Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line: Revolutionary History, Vol. 7 No. 4

Reader’s Notes

Soviet Union and Stalinism

Links (Australia), September–December 1999: Norm Dixon, Marx, Engels and Lenin on the National Question. See also Malik Miah, A Critique of Norm Dixon’s Article “Marx, Engels and Lenin on the National Question”, in January–April 2000 issue.

What Next?, no. 15, 1999: Richard Stephenson, Stalinism Versus Revolutionary Socialism in Vietnam, from 1972.

Informations Ouvrières (France), 12 January 2000: Panaït Istrati, La democratie des soviets poignardée, an extract from 1929 on conditions in the Soviet Union.

Independent, 15 January 2000: Matthew Scott, A Symbolic Victory, Hoxha’s Albania.

Informations Ouvrières, 19 January 2000: Pierre Herbert, Une journée de Stalinisme ordinaire, visiting the Soviet Union with André Gide in 1936.

The Times, 28 January 2000: Simon Finch, Stalin Doesn’t Live Here Any More, revisionist histories of Stalin.

Independent, 30 January 2000: Vasili Mitrokhin, Helen Weinstein, Christopher Andrew and Oleg Gordievsky, Secrets and Lies, smuggling Mitrokhin’s archives to the West.

Evening Standard, 31 January 2000: Patrick Sawyer, Lenin’s London.

Marxist Review, January 2000: Leon Trotsky, Frank Wedekind: Aesthetics and Eroticism, from Der Neue Zeit, 14 February 1908.

Against the Current (USA), January–February 2000: Dave Linn and Susan Weissman, After Stalinism: An Exchange.

Socialist Appeal, January–February 2000: Esteban Volkov, Leon Trotsky: Marxist and Revolutionary.

Sunday Telegraph, 13 February 2000: Foreign Bodies: Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, Lenin’s mummy yet again. See also Final Exit for Lenin 76 Years After Dying, Daily Mail, 11 February.

Guardian, 15 February 2000: Dubček Death Not Foul Play, a dubious motor accident.

The Times, 23 February 2000: Stalin’s Grandson Out, Russian citizenship precludes him from standing for President of Georgia.

Workers Liberty, February 2000: Paul Hampton, Communism and Stalinism in Indonesia.

Workers Power, February 2000: Kate Foster, Lenin’s Last Fight.

Workers Action, February-March 2000: Theodor Draper, The Rôle of the Peasantry in the Cuban Revolution, introduced by Richard Price.

Guardian, 3 March 2000: Alan Travis, Why Trotsky was Denied Asylum. See also Paul Foot, Pinochet’s Lord and Lady, in 7 March issue; Richard Ford, Officials Spied on “Beastly Hippies”, The Times, 3 March; Asylum: Trotsky was Denied Entry Visa, Independent, same date; Andreas Whittam Smith, Would a Home Secretary Today Refuse Sanctuary to Trotsky?, in 6 March issue.

Socialist Worker, 11 March 2000: Alexandra Kollontai, How Do We Get Sexual Liberation?.

Sunday Telegraph, 12 March 2000: Simon Finch, The Jolly Uncle Who Destroyed Our Family, Stalin’s nephew and niece speak; Tom Robbins, Kremlin Papers Reveal Lenin the Head Banger.

Daily Telegraph, 14 March 2000: Nigel Reynolds, Darling Rasputin: Telegrams that Reveal Tsarina’s Love Affair with the Mad Monk.

Rouge (France), 23 March 2000: François Ollivier, L’histoire en début, the October Revolution.

The Times, 20 March 2000: Vanora Bennett, Kremlin Wives were Murdered, Raped, Imprisoned or Killed Themselves.

Workers Power, March 2000: John McKee, Bolsheviks and Elections, working in the Tsarist Duma.

Critique Communiste (France), Winter 2000: Michel Lequenne, Thèses sur la nature des états nomanklaturistes; Antione Artous, Trotsky et l’analyse de l’URSS; Ernest Mandel et la problématique des états ouvriers.

