Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line: Revolutionary History, Vol. 7 No. 1

Readers’ Notes

Soviet Union and Stalinism

Marxist Review, May 1997: Mike Driver, Towards a Free Revolutionary Art: Leon Trotsky on Culture, the Class Struggle and Socialism, part two; part three in June issue.

Guardian, 7 June 1997: Lenin’s Future in the Balance, pressure mounts to bury Lenin’s cadaver. See also Robin Lodge, Russians to Vote on Burial for Lenin, The Times, same date; Phil Reeves, After 73 Years, Russians May Grant This Man His Dying Wish, Independent, same date; David Hearst, Russia Tries to Lay 1917 to Rest, Guardian, 20 June; Mark Francetti, Lenin’s Minder Calls for Burial, Sunday Times, 21 December.

Observer, 29 June 1997: Che Body Found. See also Joanna Coles and Stacy Marking, Mystery of Che’s Corpse Unearthed, in 6 July issue; Grave Affair, Sunday Times, 13 July; Che’s Final Journey, Independent, same date.

Sunday Times, 29 June 1997: Lenin on Tour, Zhirinovsky wants to put Lenin’s mummy on tour.

Informations ouvrières, 2 July 1997: Lucien Gautier, Léon Sedov (1906–1938), Militant ouvrier révolutionnaire.

The Times, 5 July 1997: Richard Beeston, Graves of 9000 Stalin Victims Found, mass grave in the Karelian Forest. See also his Tears for Stalin’s Forest Victims, in 3 November issue.

Guardian, 14 July 1997: Jonathan Glancey, Don’t Put Che on a Pedestal; Icon of a Rebel Generation Comes Home. See also David Usborne, Guevara Returns at Last to Cuba and the Legend Lives On, Independent, same date; Castro Weeps for Che, The Times, same date.

Informations ouvrières, 16 July 1997: Jean-Jacques Marie, 19311938: Cibles et victimes de Staline: tous les courantes du mouvement ouvrier, the Soviet purges. See also his Procès à Moscou on the Moscow Trials in 30 July issue.

Workers Liberty, July 1997: Max Shachtman, The Organiser of Victory, Trotsky, from Labor Action, August 1941.

Socialism Today, July–August 1997: Tony Saunois, The Legacy of Che. See also Guevara and the Cuban Revolution, Workers Power, October.

Independent, 4 August 1997: Teresa Poole, China Has Second Thoughts on Mao’s “Great” Triumph, how Mao was persuaded by Stalin and Kim Il Sung to enter the Korean War.

Sunday Times, 10 August 1997: Patrick French, Red Letter Day, Soviet plot to subvert Britain at the time of the Zinoviev Letter! See also Gary Young, Red Letter Had the Ring of Truth, Guardian, 12 August.

Guardian, 22 August 1997: John Hooper, Italian Resistance Heroes Feel Heat, murders and provocations by Stalinist partisans against rival resistance groups, in particular the Trotskyist Bandiera Rossa.

The Times, 25 August 1997: Richard Beeston, Moscow Paints over Purges of Stalin, the top party residence, from which 600 were purged.

Independent, 27 August 1997: KGB Loses to Peter the Great, the Felix Dzerzhinsky Military Academy to be renamed.

Informations ouvrières, 27 August 1997: Gérard Iltis, Regrouper travailleurs et militants sur la base du libre débat democratique, homage to Lev Sedov.

International Socialist Forum, August 1997: Cliff Slaughter, A Note on Permanent Revolution.

Spartacist, Summer 1997: Trotsky’s Fight Against Stalinist Betrayal of Bolshevik Revolution; The Origins of Chinese Trotskyism.

The Times, 9 September 1997: Richard Cork, Look Back on a Lifetime of Anger, an exhibition of paintings by would-be Trotsky assassin David Siqueiros. See also Tim Hilton, Long Live the Mexican Revolution, Independent, 14 September; Tom Lubbock, Master of the Near-Miss, Independent, 9 September.

Independent, 18 October 1997: Albania Remembers Dictator, a statue erected at Hoxha’s birthplace.

Sunday Times, 26 October 1997: Brian Moynahan, Prints of Darkness, doctoring political photographs under Stalin.

