Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line: Revolutionary History, Vol. 7 No. 2

Reader’s Notes

Soviet Union and Stalinism

Rouge, 16 April 1998: Michel Lequenne, Un nouveau négationnisme, more on the French ‘black book’ of Stalin’s crimes. See also Emile Fabrol, Un livre vraiment noir!; Jean Jacques Karman, Que conserver du bolchevisme?, Prométhée, first quarter 1998.

Independent, 22 April 1998: Phil Reeves, Secret Tunnel Shows How Stalin Could Have Been Victim of Police.

Independent, 4 May 1998: Anne McElvoy, The Students of Prague, Not Paris, Were the True Heroes of 1968, nasty insinuation that the British left didn’t support them.

Guardian, 2 May 1998: James Meek, Ghosts of Cruel Past Haunt Russia, Kolchak remembered.

Rouge, 7 May 1998: Pierre Rousset, Aux sources du régime khmer rouge, the origins of Pol Pot’s movement.

Guardian, 23 May 1998: James Meek, The Affair that Launched the Great Terror, doubts about the official story of Kirov’s death.

Independent, 5 June 1998: Phil Reeves, Fight to Clear Stalin’s Butcher, attempt to rehabilitate Yezhov fails. See also James Meek, Top Court Spurns Appeal on Behalf of Stalin’s Killer, Guardian, same date.

The Times, 14 June 1998: Michael Binyon, Lenin’s Niece, 75, Fights to Keep Flat.

Guardian, 19 June 1998: Jonathan Romney, Rest Assured, Comrades, Stalin’s dacha and museum.

Guardian, 22 June 1998: James Meek, Trotsky Blamed for Murder of One of Russia’s Greatest Poets, anti-Semitic slurs in Russia.

Independent, 22 June 1998: Louise Jury, Russia Allows Access to Files on Letter that Helped Bring Down Government, the Zinoviev letter. See also Peter Moyes, Zinoviev Myth, in 25 June issue.

Weekly Worker, 25 June 1998: George Plekhanov, obituary from The Call, 20 June 1918.

Sunday Times, 28 June 1998: Mark Franchetti, Stalin’s Forgotten Prisoners, Vorkuta veterans.

Workers Power, June 1998: Kate Foster, The Revolution Betrayed, the Prague Spring. See also Manny Thain, Prague 68: The First Buds of Revolution, Socialism Today, July-August.

Workers Action, June-July 1998: Richard Price, Claude McKay and the Russian Revolution; Claude McKay, Extract from A Long Way Home, meeting Trotsky; Leon Trotsky, Letter to Claude McKay, 13 March 1923.

Workers International Press, Spring 1998: Balázs Nagy, The Workers Were the Backbone of the Hungarian Revolution.

Informations ouvrières, 8 July 1998: Jean-Jacques Marie, David Riazanov, fusillé par Staline en 1938.

Informations ouvrières, 15 July 1998: Jean-Jacques Marie, L’assassinat de Léon Sedov, fils de Léon Trotsky.

Independent, 18 July 1998: Robert Service, Man in the Mausoleum Who Must Also be Buried, burying Lenin’s mummy.

Sunday Times, 19 July 1998: Christine Toomey, Coming Up Roses, Tina Modotti, a Stalinist gangster’s moll.

Informations ouvrières, 22 July 1998: Mark Golovznine, 1936–1938: Staline lance la chasse aux “Trotskystes”.

Independent, 7 August 1998: Norman Stone, Russia Was Better Off Under the Tsars.

Independent, 14 August 1998: John Morrish, Stalin’s Little Prisoner, Bill Rust’s daughter and her incarceration.

The Times, 19 August 1998: Roger Boyes, Dubcek “Victim of KGB Assassins”.

Sunday Telegraph, 23 August 1998: Francis Harris, “Velvet Justice” for Traitors Who Crushed 1968 Prague Spring.

New Interventions, Summer 1998: Soria Serebriakova, Martemian Nikitich Riutin; Paul Flewers, Missing From History, the Warsaw Uprising; Roger Cottrell, Reflections on October 1917.

Socialist Outlook, Summer 1998: Charlie Van Gelderen, Dimitrov: A Stooge of Stalin.