New Interventions, Winter 2000: Paul Flewers, Feminism or Socialism: The “Woman Question” in Late Imperial Russia; Esther Leslie, The Vanishing Commissar: Stalin’s Manipulation of Art and Photography; Alan Spence, Lenin on Cooperation.

International Review, First Quarter 2000: 1921: The Proletariat and the Transitional State; Understanding the Defeat of the Russian Revolution.

Guardian, 1 April 2000: Robert Service, The Real Order of Lenin.

Sunday Telegraph, 2 April 2000: Tony Paterson, Investigation Called into Death of “Stasi Radiation Victim”, suspected poisoning of Rudolf Bahro.

Independent, 10 April 2000: H. Silver, Sarah Mutton and Tadeusz Strachowski, Stalin’s Polish Victims. See also Stefan Jasinski, Poland Betrayed, in 12 April issue.

The Times, 17 April 2000: Michael Binyon, Scholar Comes in From the Cold, a profile of Roy Medvedev.

The Times, 24 April 2000: Alice Lagnado, Lenin Fades From Russian Memory.

Revolutionary Democracy (India), April 2000: David Alfaro Siquerios, The Assault on the House of Leon Trotsky.

Guardian, 8 May 2000: Stalin Statue Back in Georgia, Khrushchev’s removal of it in vain.

Independent, 8 May 2000: Vesna Perić Zimanjić, Tito’s “Human Face” is Nowhere to be Seen, Tito’s legacy. See also Tito Remembered With Tears, in 5 May issue.

The Times, 11 May 2000: Giles Whittell, Grandson Opposes Stalin’s Reburial.

Guardian, 17 May 2000: Kate Connolly, “Communist Spy File” of Ex-Dissident Minister, Jan Kavan accused of being a spy for Czech security organs.

Informations Ouvrières, 17 May 2000: André Breton, Denonce les Procès de Moscou (1936–1938), speech from January 1937 against the Moscow Trials.

The Times, 30 May 2000: Giles Whittell, Stalin’s Butcher Fails to Win Absolutism, Sadist with Few Historic Rivals, the Russian military court refuses to rehabilitate Beria. See also Beria “Victim Not Villain”, Guardian, 24 May; Amelia Gentleman, Russia Refuses to Clear Stalin Aide, Guardian, 30 May.

Socialist Appeal, May 2000: Fred Weston, What Is the Theory of Permanent Revolution?

Observer, 4 June 2000: Amelia Gentleman, Holy Russia Resurrects the Tsarist Myth.

Daily Telegraph, 18 June 2000: Damien McElroy, Writers’ Dispute Calls Up the Ghosts of Mao’s Revolution, the Cultural Revolution recalled.

Independent, 21 June 2000: Gin Palace Fetches $750,000, Tito’s yacht sold.

Weekly Worker, 20 July 2000: Jack Conrad, Land and Bolshevism, part 1; parts 2, 3 and 4 in 27 July, 3 and 24 August issues, resurrecting Stalinist two-stage theories.

International Socialism, Spring 2000: Megan Trudell, The Russian Civil War: A Marxist Analysis.

Socialism Today, July-–August 2000: Peter Taaffe, Trotsky’s Relevance Today; Lynn Walsh, The Assassination of Trotsky; Laurence Coates, Trotsky in “Socialist Norway”.

Informations Ouvrières, 9 August 2000: CCI, Saluer les combattants des luttes passés, c’est contribuer à assurer la continuité de l’action de la class ouvrière pour son emancipation, in memory of Trotsky and Lev Sedov.

The Times, 12 August 2000: Ruth Gledhill, Is the Tsar a Saint Too Far?, controversy rages over Nicholas the Last. See also Alice Lagnada, Last Tsar to be Canonised, in 14 August issue; Ian Traynor, Russia Makes Saints of its Imperial Martyrs, Guardian, 15 August; Tsar to be a Saint, The Times, same date; Anne Penketh, Russia’s Last Tsar Canonised as an Orthodox Martyr, Independent, same date; Giles Whittell, Tsar Canonised Amid Fears of Anti-Semitism, The Times, 21 August 2000.