La Commune, October 1997: L’Histoire de l’internationale communiste, an interview with Pierre Broué about his new book on the Communist International.

The Times, 10 November 1997: Ben MacIntyre, French Writers Row Over “Communism Killed 100m” Claim, controversy over the Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror and Repression. See also Julian Nundy, Communism is Still a Matter of Life and Death in France, Daily Telegraph, same date; Eric Lafon, Stéphane Courtois au centre de la polémique, Rouge, 20 November; Jean-Jacques Marie, À propos du Livre noir sur le communisme, de Stéphane Courtois, Informations ouvrières, 12 November; David Rousset and François Sitel, L’Histoire serve; Alain Brossat, Comment en finir avec la politique, Critique Communiste, Winter-Spring 1998; Christian Picquet, Le charme discret du révisionisme disculpant, Rouge, 8 January 1998.

El País, 16 November 1997: Rodrigo Fernándes, Dos españoles quisieron acabar con Trotski antes que Mercader, Sheldon Harte finally shown to be a Stalinist agent.

Sunday Times, 23 November 1997: Nicholas Meller, Lenin Kept Secret Lover in Kremlin, Inessa Armand again.

Independent, 29 November 1997: Imre Karacs, Lenin’s Swiss Bank Account Discovered. See also Arnold Kemp, Would Mr Lenin Like His £40 Back?, Observer, 23 November.

Workers Liberty, November 1997: Pablo Velasio, How Should Che Guevara be Commemorated?

Guardian, 17 December 1997: Hoxha’s House Blown Up.

Guardian, 23 December 1997: Stalin’s Little Black Book, Stalin’s grandson collects the names of Stalin’s enemies.

The Times, 23 December 1997: Richard Beeston, KGB Refused to Kill Khrushchev, Brezhnev’s coup in 1964.

Marxist Review, December 1997: Mike Driver, Lenin’s Philosophical Notebooks: A Guide to Today’s Socialist Revolution, part one; part two in January 1998 issue.

Prométhée, Fourth Quarter 1997: Bienvenue au “Trotsky-Project”, new Internet project on Trotsky pioneered by Luciano Dondero and Sally Rian.

What Next?, no. 5, 1997: Paul Flewers, War Communism in Retrospect.

What Next?, no. 6, 1997: Leon Trotsky, Letter to Yugoslav Comrades from 1920; Victor Serge, A Letter and Some Notes, on Kronstadt.

New Interventions, Winter 1997–98: Mike Jones, The Finnish Winter War.

International Review, Third Quarter 1997: 1905: The Mass Strike Opens the Door to the Proletarian Revolution.

Critique Communiste, Winter–Spring 1998: Lev Vorobiev, Opération canard, Trotsky’s assassination.

Sunday Times, 4 January 1998: Mark Francetti, Kremlin Guard Reveals How He Shot Hated Beria, Michnyak Gurevich reveals all.

The Times, 6 January 1998: James Pringle, Remains of Mao Back on Display.

Sunday Times, 18 January 1998: Mark Francetti, Stalin’s Grandsons Go to War Over a Deathly Image, Stalin’s memory causes family feud; Rajeer Syal, Rasputin Went Out With a Bang, Not a Struggle.

Informations Ouvrières, 28 January 1998: Jean-Jacques Marie, Une Lettre à laquelle Le Monde n’a pas répondu, replying to Marc Ferro’s blaming Trotsky for Sukhanov’s fate.

International Socialist Forum, January 1998: M.K., Beyond Kronstadt; Simon Pirani, Dictatorship and Democracy in the Russian Revolution; Conference Marks Eightieth Anniversary of Russian Revolution.

International Viewpoint, January 1998: Marilyn Vogt-Downey, Fourth Annual Russian Conference on Trotsky.

Workers Liberty, January 1998: John Bucknell, Lenin Traduced, on BBC2’s Lenin’s Secret Files. See also Chris Marsden, Timewatch Mounts Scurrilous Attack on Lenin; Nick Beams, Why the People’s Century Expunged Leon Trotsky, International Worker, 13 December 1997.

Guardian, 2 February 1998: Ruaridh Nicoll, Art from Russian Time of Turmoil, porcelain art and propaganda from the Civil War on sale at Sotheby’s.