News and Letters, August–September 1998: Stephen Steiger, Forgotten Heritage of 1968; Raya Dunayevskaya, Recollecting the Legacy of “Socialism with a Human Face”.

The Times, 3 September 1998: Norman Stone, A Return to the Bad Old Bolsheviks.

Independent, 4 September 1998: Adam Lebor, I Saw that Tsar in the Back of a Carriage Once, interview with Natalia Puhlimskaya, daughter of Civil War Soviet delegate who was later purged.

Weekly Worker, 17 September 1998: Comrade Litvinov and His Case, Litvinov’s arrest in Britain, from The Call, 19 September 1918.

Observer, 20 September 1998: Shyam Battia, How Lenin Trumped Ace of Spies, MI5 archives and Sidney Reilly; Martin Bright, Spy Who Toppled Khrushchev Looks Back to the Future, Vladimir Semichastny, KGB head during 1961–67.

Guardian, 23 September 1998: Companion of Che Found, remains of Laura Gutiérrez Bauer found in Vallegrande.

Sunday Times, 27 September 1998: Ted Heath, Arming the Fascists, Stalin and Mao.

Workers Hammer, September–October 1998: 1959 Statement on Tibet: Trotskyist Youth Protest US Moves Against Mao’s China, from US Young Socialist, June 1959.

The Times, 1 October 1998: Nick Nuttall, Pollen Clue Ends Massacre Mystery, identification of graves of Soviet soldiers who mutinied against the suppression of the East Berlin uprising in 1953. See also Grave Mystery Finally Solved, Guardian, same date.

Guardian, 2 October 1998: Richard Norton-Taylor, Churchill Plotted Invasion of Russia, preparing for more than a Cold War.

International Socialist Forum, October 1998. Cyril Smith, Mészáros on Lenin.

Workers Action, October 1998: The Testament of Nikolai Bukharin.

Workers Liberty, October–November 1998: Czechoslovakia, 1968, from Workers Fight, August 1968.

Guardian, 9 November 1998: John Zarol and Nick Hopkins, British War Dead in Russian Mass Grave, bodies of British interventionists found.

The Times, 18 November 1998: Phil Tomasell, Russian Mass Grave, British soldiers killed at Murmansk and Archangel during the Civil War are in fact White Russians.

The Times, 24 November 1998: James Pringle, Beijing Lauds Mao’s Victim as Hero, centenary of the birth of Liu Shaoqi, victim of the Cultural Revolution.

Independent, 28 November 1998: Adam Lebor, Poles Seek Extradition of British Woman, 79, Helena Brus, wife of Wlodimierz Brus, was prosecutor in show trial of Home Army’s General Fieldorf in 1953. See also Oxford Woman Sought by Poles, The Times, same date; Neil Bowdler and Simon Bowes, Poles Seek Trial of Oxford Don’s Wife, Guardian, same date; Sophie Goodchild, Oxford Don’s Wife in Show Trial Row Fights Extradition to Poland, Independent, 29 November; John Arlidge, “Im No Criminal” Says Pole Accused of Sending Hero to Death, Observer, same date; John Arlidge, Academic’s Wife Faces New Polish Prosecution Claims, Observer, 6 December; Melanie Phillips, Old Poison Hidden in the Scales of Justice, Sunday Times, 3 January 1999; Polish Ruling, The Times, 7 January, the case is dropped.

The Times, 4 December 1998: Anna Blundy, Russia Resurrects KGB’s Hero, Dzerzhinsky’s statue returning to Lubianka Square. See also Andrew Roberts, New Russia Puts Evils Back on Pedestal, Sunday Times, 6 December.

International Viewpoint, December 1998: David Mandel, From Lenin to Yalta.

International Review, Autumn 1998: LDO, Maoism: Monstrous Offspring of Decadent Capitalism; Platform of the Communist International.

Prométhée, Third Quarter 1998: François Fabrol, Quand Stéphane Courtois néclaire pas la conscience de ses lecteurs, how a French Stalinist historian equates Stalin and Trotsky.

Workers Action, November–December 1998: Richard Price, Julius Martov and the Jewish Workers Movement; Julius Martov, A Turning Point in the History of the Jewish Workers Movement, a speech from 1895 with introduction by Rabochaya Dyelo.

Independent, 27 December 1998: Mao’s Little Red Disk, the Little Red Book available on CD-ROM.