Guardian, 19 August 2000: Lindsay Baker, A Revolutionary Eye, dignifying Stalinist gangster’s moll Tina Modotti.

Informations Ouvrières, 23 August 2000: Yves Dechezelles, La Place occupée Trotsky existe au-delà de ceux qui s’en réclament directement; CCI, Le Figaro s’en prend programme énoncé par Trotsky, toujours actuel, Trotsky’s place in history.

Weekly Worker, 24 August 2000: Sean Matgamna, Paul Hampton, Mark Fischer and John Bridge, Mapping Our Tradition, discussing the history of Stalinism.

Rouge, 27 August 2000: Daniel Bensaid, Un Passeur du siècle, the significance of Trotsky.

The Times, 29 August 2000: Benedict Nightingale, Shaw – And a Lesson in Evil, George Bernard Shaw’s admiration for Stalin.

Informations Ouvrières, 30 August 2000: Il y a 60 ans, Léon Trotsky tombait sous les coups d’un agent du Guépéou.

Rouge, 31 August 2000: Alain Mathieu, Esteban Sieva Volkov, Petit-Fils de Trotsky, an interview with Volkov.

Weekly Worker, 31 August 2000: David Moran, Childish, Lenin and Trotsky in 1917.

Estrategia (Argentina), August 2000: Christian Castillo and Emilio Albamonte, Imperialismo y degradacion de la democracia buguesa; Paolo Casciola, La Estrategia y la táctica revolucionaria en los países atrasados; Pierre Broué, Lucha por la historia, lucha por la revolución; Al Richardson, Un clásico olvidado: La historia de la revolución rusa hasta Brest-Litovsk de Léon Trotsky; Hillel Ticktin, Trotsky el mas dialéctico de los pensadores marxistas; Luis Vitale, Hacia el enriquecimiento de la teoría del desarrollo desigual y combinado de Trotsky.

Socialist Appeal, August 2000: Alan Woods, In Memory of Leon Trotsky. See also Hazel Croft, Sixty Years Since Leon Trotsky’s Murder, Socialist Worker, 19 August.

Observer, 3 September 2000: Jonathan Spence, Mao, a brief look.

Weekly Worker, 14 September 2000: David Walters, Comintern, Lenin, Trotsky and Permanent Revolution.

Action for Solidarity, 22 September 2000: Mark Osborne, The Birth of Polish Solidarity. See also Jan Malewski, Une révolution brisée et dévoyée, Rouge, 21 September.

Socialist Appeal, September 2000: Leon Trotsky, I Cannot Be In Stalin’s Place, three interviews from the News Chronicle, March 1940.

Workers Action, September–October 2000: Jonathan Joseph, Trotsky, Strategy and Hegemony; Richard Price, Victor Serge and the Liberation of France; Victor Serge, French Perspectives, 1945, from Partisan Review, Spring 1945.

Workers Liberty, September–October 2000: David Riazanov, Politics, Polemic and Marxism.

Lobster, Summer 2000: Mike Jones, letter on Cambridge University and Soviet spies.

New Interventions, Summer 2000: Ian Birchall, Victor Serge: Bolshevism and Anti-Stalinism.

Informations Ouvrières, Vladimir Dedidjer, Yougoslavie 1948: rupture entre Staline et Tito.

Guardian, 21 October 2000: Gertje Rutley, Blurring the Party Line, Picasso and the Stalin Cult.

The Times, 25 October 2000: Insurrection in Budapest, from 25 October 1956 issue.

The Times, 30 October 2000; Oliver August, China Claims Marx as Prophet of Globalisation.

The Times, 31 October 2000; Michael Binyon, Failed by the King, George V’s failure to rescue the Tsar.

Marxist Review, October 2000; Boris Kornienko, The Importance of Trotsky’s Revolution Betrayed; Jim Graham, Lenin’s Struggle for Dialectical Materialism.

Workers Vanguard (USA), 3 November 2000: Whither China?, interesting historical details.

Cuba Si, Autumn 2000: Gary Tennant, Cuba’s Heroes: Julio Antonio Mella: Audacious Student Leader.