Independent, 11 February 1998: Paul Taylor, The Mad, Bad and Terrifying World of Stalin, on Bulgakov.

Guardian, 13 February 1998: Richard Norton-Taylor, Inquiry into Zinoviev Letter. See also Files on Zinoviev Letter to be Checked, The Times, same date.

Camden New Journal, 19 February 1998: Selwyn Evans, Troubled and Complex War Hero of Spain. Stalinist fairy tales at Marx House, Karl Swerczewski was not killed in the advance on Berlin, but by Ukrainian partisans in 1947 when he was Poland’s Defence Minister.

Marxist Review, February 1998: William Westwell, Sergei Eisenstein: An Appreciation.

Socialist Appeal, February 1998: Alan Woods, The Last Bearer of Trotsky’s Family Name, interview with Valery Bronstein, grandson of Trotsky’s brother.

The Times, 5 March 1998: James Pringle, Chinese Take Fond Look Back at Tough Zhou Era, Zhou Enlai exhibition in Beijing.

The Times, 6 March 1998: Robin Lodge, Doctor Tells of Vigil by Dying Stalin, his last doctor remembers.

Richard Brenner, Trotsky: An Introduction, LRCI/Workers Power pamphlet.

Labour Movement

Sunday Observer (Sri Lanka), 4 May 1997: T. Perera, The Bracegirdle Saga 60 Years After. Reprinted in What Next?, no. 5, 1997.

The Times, 13 May 1997: Mr Baldwin’s Thanks, thanking God (and not Jimmy Thomas & Co.) for the outcome of the General Strike, from 13 May 1926 issue.

The Times, 20 May 1997: Stage Society: Man and the Masses by Ernst Toller, play about the Munich Soviet, from 20 May 1924 issue.

Informations ouvrières, 28 May 1997: Jean-Marie Schiappa, Il ya deux cents ans, la conjuration des Egaux, the Babeuf bicentenary.

Socialism Today, May 1997: Peter Taaffe, 1797–1997: Gracchus Babeuf, Communist Pioneer.

Against the Current, May–June 1997. Ernie Haberkern, On the CPUSA and the Unions; Christopher Phelps, Towards an Understanding of Sidney Hook: The Recovery of Marxism.

Guardian, 7 June 1997: Eric Hobsbawm, To See the Future, Look at the Past.

Independent, 8 June 1997: Tim Hulse, Why Eric’s No Fashion Victim, another plug for Hobsbawm.

International Worker, 14 June 1997: Shannon Jones, 60 Years Since the Dewey Commission.

Guardian, 24 June 1997: François Raitberger, French Party Apologises to its Purged Comrades, French Stalinists Charles Tillon and Anne Kriegel-Valrimont rehabilitated.

Socialist Action (USA), June 1997: Mark Harris, Lessons of the 1934 Minneapolis Teamsters’ Strike.

Independent, 9 July 1997: John Earle, The Tito “Mole”, James Klugmann again. See also Richard Norton-Taylor, Churchill Took KGB Advice, Guardian, 1 July; Aleksa Gavrilovis, letter, Independent, 11 July; H.W. Kinh, “Red Plot” Just a Signals Mix-Up, Independent, 18 July; John Cameron, For KGB and Country, Guardian, 27 September.

Daily News (Sri Lanka), 16 July 1997: Vernon Gunasekera Jnr., First Death Anniversary of Vernon Gunasekera Today, Lanka Sama Samaja Party veteran. See also Hector Abayawardhana, Vernon Gunasekera Rendered Extraordinary Service to Country, in 23 July issue.

Guardian, 13 August 1997: Pardon Plea for Martyr of Merthyr Hanged in Rough Justice in 1831, the Merthyr rising.

Informations ouvrières, 13 August 1997: Jean-Jacques Marie, Tous étaient visés, Stalinist murders in the Spanish Civil War.

Guardian, 23 August 1997: Martin Walker, Boston Belatedly Adjusts the Scales for Anarchists Sacco and Vanzetti, a memorial to be erected.

Critique Communiste, Summer 1997: Michael Löwy, Comprendre (les horreurs de) l’histoire; Alex Callinicos, Reponse à Michael Löwy, debate over Callinicos’ Theories and Narrations: Reflections on the Philosophy of History.

