Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line: Revolutionary History, Vol. 6 No. 4

Readers’ Notes

Soviet Union and Stalinism

Guardian, 4 May 1996. Moscow, 21 March 1922, and The Caucasus, 25 March 1933, Arthur Ransome on the New Economic Policy, and Malcolm Muggeridge on collectivisation; W.T. Goode, An Interview With Lenin; Reinforcements Against Denikin; The Bid for Petrograd, from 21 October 1919 issue.

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The Times, 24 August 1996. Moscow Trial Verdict, from 24 August 1936 issue.

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Marxist Review, October 1996. Dave Wiltshire, Leon Trotsky and How the Revolution Armed, part one; parts two and three in November and December issues.

Socialist Standard, October 1996. Eddie Grant, Calling the Kettle Black, Ho Chi Minh’s massacre of the Vietnamese Trotskyists.

Observer, 10 November 1996. Paul Webster, Hero of the French Left “Sent Comrades to the Hangman”, Koral Bartosek reveals Artur London as a Stalinist agent. See also Jean-Jacques Marie, Lise London répond, Informations Ouvrières, 13 November; Jean-Jacques Marie, Les Truquers à l’oeuvre, Informations Ouvrières, 27 November; Jean-Michel Krivine, Les Archives de l’aveu, Rouge, 26 December; Jean-Michel Krivine, Bartosek, London et le travail d’historian; Les Supplices de la mèmoire, Rouge, 13 February 1997.

Sunday Times, 17 November 1996. Carey Scott, Fear Revisits Stalin’s House of Fear, the GPU’s headquarters.

Workers Vanguard, 22 November 1996. Peasant “Anarchism”, Pogroms and the Russian Revolution, Makhno and Soviet power.

Socialist Action (USA), November 1996. Moscow Conference Called to Commemorate Leon Trotsky’s The Revolution Betrayed. See also Marilyn Vogt-Downey, Moscow Conference Marks Sixtieth Anniversary of Trotsky’s Classic Revolution Betrayed, in January 1997 issue; Simon Pirani, Revolution Betrayed Discussed in Moscow, Workers International Press, February.

Workers Liberty, November 1996. Natalia Trotsky’s 1956 Broadcast to Russia; Max Shachtman, Trotsky and Marxism.

Against the Current, November–December 1996. Paul LeBlanc, On the Trotskyist Opposition; John Marot, A Rejoinder.

International Worker, 11 January 1997. Vadim Rogovin, Social Inequality, Bureaucracy and the Betrayal of Socialism.

The Times, 17 January 1997. Richard Beeston, Skeletons Revive Horrors of Stalin’s Purges, bones in the Tbilisi Security Ministry.

International Workers Bulletin, 27 January 1997. Vadim Rogovin, The Program of the Opposition Embodied a Genuine Socialist Alternative.

Weekly Worker, 13 February 1997. In Russia, from The Call, 8 February 1917.

Socialist, 28 February 1997. Christine Thomas and Helen Redwood, The Russian Revolution: Eightieth Anniversary: Opening Shots.

Marxist Review, February 1997. Jim Graham, Trotsky and the British Socialist Revolution, part one; part two in March issue.

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Guardian, 18 March 1997. Moshe Pijade, Red Buffoon, from 18 March 1957 issue.

Independent, 27 March 1997. Stalin Finds Favour in Former Soviet Republic, nostalgia in Belarus; Keith Flett, Baffled by 1917? Just Ask Trotsky.

Sunday Times, 30 March 1997. John Harlow, “Brilliant” Historian is Accused of Plagiarism, fur flies as Richard Pipes accuses Orlando Figes of nicking lumps of his books. See also Orlando Figes, Historian Puts the Record Straight on Russia, Sunday Times, 4 May.

Socialist Outlook, March 1997. Alexandra Kollontai, International Women’s Day, from 1920.

Workers Liberty, March 1997. Clive Bradley, Eisenstein and Revolution.

Sunday Times, 6 April 1997. Sir Reginald Hibbert and Tony Northrop, Old Albanian Feuds, Enver Hoxha in the Second World War.