The Times, 30 December 1998: Guevara’s Comrades Honoured, Tania’s bones back in Cuba.

Race and Class, no. 39, 1998: Paul Gordon, A Stranger in No Land: Remembering Victor Serge.

Workers Fight, Winter 1998–99: Lisa Taylor, Jews: Never a People-Class, a critique of Abram Leon.

What Next?, no. 8, 1998: John Reed, Soviets in Action.

What Next?, no. 9, 1998: Ernie Haberkern, Victor Serge and “Libertarianism”; Victor Serge, Secrecy and Revolution: A Reply to Trotsky.

What Next?, no. 0, 1998: Ian Birchall, Victor Serge: Hero or Witness?; Gerry Downing, Why We Must Defend the Essentials in Order to Condemn the Errors, defending the Bolshevik tradition.

What Next?, no. 11, 1998: Ernie Haberkern, Ian Birchall and Victor Serge.

The Times, 1 January 1999: Benedict Nightingale, The Voices Stalin Couldn’t Gag, the tragedy of the Soviet theatre.

The Times, 7 January 1999: UK Recognises Communist China, from 7 January 1950 issue.

Independent, 13 January 1999: Isobel Montgomery, Uncle Max, Stalin and Gorky.

The Times, 25 January 1999: The Russian Outlook, Bloody Sunday, from 25 January 1905 issue.

Weekly Worker, 28 January 1999: Delphi, The Gravedigger’s Apprentice, Stalin’s historical record.

Observer, 31 January 1999: James Meek, Stalin’s Victims Pursue Their Tormentors, Stalin’s victims in Estonia.

Sunday Times, 31 January 1999: Mark Franchetti, Daughter Fights to Clear Stalin’s Hitman, demands for Yezhov’s rehabilitation.

The Times, 4 February 1999: Robert Boyes, KGB Files Reveal Fate of Lost Germans, Social Democrats and Communists along with Nazis disappeared under Stalinism.

Guardian, 20 February 1999: Tariq Ali, The Spymaster’s Son, Ignace Reiss and his son.

Workers Liberty, February 1999: Mike Rooke, Bolsheviks Were Anti-Worker.

International Review, Spring 1999: C.D.W., 1920: Bukharin and the Period of Transition.

What Next?, no. 12, 1999: Hal Draper, The Myth of Lenin’s “Concept of the Party”, Or What They Did to What Is To Be Done?; Karl Kautsky, A Letter About Lenin, from 1924; Ian Birchall, Ernie Haberkern and Victor Serge; Ernie Haberkern, Stalinism and “Authoritarian Socialism”.

Them Old Bones Gonna Rise Again ...

Readers with a taste in the macabre will have noticed that the farce in Russia around the skeletal remains of the Romanov family reached a climax when they were given a state funeral presided over by Yeltsin on 17 July 1998. The build-up was not without its problems. On 2 June, the Guardian’s James Meek reported that Doubt About the Bones Jeopardises the Romanov Funeral. On 13 June, the Independent headlined that Russian Church Throws Tsar’s Burial into Chaos, and on 11 July that Tsar’s Family Snub “Insulting” Burial. On the next day the Sunday Times declared Russia Goes to Barricades over Burial of Last Tsar, and on the 14th, The Times noted Russia Turns its Back on Burial of Romanovs. To add to the confusion, on the next day The Times, which has taken a decidedly morbid interest in the affair, not only ran an editorial on it, but told its readers that Church Dispute over DNA Saddens Prince, and Michael Binyon told us Why Finger of the Tsarina Almost Spoilt President’s Plans. On 18 July, The Times noted that Yeltsin apologised for the execution of the Romanovs, whilst reporting that Romanov Funeral Overshadowed by Family Feuds.

The story continues. On 22 October, The Times reported that the remains of the Tsar’s son had been unearthed in Yekaterinberg, and three days later the Independent headlined Search On For Tsar’s Missing Children. To finish, however, on a different note, The Times informed us on 2 November that Tsar Statue Blown Up. Sense prevailed for once.

Labour Movement

Sennaciulo (Esperanto), February 1998: Petro Levi, Novajoj pri la Hispana Milito (19361939), new material on the Spanish Civil War from the Russian archives.