Independent, 1 September 1997: Marika Sharwood, MI5’s Passion for Secrecy, the spooks refuse to release files on George Padmore.

Workers Vanguard, 5 September 1997: Joseph Seymour, Enlightenment Rationalism and the Origins of Marxism, part one; parts two and three in 19 September and 3 October issues.

Informations ouvrières, 10 September 1997: François Hélou, S’ils s’obstinent, ces cannibales ..., the French army mutinies in 1917; continued in 17 September issue.

Workers Liberty, September 1997: Sean Matgamna, IS: Historiography and Mythology.

Independent, 10 October 1997: John Crossland, Listening in to Spy Talk, Harry Pollitt’s coded messages to Moscow now released by the Public Records Office. See also Michael Smith, How Communists in Britain Followed the Moscow Line, Daily Telegraph, same date; Richard Norton-Taylor and Seumas Milne, Moscow’s Secret British Link Unmasked, Guardian, same date; Steve Doughty, Courage of Girl Spy Who Went Into Bear’s Den, Daily Mail, same date; Michael Evans, Communist Party’s Secretary Worked for MI5, Independent, 11 October, P, Peacock, Pollitt Bureau, Daily Mail, 17 October.

Guardian, 18 October 1997: Andy Beckett, An End to the Struggle, profile of the late Keith Narey, playwright and Militant supporter.

Observer, 19 October 1997: James Buchan, Back From the Grave, a tribute to Marx.

Guardian, 23 October 1997: Richard Norton-Taylor, Secret Files Give Insight into Roots of 1916 Easter Rising.

International Viewpoint, October 1997: Livio Maitan, Forever Young: Pietro Tresso: Revolutionary Internationalist.

News and Letters, October 1997: Raya Dunayevskaya, On C.L.R. James’ Notes on Dialectics.

The Times, 27 November 1997: Damian Whitworth, Legacy of Marx to Benefit from New Capital, lottery cash for the Marx Memorial Library.

News and Letters, November 1997: Peter Hudis, C.L.R. James and the Dialectic.

Guardian, 31 December 1997: Luke Harding, Widow Defends Laurie Lee’s Moment of Glory, Lee’s Spanish Civil War record traduced by Stalinists. See also Paul Whittaker, Laurie Lee Accused of Inventing War Exploits, The Times, same date; Simon de Bruxelles, Critic Says Cigarette Casts New Light on Laurie Lee’s War Story, The Times, 1 January 1998; Barry McLoughlin, Laurie Lee Was in Brigades, Guardian, 3 January.

Socialism Today, December 1997–January 1998: Paul Moorehouse, Property, Equality and Democracy, the Levellers.

International Review, Third Quarter 1997: D.V., The Kapp Putsch; Fabienne, The Italian Fraction and the French Communist Left.

International Review, Autumn 1997: Fabienne, Formation of the Partido Comunista Internationale.

What Next?, no. 4, 1997: Mike Jones, Held Off, on Germany in 1923.

What Next?, no. 5, 1997: Mike Jones, Luxemburgism or Leninism?.

What Next?, no. 6, 1997: Bob Pitt, John Maclean and the Scottish Workers; John Archer, A Marxist Approach to History, Stewart Kirby again; Walter Held, The German Left and Bolshevism.

Historical Journal, Volume 40, no. 2, 1997: Tom Buchanan, The Death of Bob Smillie, the Spanish Civil War, and the Eclipse of the Independent Labour Party.

Guardian, 1 January 1998: Keith Flett, Not Too Much Honour Here; Lucy Ward, Blair’s New Class of Honour, Eric Hobsbawm in New Labour’s honours list. See also Tony Atienza, History Man, in 3 January issue; Norman Stone, Left Right Out of the Gong Show, Sunday Times, 4 January.

Weekly Worker, 22 January 1998: Russia’s Appeal: Will British Workers Remain Silent?, British Socialist Party manifesto to Labour Party conference in 1918, from The Call, 17 January 1918.

Guardian, 23 January 1998: Paul Webster, Secret History Revealed, the French Communist Party opens its archives.