Marxist Review, April 1997. Mike Driver, Towards a New Revolutionary Art, Trotsky on art and the class struggle.

Workers Liberty, April 1997. Martin Thomas, State Capitalism in the USSR; Jim Noble, A Bureaucratic Revolution?

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Black Flag, no. 207. Albert Meltzer, Why Ex-Kings are Dangerous, an inaccurate attack on Trotsky.

Europe-Asia Studies, Volume 48, no. 3. Ian Thatcher, Trotsky Studies After the Crash: A Brief Note.

The Hungarian Revolution, 1956

Independent, 25 June 1996. Adrian Bridge, Hungary Divided Over Martyr’s Case, the debate over Imre Nagy.

Independent, 20 October 1996. Neal Ascherson, A Land Once Fit for Heroes.

Independent, 21 October 1996. Paul Neuburg, My Class Struggle; Adrian Bridge, The Day a Nation Turned on Its Masters; Imre Karacs, Communist Rule Meant Singing Silly Songs.

Guardian, 23 October 1996. Julian Borger, How China Killed a Revolution, Chinese pressure on Khrushchev to crush the Hungarian Revolution.

Independent, 24 October 1996. Adrian Bridge, Hungarians Honour Heroes of 1956 Revolt.

Workers Press, 26 October 1996. Balázs Nagy, Hungary 1956.

Socialism Today, October 1996. Phil Hearse, Hungary 1956.

Militant, 1 November 1997. Dennis Rudd, Hungary: Tanks Replaced by Banks.

The Times, 6 November 1997. Iron Curtain on Hungary, from 6 November 1956 issue.

Socialist Outlook, 9 November 1997. John Lister, Hungary 1956: Turning Point for Stalinism.

Workers Press, 9 November 1997. Balázs Nagy, The Message of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution; Peter Fryer, The Day They Bombed Budapest.

News and Letters, November 1996. Raya Dunayevskaya, Hungary 1956: The Light of Freedom; Laszlo Gati, Hungary 1956 Recalled.

Workers Liberty, November 1996. Kate Buckell, Workers Against Stalinist Tanks.

International Worker, 8 February 1997. Sybille Fuchs, Hungary 1956: A Revolt Against Stalinism, part one; part two in 22 February issue.

Workers International News, March 1997. Peter Fryer, The Hungarian Revolution Remembered.

Labour Movement

Workers Vanguard, 12 April 1996. Joseph Seymour, Marxism vs. Anarchism: From 1848 to the Bolshevik Revolution; part four: Anarchism and Syndicalism in Pre-World War I Era; part five, The Syndicalists, in 24 May issue.

Workers Press, 20 April 1996. James D. Young, Hitler’s Fascism and German Socialist Resistance, 1933-44.

The Times, 2 May 1996. Sarah Baxter, Labour’s Patriotic Prophet, Eric Hobsbawm’s ideas. See also Andrew Roberts, Eric, A Chip Off the Old Soviet Bloc, Sunday Times, 5 May.

Militant, 3 May 1996. Bill Mullins, 1926 General Strike: When Workers Took Control.

Guardian, 8 May 1996. Alan Travis, From Peterloo to the Poll Tax, a history of protest.

Socialist Worker, 18 May 1996. Paul McGarr, Robert Owen: Boss Who Turned Against the System.

Rouge, 16 May 1996. Jan Malewski, Ignace Reiss, vie et mort d’un révolutionnaire, a Swiss film on Reiss; Rodolphe Prager, Les Nôtres, the murder of Pietro Tresso by the Stalinists.

Workers Press, 20 May 1996. Peter Fryer, Hobsbawm Wonders Why, a Stalinist history conference.

Workers Press, 25 May 1996. John Plant, Murders of Trotskyists in World War; Brian Pearce, Paris Commune; Cliff Slaughter, More on 1926 – and 1936, the General Strike.

Socialism Today, May 1996. Lynn Walsh, Betrayal of a Generation, the General Strike.