Independent, 1 April 1998: Faith Evans, The Daughter of Modern Socialism, Eleanor Marx.

Independent, 19 April 1998: Paul Routledge, How Marx Liked a Pint (or Three), an idea pinched from our Editor 30 years back; Mark Simpson, Julie Burchall + Hegel =, a stupid plug for Eric Hobsbawm’s edition of the Communist Manifesto. See also Hypewatch, in 11 April issue.

Independent, 26 April 1998: Elizabeth Nash, Basques Furious as German TV Plays Down Guernica Horror.

Guardian, 27 April 1998: Seamus Milne, Red Flags Raised to Honour Author of Labour Anthem, a memorial for Jim Connell, writer of the Red Flag.

Marxist Review, April 1998: Mike Driver, 1848: Revolution Across Europe.

Weekly Worker, 7 May 1998: Phil Watson, Cold War Babies, celebrating the Communist Party whilst attacking this journal. See Paul Flewers reply, Toeing Moscow’s Line, in 21 May issue; and Watson’s rejoinder, Inanity, in 11 June issue.

Evening Standard, 8 May 1998: A.N. Wilson, Full Marx for a True Genius, the Communist Manifesto remembered.

Guardian, 9 May 1998: Kate Connolly, Killer’s Head to be Buried, Luigi Lucheni, Italian Anarchist who assassinated Empress Elizabeth.

Guardian, 12 May 1998: John Berger, Painted on the Body, Frida Kahlo.

La Vérité, May 1998: François Forgue, Actualité des révolutions de 1848; Pierre Lambert, La révolution de 1848 en France.

News and Letters, May 1998: Raya Dunayevskaya, Luxemburg: Revolutionary Feminist, revolutionary, yes ...

Socialist Outlook, May 1998: Charlie Van Gelderen, Bill Hunter, History and the Fourth International.

Estrategia Internacional (Argentina), May–June 1998: Ely Quispe and Eduardo Molina, Tres Hitos Historicos de la Clase Obrera Boliviana; Los Trotskistas y la 2da Guerra, interview with Al Richardson.

Informations ouvrières, 10 June 1998: Pierre Lambert, Marcel Beaufrère, recalling French Trotskyist hero in the Second World War.

Sunday Times, 28 June 1998: Atticus Taki, Orwell Right to See Red.

World Revolution, June 1998: The Independent Labour Party and the Pressure of Reformism.

Workers Action, June-July 1998: Jonathan Joseph, The Communist Manifesto.

International Review, Spring 1998: K.R., 1848: The Communist Manifesto is an Indispensable Compass for the Future of Humanity; C.D.W., 1918: The Programme of the German Workers Party; D.V., The March Action: The Danger of Petit-Bourgeois Impatience.

Workers International Press, Spring 1998: And the Scores Have Not Been Settled Yet, debate in Marx House on Alison Macleod’s The Death of Uncle Joe; Peter Fryer, A WorkersPaper and an Evasive Historian, Eric Hobsbawm in 1956.

Impact (Sri Lanka), June–July 1998: T. Perera, Stormy British Petrel in the Tea Garden, the Bracegirdle affair.

Trotskyist International, June–December 1998: Dave Stockton, Trotskyism: The Turn to the Masses, the ‘French Turn’.

Guardian, 1 July 1998: Mark Steel, Homage to Old George, Orwell and the Spanish Civil War.

Informations ouvrières, 8 July 1998: Nicole Bossut, 1848: La première guerre civile ouverte entre bourgeoisie et prolétariat.

Camden New Journal, 16 July 1998: Selwyn Evans, Parade Tribute to Spanish Brigaders.

Weekly Worker, 16 July 1998: The Enemy at Home, police raid the Socialist Labour Party, from The Call, 18 July 1918.

Guardian, 30 July 1998: Richard Norton-Taylor, MI5 Holds 500,000 Files on Individuals, Lenin, Trotsky, de Valera, Vanessa Redgrave ...

Rouge, 30 July 1998: Christian Piquet, Les Journées de 1848; Daniel Bensaid, L’actual encore actif du Manifeste Communiste.

The Times, 6 August 1998: Some Socialist Fallacies, George Bernard Shaw speaks to an Independent Labour Party summer school on Marx, Jimmy Maxton and Ramsay MacDonald, from 6 August 1929 issue.