International Viewpoint, January 1998: A Sudeten-German Marxist, an interview with Ernst Scholl, a veteran of the German labour movement since 1921.

Trotskyist International, January–June 1998: Dave Stockton, In Defence of Democratic Centralism.

Workers Weekly, 12 February 1998: Workers of All Countries, Unite!, from The Call, 7 February 1918.

Independent, 15 February 1998: Rupert Cornwell, Anarchy in the UK?, a round-up of Anarchist history.

The Times, 27 February 1998: “Red” Sunday Schools, Tory MP’s disquiet on the Socialist Sunday Schools movement, from 27 February 1923 issue.

Marxist Review, February 1998: Mike Driver, The Working Class and the Combination Acts.

Sunday Times, 29 March 1998: Stuart Wavell, Just Look at Those Rebels Now, 1968 and all that.

What Next?, no. 7, 1998: Bob Pitt, Red Flag Over St Pancras, part one; August Thalheimer, Rosa Luxemburg or Lenin?, with an introduction by Mike Jones.

1917, no. 20, 1998: James P Cannon on Anarchism, a letter to Myra Tanner Weiss.

Russian Revolution Anniversary

Workers Weekly, 1 May 1997: The Russian Revolution, from The Call, 19 April 1917.

Workers Weekly, 15 May 1997: An Abortive Counter-Attack, the Milyukov Memorandum, from The Call, 10 May 1917.

Informations ouvrières, 2 July 1997: Jean-Jacques Marie, Combien de temps devrons-nous tolerer?, May-June 1917 in Russia.

Socialist Future, June-July 1997: Anatoly Butenko, What Really Happened in 1917.

Informations ouvrières, 23 July 1997: Jean-Jacques Marie, Juillet 1917: La Réaction relève la tête, the July Days; see also his À bas la guerre! Tout le pouvoir au soviet des députés ouvriers, soldats et paysans!, in 11 June issue.

Informations ouvrières, 6 August 1997: Jean-Jacques Marie, L’ombre de la dictature militaire, the Kornilov coup.

Informations ouvrières, 20 August 1997: Jean-Jacques Marie, Des calomniateurs intéressés, replying to Lionel Jospin’s attacks on the October Revolution.

Informations ouvrières, 3 September 1997: Daniel Gluckstein, Octobre 1917, c’était le droit des ouvriers et des paysans de décider de leur avenir.

Workers Weekly, 4 September 1997: Chicherin’s Internment, from The Call, 30 August 1917.

Workers Weekly, 11 September 1997: The Moscow Conference, from The Call, 6 September 1917.

Workers Weekly, 18 September 1997: The Crisis in Russia, Kornilov’s coup, from The Call, 13 September 1917.

Informations ouvrières, 24 September 1997: Boris Souvarine, Les trains n’étaient pas plombés, comme un stupide légende l’affirme, how Lenin returned to Russia in 1917. See also Jean-Jacques Marie, 18 et 19 Octobre: journées d’études pour le 80e anniversaire de la révolution d’Octobre, in 17 September issue.

Weekly Worker, 4 October 1997: Kerensky and the Counter-Revolution, from The Call, 4 October 1917.

Weekly Worker, 23 October 1997: The Clash of Forces in Russia, from The Call, 18 October 1917.

Guardian, 25 October 1997: Robert Service, Russia’s Putrifying Corpse.

La Commune, October 1997: Paul Rauschert, Les Leçons d’Octobre 1917.

Lanka Guardian, 1 November 1997: Al Richardson, The Russian Revolution: A Twentieth Century Enigma.

Guardian, 4 November 1997: Mark Steel, Revolution That Seems to Have Lost Its Spice.

Weekly Worker, 6 November 1997: The Distribution of Russian Socialism, from The Call, 1 November 1917.

Weekly Worker, 6 December 1997: A Student of the Revolution; The Bolshevik Revolution, from The Call, 6 December 1917.

Weekly Worker, 18 December 1997: The Russian Revolution and Ourselves, from The Call, 20 December 1917.

Rouge, 6 November 1997: Octobre.

The Times, 7 November 1997: Richard Beeston, Old Bolsheviks Reclaim New Russia for a Day.

Guardian, 8 November 1997: Communism’s Unsolved Riddle.