Workers Liberty, May 1996. DR O’Connor Lysaght, Lenin Got It Right, the Irish national question; Edward Conze, The Unity of Opposites.

Against the Current, May-June 1996. Charlie Post, The Flint “Sit-Down” for Beginners; Sol Dollinger, Flint and the Rewriting of History; Nelson Lichtenstein, A Comment on Historiography, the Flint strike and Stalinist interpretations.

Organizer, May–June 1996. Frank Wainwright, Leon Trotsky on the Formation of a Black Political Party.

Workers News, May–June 1996. Al Richardson, Scargill’s SLP in Perspective; Towards the New Workers Party, from Fight, 12 December 1936, a symposium on the Independent Labour Party.

Workers Liberty, June 1996. Stan Crooke, Stalinism and the British General Strike; Roger Clarke, The Nations and the Marxists; Tony Dale, The Essence of Shachtman; Edward Conze, The Unity of Opposites.

Socialist Worker, 8 June 1996. Hassan Mahamdallie, Bronterre O’Brien: The “Schoolmaster” of Chartism.

Weekly Worker, 6 June 1996. Why the Strike Failed: Communist Party Statement, from Workers Weekly, 4 June 1926; SL Kenning, Understand History: Don’t Repeat It, Communist affiliation to the Labour Party.

The Times, 14 June 1996. Child Communist’s Trip to Russia, Young Communist League trip, from 14 June 1927 issue.

Socialist Worker, 29 June 1996. Mike Simons, France 1936: Struggle Returns, But Who Will Lead?.

Trotskyist International, June–September 1996. Dave Stockton, The Fight for the Fourth International.

New Interventions, Spring 1996. Ted Crawford, Technology and Naval Mutiny; Paul Flewers, A Few Words on James Klugmann’s From Trotsky to Tito; Chris Gray, Trotsky’s Theory of Permanent Revolution; Dave Hollis, Will the Real Rosa Luxemburg Please Stand Up!.

Organise, Spring 1996. Anarchist Communism in Britain, a history.

Revolutionary Perspectives, Spring 1996. The General Strike, 1926

Socialist Worker, 6 July 1996. Hazel Croft, Tom Mann: Incitement to Class Struggle.

Independent, 13 July 1996. Nancy Sorel, When J. Edgar Hoover Met Emma Goldman.

Workers Press, 20 July 1996. Brian Pearce, Engels and Genocide; Charlie Pottins, Land and Liberty, Stalinist attempts to hijack André Breton.

Rouge, 25 July 1996. Gabriel Peyrot, Vrai semblable exécution; Rodolphe Prager and Gabriel Peyrot, Un interview d’Albert Demazière, the Stalinist murders of French Trotskyists in the Second World War.

New Yorker, 29 July 1996. Paul Berman, The Romantic Revolutionary, C.L.R. James.

Workers Liberty, July 1996. Jane Ryan, Starry-Eyed About James, C.L.R. James; Edward Conze, Contradiction and the Cause of Change.

Against the Current, July–August 1996. Charlie Post, Rethinking CPUSA History and The Comintern, the CPUSA and the Activities of Rank and File CPers; Paul LeBlanc, Letter on C.L.R. James.

Socialism Today, July-August 1996. Sam Baskett, Jack London’s Call of Socialism.

Workers Power, July-August 1996. Building the International in War-Shattered Europe, part five of the history of the Fourth International; part six, 1948: A Turning Point for Trotskyism, and part seven, The Collapse of the FI into Centrism, in September and October issues.

Guardian, 3 August 1996. Margaret Busby, Storming the Pavilions of Prejudice, C.L.R. James.

Guardian, 13 August 1996. James Meikle, Campaigners Seek Pardon for Welsh “Martyr”, Dic Penderyn, a participant in the Merthyr Uprising.

Socialist Outlook, August 1996. Salah Jaber, Seminar Discusses Ernest Mandel’s Open Marxism.

Guardian, 3 September 1996. Paul Webster, Old Comrades Trade Insults over Che.

Informations Ouvrières, 18 September 1996. Jean Boyer, André Breton et les procès de Moscou.