Guardian, 11 August 1998: Paul Foot, How Gus Has Changed, Gus MacDonald and the Glasgow revolutionary left. See also letter from Kay Carmichael in 12 August issue.

Independent, 19 August 1998: Eric Hobsbawm, I Was Writing for the Revolution, happy days in the Third Period.

Times Literary Supplement, 21 August 1998: Dan Jacobson, The Invention of Orwell; Robert Conquest, In Celia’s Office: Orwell and the Cold War.

The Island, (Sri Lanka), 23 August 1998: Gamini Seneviratne, N.M. Flushed Out “Black Money”, a planned monument for N.M. Perera.

Daily News (Sri Lanka), 30 August 1998: Roshan Peiris, Second Class Servants of Capitalists, Bala Tampoe interviewed on the history of the Lanka Sama Samaja Party.

Guardian, 23 September 1998: Ian Aitkin, Bloodless Brothers, how his Stalinist dad fought in the Spanish Civil War.

Socialist Outlook, September 1998: John Lister, The Strategy of Permanent Revolution.

Workers Liberty, September 1998: Alan Johnson, The “Other Trotskyists” and Palestine; Hal Draper, A Matter of Terminological Taste, a review of Tony Cliff’s Russia: A Marxist Analysis, from 1964.

New Interventions, Summer 1998: John Newsinger, George Orwell and the Revolutionary Left; Paul Flewers, Orwell’s List.

Socialist Outlook, Summer 1998: John Lister, Key Lessons from 1848.

Rouge, 8 October 1998: Daniel Bensaid, La Ivè Internationale à 60 ans.

Guardian, 10 October 1998: Richard Norton-Taylor, Disclosures of British SpiesPlot to Kill Lenin Fuels MI6 Demands to Keep Papers Secret.

Socialist Review, October 1998: Andy Durgan, Asturias, 4 October 1934, the Asturian Commune.

Workers Action, October 1998: Charlie Longford, Restating the United Front.

Workers Power, October 1998: Paul Morris, Rebel Without a Theory, George Orwell as a centrist; Max Wilson, Why We Need a Revolutionary Party.

Workers Liberty, October–November 1998: James D Young, The Faith of a Scots Internationalist, John MacLean; Max Shachtman, The Last Hours of the Condemned Men; The Life and Death of Henk Sneevliet, from 1950; Sean Matgamna, Hal Draper and Israel.

Le Monde, 2 November 1998: Michel Lefebvre, Le Retrait des brigades internationales; De Moscou à Salamanque, des archives très convolutées, copies of International Brigade archives going to Spain.

Socialist Outlook, November 1998: Frank Wainwright, Back to the Future, a call for the establishment of a body to do what Socialist Platform has been doing for a decade or more.

Socialist Review, November 1998: Dave Renton, The History Woman, friendly appraisal of Stalinist historian Dona Torr.

Rouge, 3 December 1998: Eric Lafon, Qui marche dans la nuit ne sait où il va, the history of expulsions from the French Communist Party.

Independent, 5 December 1998: Days Like These, extracts from Luxemburg’s prison letters.

Rouge, 10 December 1998: Patrick Tamerlan, Il ya 80 ans, en Alsace, la Révolution, how the German revolution hit Alsace.

Daily News (Sri Lanka), 30 December 1998: Vickramabahu Karuharatne, NSSP at 19, the history of the Nava Sama Samaja Party.

Socialist Outlook, December 1998: Charlie Van Gelderen, Why We Were Right to Launch the Fourth International, a speech to the Fourth International youth rally in Denmark.

Radical Chains, no. 5, 1998: Jacob Lagnado, Julio Partocarrero and Peru, the life of a Peruvian Anarcho-Syndicalist; Albert Parsons and the Eight-Hour Day, a speech by a Haymarket Martyr.

What Next?, no. 8, 1998: John Archer, Entryism: Lessons from the 1930s; Bob Pitt, Red Flag over St Pancras, part 2.

What Next?, no. 9, 1998: Al Richardson, The Joy of Sects: Marx and Engels on Senile Leftism; Mike Jones, The Communist Manifesto, the United Front, the Labour Party and History; Jim Padmore, Marxism and the National Question in the Spanish State.

