral History and British Trotskyism.


Against the Current, November–December 1995. Anwar Sheikh, A Passionate Optimistic Marxist; Rosario Ibarra de Piedra, Internationalist and Dear Comrade; André Gunder Frank, In Tribute to Ernest Mandel; Manuel Aguilar Mora, Revolutionary of the Twentieth Century; Jacob Moneta, A Revolutionary Life, tributes to Ernest Mandel. See also Jean-Marie Vincent, Ernest Mandel et le marxisme révolutionnaire, Critique Communiste, Winter 1995–96; Ernest Mandel, 1923–1995, Spartacist, Autumn 1995.

Guardian, 1 December 1995. David Goodway, The Material of History, Allan Merson, a Stalinist historian.

Guardian, 18 December 1995. Isobel Montgomery, Dmitri Volkogonov: The Secret Histories. See also Harold Shukman, General Dmitri Volkogonov, Independent, 7 December; Richard Beeston, Military Historian Who Put Bolshevik Era Leaders in the Dock, The Times, same date; Dmitri Volkogonov, The Times, 9 December; Vadim Rogovin, Russian Historian Dmitri Volkogonov Dies, International Workers Bulletin, 18 December.

Guardian, 18 December 1995. Beverley Parkin, Mickie Doyle: Up and At ’Em Fighter, a minor Stalinist journalist.

Independent, 18 December 1995. George Matthews, Phil Piratin, British Stalinist MP, 1945–50. See also Peter Fryer, He Liked to be Saluted, Workers Press, 16 December; Solly Kaye and Douglas Hyde, The Flag that Stayed Red; Martin Linton, Former Communist MP Dies, Guardian, 11 December; Philip Piratin, The Times, same date; Death of Former Communist MP, Daily Telegraph, same date; Philip Piratin, Daily Telegraph, 16 December.

Rouge, 18 January 1996. André Calves (1920–1996), Trotskyist participant in the agitation in the German army at Brest, author of autobiography Sans bottes ni médailles.

Workers Press, 20 January 1996. Al Richardson, Sam Levy; Bill Hunter, Arnold Thompson and Stan Boyd, Trotskyist activists.

Daily Telegraph, 23 January 1996. Harry Young, International Brigader and Socialist Party of Great Britain member.

Independent, 24 January 1996. Illtyd Harrington, Ellis Hillman, a catalogue of misinformation. See also his equally incorrect Ellis Hillman, Tribune, 26 January; Running to the Left, Guardian, 13 February. For better obituaries see Flat Earth Man Ellis Hillman Dies at 67, Hackney Gazette, 25 January; Eric Gordon, Ellis Hillman Dies aged 67, Camden New Journal, 25 January; A Very Civil Public Servant, Ham and High, 26 January; Bob Pitt, Remembering Ellis Hillman, Camden New Journal, 1 February; Ellis Hillman, Daily Telegraph, 1 February; Ellis Hillman, Jewish Chronicle, 2 February; Charlie Pottins, Hillman Imp, Workers Press, 3 February; Peter Fryer, Hillman as I Knew Him, Workers Press, 10 February; Norman Harding, A Jog Down Memory Lane, Workers Press, 17 February; David Finch, letter in Guardian, 20 February; A Tribute to Ellis Hillman, Camden New Journal, 22 February; Keith Dickinson, Ellis Hillman, Militant, 24 February; Ellis Hillman, Socialist Outlook, 2 March; David Finch, The Guardian and Ellis Hillman, Workers Press, 2 March; Mildred Gordon, Ellis Hillman, Labour Briefing, March; K.S., Ellis Hillman, Workers Press, 16 March; Richard Price, Ellis Hillman, 1928–1996, Workers News, March-April.

Against the Current, January–February 1996. Sol Dollinger, The Unrelenting Genora Dollinger, a hero of the Flint auto strike and veteran of the Socialist Workers Party. See also Mildred Gordon, Pioneer US Automobile Union Leader, Workers Press, 23 December 1995.

Workers Press, 3 February 1996. Balazs Nagy, Pierre Joumet (1934–1995), French Trotskyist, supporter of Combat International.

The Times, 6 March 1996. Anna Larina, Bukharin’s widow. See also Isobel Montgomery, Child of the Revolution; Anna Larina, Daily Telegraph, 28 February; Jeanne Vronskaya, Anna Larina, Independent, 1 March; Hazel Croft, The Spark that Burned Bright, Socialist Worker, 9 March.

Workers Power, March 1996. Emile Gallet, Obituary: Michel Pablo (1911–1996). See also Gilbert Marquis, Michel Pablo est mort; Une vie, des dates; Tassos Anastasiadis, Gardu le meilleur souvenir, Rouge, 22 February; Hugh Barnes, Michael Raptis, Guardian, 22 March; Memories of Mihalis Raptis; John Lister, Michel Pablo: Key Figure in Trotskyist Split, Socialist Outlook, 16 March; Nikos Loukidis, Michael Raptis (Pablo), Workers Press, 23 March; Bob Pitt, Pablo Favoured Party Building, Socialist Outlook, 6 April; Ray Athow and Nick Axarlis, Pablo and Michael: Enemies of Trotskyism, Marxist Review, April.

Socialist Action (USA), March 1996. Michael Schreiber, Ted Selander: Helped Lead One of the Decisive Strikes of 1930s, veteran of the Toledo Auto-Lite Strike, Muste’s Workers Party and the US Socialist Workers Party.

New Interventions, Spring 1996. Chris Bailey, Ken Tarbuck, 1930–1995.

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