Workers Press, 21 September 1996. Charlie Pottins, Artist’s Rôle, Trotsky, André Breton and Diego Rivera.

Weekly Worker, 26 September 1996. William Gallacher, Wal Hannington, Albert Inkpin, Harry Pollitt, William Rust, Five Communists’ Message, jailed Communists protest, from Workers Weekly, 24 September 1926.

Workers Press, 5 October 1996. Phil Edwards, The Battle of Cable Street. See also Charlie Pottins, East Enders Stopped Mosley by Reversing CP Policy, in 12 October issue; Ruth Carlyle, Cable Street and the Defeat of British Fascism, Workers Liberty, October; Charlie Bain, People Power that Beat the Fascists, Independent, 7 October.

Socialist Review, October 1996. Clare Fermont, Workers’ Springtime, Rosa Luxemburg and The Mass Strike; Frank Henderson, Why I Became a Socialist.

Workers Power, October 1996. Clare Heath, Women and the Struggle for Socialism, Klara Zetkin.

Independent, 7 November 1996. Christopher Bellamy, The Reading Room Rebels, the defunct tradition of political exile in Britain.

Workers Press, 9 November 1996. Peter Fryer, In Defence of John Maclean.

Guardian, 16 November 1996. Richard Boston, Anarchy Amongst the Anarchists, a history of Anarchism.

Workers Liberty, November 1996. Sean Matgamna, The Life and Death of Peter Graham, 1945–71.

Rouge, 12 December 1996. Jean-Michel Krivine, Quand Staline “conseillait” Maurice Thorez, conversations between Stalin and Thorez on how to betray the struggles of 1945.

Bulletin, Autumn 1996. The Tragic Split in the Socialist International.

International Socialism, Autumn 1996. Ian Birchall, The Babeuf Centenary: Conspiracy or Revolutionary Party?

New Interventions, Autumn 1996. Paul Flewers, The Dog That Didn’t Bark, Tribune and Soviet foreign policy; Theodor Bergmann, After the Deluge: Rebuilding a Marxist Organisation in Germany After 1945.

Revolutionary Marxism Today, Winter 1996. Ernest Mandel, Vanguard Parties, a speech from 1983; Jim Miles, Joseph Hansen and the Marxist Theory of the State.

Workers Liberty, March 1997. Brian Pearce, How the Labour Party Began.

Daily News (Sri Lanka), 6 January 1997. T Perera, Appreciations: Edmund Samarakkody. See also T Perera, Edmund Samarakkody: A Pioneer of the Left Remembered, Sunday Observer (Sri Lanka), 5 January.

News and Letters, JanuaryFebruary 1997. Kevin Anderson, Uncovering Marx’s Yet Unpublished Writings.

Guardian, 16 April 1997. Chez Marx, a Prussian police spy looks at Marx’s house; Cheers to Marx’s Fine Tradition, Marx and Engels on drink.

Socialist Worker, 19 April 1997. Sam Ashman, Rosa Luxemburg: The Flame of Revolution.

Workers Liberty, April 1997. John O’Mahoney, The Apostle of Labour Solidarity, Jim Larkin.

Rouge, 1 May 1997. Eric Lafon, Une Interview de Raymond Vacheron, details of the murder of Pietro Tresso.

Lobster, no. 31. Charlie Pottins, How Britain’s Stalinists Spied on the Left.

Revolutionary Perspectives, no 1. The Indispensable Engels

What Next?, no. 2. Jean Van Heijenoort, The German Revolution in the Leninist Period, from Fourth International, March 1943.

What Next?, no. 3. James D Young, John Maclean: Clydeside Socialist; Edmund Samarakkody, The National Question in Sri Lanka.

Spanish Civil War Anniversary

Ham and High, 24 May 1996. Roger Blitz, Director Evokes a Glorious Revolution, inaccurate report of showing of Land and Freedom at Marx House.

Independent, 18 July 1996. Tunku Varadarajan, Civil War Taboo Keeps Spanish Historians Cowed.