What Next?, no. 10, 1998: Hal Draper, Toward a New Beginning: On Another Road: The Alternative to the Micro-Sect, with an introduction by Ernie Haberkern; Bob Pitt, Red Flag over St Pancras, part 3.

What Next?, no. 11, 1998: Bob Pitt, The Transitional Programme and the Tasks of Marxists Today; Karl Marx and Jules Guesde, The Programme of the Parti Ouvrier; Allan Armstrong, All Hail the Scottish WorkersRepublic, remembering John MacLean.

New Interventions, Winter 1998–99: Mike Jones, Sixty Years of the Fourth International; Victor Serge, A New International, from Left, April 1944.

Workers Fight, Winter 1998–99: Al Richardson, Marxism in Our Time.

Rouge, 14 January 1999: Pierre Sylvain, D’espoirs en desillusions, la difficile suivre, trying to shake off the Castro cult.

Rouge, 21 January 1999: Michael Löwy, Rosa Luxemburg: Un Communisme pour la XXè siècle.

Informations ouvrières, 27 January 1999: Pierre Roy and Jacqueline Bois, Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht et la révolution Allemande.

Marxist Review, January 1999: Dave Lettuce, The German Revolution, 19181919.

Workers Liberty, January 1999: Max Shachtman, The Party We Need, from 1946.

Workers Power, January 1999: Lesley Day, They Died for the Working Class, Liebknecht and Luxemburg.

The Times, 4 February 1999: Michael Evans, MI6 “Did Not Write the Zinoviev Letter”. See also Louise Jury, Official: Zinoviev Letter was Forged, Independent, same date; Robin Cook, The Hidden Hand; Richard Norton-Taylor, Zinoviev Letter was Dirty Trick by MI6, Guardian, same date; David Turner, The Secret History that Lies Behind the Zinoviev Letter, in 5 February issue. Michael Evans, Son Names Man Who Leaked the Zinoviev Letter, The Times, 9 February; Paul Nicholson, Zinoviev Secret, Independent, 11 February; Robin Bruce-Lockhart, Zinoviev Letter, The Times, 18 February.

Independent, 31 January 1999: Robert Butler, Oscar Wilde, the Burghers of Calais and now Tom Paine, plans to erect a statue of Paine outside Parliament. See also R.W. Morrell and Eric Paine, Finding a Fitting Home for Thomas Paine, Guardian, 9 February.

Rouge, 4 February 1999: Laura L., “Disparus”, ces militants trotskysts des années 1930, interview with Gilles Bourdos, director of a film about Trotskyism in the 1930s.

International Viewpoint, February 1999: Livio Maitan, Sixty Years of Struggle, six decades of the Fourth International.

Marxist Review, February 1999: Ray Athow, The “National Question” and World Socialist Revolution.

Workers International Press, February 1999: Charlie Pottins, A Serious Dose of Glasnost, a proposal to deposit the Workers Revolutionary Party’s archives with a Stalinist collection.

Workers Liberty, February 1999: Karl Liebknecht, Not a Man, Not a Penny for this System; Class Struggle is the Slogan of the Day, a speech from 1913 and an article from the First World War; Stan Crooke, Germany 191819: The Revolution Betrayed.

Workers Power, February 1999: Alejandra Rios, Film and Freedom, interview with Ken Loach, from Estrategia Internacional (Argentina).

Socialist Appeal, March 1999: Leon Trotsky, Trotsky on the Crisis in the United States, letter dated 2 October 1934; William Gallacher, 1919: Revolution on the Clyde, extract from Revolt on the Clyde.

International Review, Spring 1999: Fabienne, 191819: The Proletarian Revolution Put an End to the Imperialist War; M.R., The Chinese Question (192040); The Communist Left Against the Treason of the Degenerated Communist International .

What Next?, no. 12, 1999: Harry Ratner, The Transitional Programme Reassessed; Paul Hampton, Workers Liberty and the Third Camp.

Paris 1968 Commemoration

Independent, 17 March 1998: James Maycock, Flower Powerless.

Guardian, 20 March 1998: Paul Webster, Light is Shed on France’s Dark Days, police files on 1968 opened.

The Times, 10 April 1998: Ben MacIntyre, Cuban Agents “Orchestrated Paris Uprising”, the silly season starts early.