International Review, Autumn 2000: C.D.W., 1924–28: Thermidor of Stalinist State Capitalism.

Labour Movement

Trotskyist International, July-–December 1999: Dave Stockton, The International Left Opposition, 1928–33: Forging an International Leadership.

Nethra (Sri Lanka), October 1999–March 2000: Regi Siriwardena, The Bracegirdle Affair in Retrospect.

Informations Ouvrières, 22 December 1999: Pierre Lambert, Sois fidèle à ce que tu penses, combats et organise-toi librement pour cela, the events of his life.

Journal of European Studies, Volume 29, no. 4, 1999: Ian Birchall, Neither Washington or Moscow: The Rise and Fall of the Rassemblement Démocratique Révolutionnaire.

What Next?, no. 15, 1999: Andrés Nin, Bloc, Party or Organisation of Sympathisers?, from Comunismo, January 1932.

Workers Vanguard, 14 January 2000: Helene Brozius, Mobilizing Labor Against the Fascists – 1939–1999; James Burnham, Break with the Democrats! Build a Workers Party, from 1937.

Socialist Appeal, January–February 2000: Barbara Humphreys, How the Labour Party was Formed. See also Christine Thomas, Labour’s One-Hundredth Anniversary: How a New Workers Party was Formed, Socialism Today, February 2000; When Workers Broke with Liberalism, Action for Solidarity, 25 February; Hassan Mahamdallie, Centenary of Founding of Labour Party, Socialist Worker, 26 February; Chris Harman, Labour’s Splits; Past and Present, Socialist Worker, 18 March.

Socialist Democracy, January–February 2000: Phil Hearse, Permanent Revolution Today, a polemic with Doug Lorrimer.

Socialist Worker, 12 February 2000: Kevin Ovenden, History of Austrian Anti-Fascism.

Informations Ouvrières, 16 February 2000: Nicole Bossut and François Péricard, La Journée internationale des femmes, the Second International’s fight for women’s rights.

Independent, 24 February 2000: Roy Hattersley, The Rebels Who Lost Their Cause, the foundation of the Labour Party; Claudia Joseph, Revealed: The Secret Philandering Ways of a Labour Party Icon, Ben Tillett exposed as a notorious rake. See also Ben Gray, A Labour Hero, in 29 February issue, Tillett’s great-grandson defends his memory.

Marxist Review, February 2000: Ray Athow, Trotskyism in the United States, part 1; parts 2 and 3 in March and April issues.

Politics Review, February 2000: John Callaghan, The Rise and Decline of the Trotskyist Left in Britain.

Workers International Press, February 2000: Fury over Liebknecht-Luxemburg Ban, the annual commemoration banned.

Weekly Worker, 30 March 2000: Phil Watson, Debating CPGB History, more nonsense on British Stalinist history. See also Phil Sharpe, CPGB History, and Barry Biddulph, Straw Trotsky, in 6 April issue, and Watson’s reply, CPGB History, in 20 April issue.

Guardian, 5 April 2000: Rory Carroll, Darling of Italy’s Left “Spied for Mussolini”, Ignazio Silone accused of being an agent.

Informations Ouvrières, 12 April 2000: Marc Bernard, 12 Février 1934: Unité! Unité d’action!, from his book Les journées ouvrières des 9 et 12 Février 1934.

Informations Ouvrières, 19 April 2000: La Grève générale de Juin 1936. See also Front Populaire: six points de vue, in 26 April issue.

Marxist Review, April 2000: Dave Wiltshire, Social Reform or Revolution?, a look at Luxemburg’s pamphlet.

Socialist Worker, 6 May 2000: Hazel Croft, Joe Hill.

Weekly Worker, 11 May 2000: Ian Donovan, Fascism: How to Fight It.

Informations Ouvrières, 24 May 2000: Jean Malaquais, Mai 1940: de nouveau la guerre, Malaquais war diary, 10 May–25 October 1940.

Socialist Appeal, May 2000: Barbara Humphries, The Jolly George Incident, May 1920.

Socialist Review, May 2000: Sabby Sagall, When Unity is Strength, the united front as a non-aggression pact between small groups.