The Times, 20 July 1996. Hugh Thomas, The Spanish Civil War: A Memoir.

Independent, 21 July 1996. Brian Cathcart, They Kept the Red Flag Flying, Stalinism and the Spanish Civil War.

Independent, 22 July 1996. Paul Vallely, Romancing the Past, a Stalinist view of the Spanish Civil War.

Militant, 26 July 1996. Mike Morris, The War for Land and Freedom.

Informations Ouvrières, 31 July 1996. E.N., À propos l’emission d’arte sur l’assassinat d’Andrès Nin, a film about Nin’s assassination.

Socialist Review, JulyAugust 1996. Andy Durgan, The Spanish Revolution: Fighting on Two Fronts, a reply to Paul Preston that the New Statesman refused to publish.

Informations Ouvrières, 7 August 1996. A.T., Lettre de Barcelone, the murder of Andreu Nin.

Observer, 1 September 1996. Rita Grosvenor and Arnold Kemp, Spain’s Falling Soldier Really Did Die that Day, Capa’s famous Spanish Civil War picture.

Workers Press, 24 August 1996. Charlie Pottins, Copic’s Fate, the purging of the commander of the Fifteenth International Brigade.

Morning Star, 28 August 1996. George Hallam, Casting Light on Spanish Illusions, Stalinists still try to smear the POUM. See replies by Gerry Downing, A Putsch or Stalinist Counter-Revolution?, in 6 September issue; and Bob Pitt, Rôle of German Agents in the Puzzling “Putsch”, in 9 September issue.

International Worker, 21 September 1996. Vicky Short, Lessons of the Spanish Revolution.

The Times, 2 November 1996. Tunku Varadarajan, Carried Away to War, the International Brigades.

Observer, 3 November 1996. Neil McKenna, Heroes at Last, 60 Years After.

Guardian, 4 November 1996. Spain Honours Anti-Fascists.

Guardian, 9 November 1996. Adela Gooch, Spain Honours Its Debt to the Foreign Brigades.

The Times, 6 March 1997. The Ordeal of Madrid: Thirty Months Besieged, from 6 March 1939 issue.

Guardian, 18 April 1997. Robert Dawson Scott, Sixty Years On, Fighting a Threadbare Cause.

George Orwell and the Spooks

Guardian, 11 July 1996. Richard Norton-Taylor and Seumas Milne, Orwell Offered Writers’ Blacklist to Anti-Soviet Propaganda Unit, including a letter from Orwell to Celia Kirwan.

The Times, 11 July 1996. Ian Murray, Orwell Was Recruited to Fight Soviet Propaganda.

The Times, 12 July 1996. Derwent May, George Orwell’s Cold War.

Sunday Times, 14 July 1996. Andrew Roberts, Animal Farms Rich Crop of Humbug.

Independent, 14 July 1996. Ros Wynne-Jones, Orwell’s Little List Leaves the Left Gasping for More; Bernard Crick, Why Are Radicals So Eager to Give Up One of Their Own?.

Guardian, 13 July 1996. John Lawrence, Stephen Lutman and David Ross, Some Propagandists Are More Equal Than Others, correspondence.

Guardian, 13 August 1996. Mervyn Jones, Fears that Made Orwell Sneak on his Friends.

New Interventions, Autumn 1996. Paul Flewers, Orwell and the Spooks.

William Morris Centenary

Guardian, 27 April 1996. Fiona MacCarthy, Walls of Fame.

Guardian, 3 May 1996. Deyan Sudjic, Papering Over the Cracks.

Independent, 4 May 1996. Jonathan Glancey, The Sentimental Socialist.

Independent, 5 May 1996. Tim Hilton, Paper Tiger.

Guardian, 6 May 1996. Oliver Bennett, Underneath the Paper, William Morris’ Writing on the Wall.

Guardian, 8 May 1996. Paul Hardwick, S.C.M. McFarlane, H.E. Roberts, David Page and Roger Simon, replying to Sudjic.

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Socialist Worker, 22 June 1996. William Morris: Seeds of Revolution

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