Observer, 12 April 1998: Adam Sage, Withering Flowers of May 68.

Independent, 25 April 1998: Boyd Tonkin, Why New Labour is in Search of an Ideology, the impact of 1968.

Informations ouvrières, 6 May 1998: Gwenael G., Il y a 30 ans, mai 68. See also Du 13 Mai à la grève générale, in 13 May issue.

Rouge, 7 May 1998: Pierre Rousset, Quand étincelle met le feu à toute de plaine. See also his Du 14 au 24 Mai: Mai Si!, la grève générale, in 14 May issue; Christian Picquet, L’occasion manquée, in 21 May issue; Pierre Cours-Salies, Grenelle, ou les contradications de Mai 68, in 28 May issue; Mai 68-Mai 98, ce nétait bien qu’un debut, in 4 June issue; Christian Picquet, De Gaulle joue, gagne et trebuche, in 11 June issue.

Independent, 13 May 1998: John Lichfield, The Day the Dream of 1968 Died.

Socialist Outlook, May 1998: John Lister and Daniel Bensaid, Suddenly We Had a Real, Live General Strike.

International Viewpoint, June 1998: John Lister and Daniel Bensaid, 1968 in France.

Marxist Review, June 1998: Dave Lettuce, May-June 1968: French Revolution Betrayed.

Workers Action, June–July 1998: Al Richardson, 1968 Revisited.

Sunday Observer (Sri Lanka), 12 July 1998: Desmond Wickremasuriya, France 68: De Gaulle’s Government Survives Unprecedented Upsurge, from his pamphlet written in 1968.

Independent, 1 January 1999: Nick Schoon and Paul Lashmar, “Danny the Red” Targeted Wilson, Special Branch revelations about 1968.

New Pamphlets

Tony Atienza and Paul Preston, The Spanish Civil War: Historical Antecedents and Consequences, Socialist History Occasional Papers Series, no 7, £1.50.

Craig Bowen, Indonesia: An Unfinished Revolution, Committee for a Workers International. Includes a lengthy chapter on the history of the Indonesian Communist Party.

Joseph Seymour, George Foster and Alan Wilde, Enlightenment Rationalism and the Origins of Marxism, Spartacist Pamphlets.

Workers Fight (International Communist Union), The Communist Parties in Western Europe: From the Revolutionary War to National Reformism, 70p.

Workers Fight (International Communist Union), France, May 1968, 70p.


Tariq Ali and Susan Watkins, 1968: Marching in the Streets: reviewed by Richard Gott, 1968: The Year of Living Hopefully, Independent, 25 April 1998; Brian MacArthur, Year That Changed Us, The Times, 30 April; Val Henessy, Why We Couldn’t Change the World, Daily Mail, 1 May; Sheila Rowbotham, Independent, 4 May.

Ang Cheng Guan, Vietnamese Communists Relations with China and the Second Indochina Conflict, 195662: reviewed by Mike Driver, The Vietnamese Revolution (1956–1962), Marxist Review, December 1998.

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Bernard Soysa

As we noted in our last issue, Bernard Soysa, the last remaining founding member of the Lanka Sama Samaja Party, died on 30 December 1997. After going to press, we received a number of cuttings about him from the Sri Lankan press.

Daily News, 31 December 1997: Bernard Dead; Left Trade Unions Meet.

Midweek Mirror, 31 December 1997: Hussain Pakeer Sabo, Bernard Soysa, the Last of the Leftist Giants, Dies.

Daily News, 1 January 1998: Condolence Messages.

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Island, 4 January 1998: Sydney Wanasinghe, Bernard Soysa, 1914–1997; Comrade Bernard Laid to Rest.

Sunday Times, 4 January 1998: Roshan Peiris, A Leftist Legend.

Daily News, 5 January 1998: Gamani Corea, Bernard Soysa – A Humanist Politician.

Daily News, 6 January 1998: ROB Wijesekera, Bernard Soysa; Osmund Jayaratne, Bernard Soysa – Revolutionary and Humanist.

Meryl Fernando, Bernard Soysa: From Revolutionary Socialism to Parliamentary Democracy, first published in Revolutionary History, Volume 6, no. 4, was republished in the Sunday Observer and Sunday Island on 21 June 1998.

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