Observer, 4 June 2000: Helena Smith, Mandolin Man Changes his Tune as Cameras Roll, controversy over atrocity allegations against Greek Stalinists. See also Sylvia Rose and Jeremy Henderson, Greek Tragedy in de Bernière’s Book, Observer, 11 June.

Informations Ouvrières, 7 June 2000: J.P. Madji-Lazaro, En 1941, la “grève” des 100,000 soulever les mineurs du Nord-Pas-de-Calais, miners strike of 1941.

International Review, Second Quarter 2000: Anti-Fascism: A Formula for Confusion, from Bilan, May 1934; 1922: The Communist Fractions Against the Rise of Counter-Revolution; Correspondence Between Bordiga and Trotsky on the German Revolution, from 1926; Council Communists and the War in Spain.

Prométhée (France), Second Quarter 2000: Émile Fabrol, La Fondation du PCF (1914–1923); Vallaint Coutourier, La Crise du PCF, from Clarté, 1 December 1922; Rosa Luxemburg, Une Question de Tactique, on Millerandism; Albert Savani, La rôle du journal chez Lenine.

Informations Ouvrières, 12 July 2000: Gérard Suberville, La Résistance et la lutte de classes: Les Combats de l’action ouvrière de l’Herault, workers resistance to Vichy. See also Grégoire Madjarian, Les Comités ouvriers de la libération, in 19 July issue, for workers control in French factories in 1944, and Maurice Thorez’s addresse aux mineurs, à Waziers: “Au nom du comité central, il est impossible d’approver la moindre grêve”, in 26 July issue, for Thorez’s strike-breaking speech of 21 July 1945.

Socialist Worker, 15 July 2000: The Mexican Revolution, 1910–1917.

Socialist Appeal, July 2000: Steve Reynolds, The Founding of the British Communist Party.

Socialist Worker, 9 September 2000: Occupation of the Factories: Italy 1920.

Socialist Worker, 16 September 2000: Kevin Ovenden, Marxism and Anarchism.

Workers Vanguard, 22 September 2000: Marxist Politics or Unprincipled Combinationism?, a critique of the Tamiment conference on Trotskyism and a plug for the Prometheus reprint of a document by Max Shachtman from 1936.

Rouge, 28 September 2000: Jean-Guillaume Lanaque, Une histoire des mouvements révolutionnaires, a new journal of Trotskyist history, Bulletin de Liason des Études sur les mouvements révolutionnaires (see Revolutionary History, Volume 7, no. 3, p. 305).

International Socialism, Summer 2000: Mark O’Brien, Socialists and the Origins of Labour; Judy Cox, Skinning a Live Tiger Paw by Paw: Reform, Revolution and Labour.

Informations Ouvrières, October 2000: Informations Ouvrières fête ses 2000 numéros, special issue with reprints of past issues from 1958.

Socialist Outlook, October 2000: Darren Williams, The Legacy of George Orwell.

World Revolution, October 2000: E.F., Spain 1936: The Myth of the Anarchist Collectives.

International Review, Autumn 2000: Mitchell, Crises and Cycles in the Economy of Dying Capitalism, from Bilan, 1934; The Friends of Durrutti: Lessons of an Incomplete Break with Anarchism.

What Next?, no. 16, 2000: Dave Renton, Karl Korsch.

Hector Abhayawardhana (ed.), N.M.’s Statement from the Dock after Jail-Break and Re-Arrest: Imperialism on Trial, Letters from Prison, N.M. Perera Centre Publication, 27 April 2000.

William Morris, How We Live And How We Might Live, speech from 1884, Socialist Party of Great Britain pamphlet, 2000.


Essex Jewish News, December 1999: Anthony Kerstein, Come In Bugsy Siegel, Your Number is Up!, Marx and Trotsky (and Milton Friedman!) chosen as the most influential Jews.

Independent, 6 February 2000: Alain de Bottom, A Good Idea from … Marx, the continuing relevance of Capital.

The Times, 23 February 2000: Roy Dean, Anarchist Prince, Kropotkin’s sojourn in Bromley (!).