Rouge, 13 November 1997: Pierre Rousset, Octobre. Un coup d’état?.

International Viewpoint, November 1997: Daniel Bensaid, Three Myths About October 1917; Catherine Samary, Conditions for the Emergence of Socialism; François Vercammen, Was Lenin Right?.

News and Letters, November 1997: Raya Dunayevskaya, The Two Russian Revolutions.

Socialist Action (USA), November 1997: Marilyn Vogt-Downey, 1917–1997: 80 Years Since the Russian Revolution: Fourth Conference on Trotsky Held in Russia.

Socialist Outlook, November 1997: Charlie Van Gelderen, Still a Beacon for Internationalism.

Workers Liberty, November 1997: Alan McArthur, The Workers Take Petrograd; Max Shachtman, The Price of Isolation, from Labor Action, November 1941; Alexander Kerensky, The Soviets Must Not Rule, from Sovremenniye Zapiski, 1922; Karl Radek, A Government of the Working Class, speech to the Fourth Congress of the Communist International.

Workers Power, November 1997: Richard Brenner, Bolshevism and the Fight for Workers’ Power.

International Review, Autumn 1997: K., October 1917: Victory of the Working Masses; C.D.W., Lenin’s State and Revolution: A Striking Validation of Marxism; O.R., Revolutionaries and the Degeneration of the International.

International Socialism, Autumn 1997: Mike Haynes, Was There a Parliamentary Alternative in Russia in 1917?; Megan Trudell, Prelude to Revolution: Class Consciousness and the First World War.

Rouge, 11 December 1997: Pierre Rousset, Les Bolcheviques et la contre-révolution stalinienne; Isaac Joshua, L’oublieuse apologie du reformisme.

Critique Communiste, Autumn 1997: Daniel Bensaid, Lénine ou la politique du temps brise; Alain Brossat, L’Événement enseveli par le myth; Antoine Artous, Révolution et democratie; Michel Lequenne, Les mutations du parti bolchevique; Antoine Artous; État “ouvrier” et bureaucratie; Michael Löwy, Le rêve naufragé. La Révolution d’Octobre et la question nationale; Jean-Marie Vincent, Détruire les germes de passivité dans la société; François Dietrich, Octobre 1917, identification d’un échec; Roland Lew, Oublier Lénine?; François Vercammen, Lénine et a la question du Parti.

International Review, Third Quarter 1997: The July Days: The Party as a Vital Necessity.

Prométhée, Fourth Quarter 1997: Emile Fabrol, 1917–1997: La Révolution, a-t-il encore un sens?.

What Next?, no. 6, 1997: Al Richardson, The Russian Revolution: A Twentieth Century Enigma.

New Interventions, Winter 1997–98: Ian Birchall, The Relevance of Bolshevism; Adam Buick, Why the Russian Revolution Wasn’t a Workers Revolution; Paul Flewers, The Centre Could Not Hold; Alistair Mitchell, 1917 and All That; Harry Ratner, Premature – And Diseased from Infancy?; Al Richardson, All Power to the Soviets!; Hillel Ticktin, What If the Left Opposition Had Taken Power?; Volodymyr Vynnychenko, Bolshevism in Ukraine.

Weekly Worker, 15 January 1998: Chicherin and Petrov Released and Deported, from The Call, 10 January 1918.

Communist Manifesto Anniversary

Independent, 14 December 1997: John Cassidy, The Next Big Thinker; David Amis, Mark Abraham, Tony Callaghan, Peter Cadogan, Marx Didn’t Want to Explain Society, He Wanted to Change It.

Guardian, 6 January 1998: Mark Steel, No Marx for the Duvet Theory of Unemployment.

Marxist Review, January 1998: Richard O’Brien, 150 Years of the Manifesto of the Communist Party.

Workers Liberty, January 1998: Sean Matgamna, The Communist Manifesto After Stalinism.

Guardian, 28 February 1998: Eric Hobsbawm, 23 Pages that Shook the World; Richard Boston, In the Year of Revolt.

Independent, 8 March 1998: Barrie Clement, Marx Brings New Meaning to Radical Chic.

Independent, 29 March 1998: Howard Byron, Commie de Garçons.


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