The Times, 24 February 2000: State of a Nation, the demographic effects of the French Revolution, from 24 February 1877 issue.

The Times, 30 March 2000: Jason Cowley, What’s New? What’s Old, More Like, how Orwell and Rebecca West praised Franz Borkenau’s Spanish Cockpit.

News and Letters (USA), March 2000: Wang Roshui, Preface to Chinese Edition of Marxism and Freedom.

Independent, 8 April 2000: Linda Bank Downs, Work in Progress, Diego Rivera’s murals in Detroit.

Socialist Review, April 2000: John Molyneux, The Spithead Mutiny.

Workers Liberty, April 2000: Sylvia Pankhurst, The Forgotten Keir Hardie, from 1921; Paul Hampton, Why Does Cliff Traduce Shachtman?, the Bruno Rizzi saga continued.

Observer, 14 May 2000: Vanessa Thorpe, Aussie Tests on “Paine’s Skull”.

Independent, 17 May 2000: Paul Lashmar, No Prehistoric Giant Step for Man, But a Huge Insult to Cromwell, the Cerne Abbas Giant as a caricature of Cromwell, on Denzil Holles orders.

Independent, 27 May 2000: Nicola Byrne, Irish Town Split Over Cromwell’s Death Mask, ignorance wins over the truth in Drogheda. See also Christopher Walker, Cromwell Exhibition Angers Irish Town, The Times, 22 May.

Socialist Review, May 2000: Keith Flett, The Birth of Karl Marx.

Sunday Telegraph, 11 June 2000: Diana Preston, Latin Passions, the house where Diego Rivera entertained Trotsky and Breton.

Guardian, 23 June 2000: Richard Norton-Taylor, MI6 Destroyed Notes on “Red Letter” that Doomed First Labour Government, the Zinoviev Letter. See also correction in 26 June issue; Gavin Cordon, Documents Reveal the MI6 Cover-Up in Zinoviev Affair, Independent, 23 June.

Guardian, 30 June 2000: David Henke and Rob Evans, How Big Brother Used Orwell to Fight the Cold War.

Socialist Worker, 22 July 2000: Engels’ Socialism: Utopian and Scientific.

Guardian, 10 July 2000: Maev Kennedy, Radical Return: Tom Paine Remembered in Home Town. See also Corrections and Clarifications in 11 July issue.

Independent, 10 August 2000: Mark Steel, Still Hated by the Establishment After all These Years, Tom Paine.

Independent, 12 August 2000: Jennifer Miller, Alan Broad and R.J. Alliott, The Real Tom Paine.

The Times, 19 August 2000: Nigel Hawkes, Prehistoric Man “Was Very Old Left”, primitive communism and anthropology.

The Times, 26 August 2000: John Russell Taylor, William Morris and Textile Design.

Rouge, 21 September 2000: Paul Louis Thirard, Tony Moilin, a supporter of the Paris Commune shot in 1871, and author of Paris en l’an 2000.

Guardian, 30 September 2000: Ray Monk, Che and Bertie: The Real Story, extracts from his Bertrand Russell 1921–1970: The Ghost of Madness, with references to Pat Jordan, Ken Coates and Robin Blackburn.

News and Letters, September 2000: Raya Dunayevskaya, Marx’s Unchaining of the Dialectic; Kevin Anderson, On the One Hundredth Anniversary of His Birth: Erich Fromm’s Marxist Dimension.

Workers Liberty, September-October 2000: Fleur du Mal, Wither Blanqui?.

Guardian, 10 October 2000: Corrections and Clarifications, record screenings for Ken Loach’s Land and Freedom.

Action for Solidarity, 12 October 2000: Trotsky on the Internet, Pathfinder Press using copyright law to suppress Trotsky’s works on the Internet.

Independent, 22 October 2000: Jonathan Thompson, Nine out of 10 Ignorant about Civil War.

The Times, 23 October 2000: Search for Mass Spain Graves, victims of the Spanish Civil War.

Guardian, 10 November 2000: Ian Aitkin (ed.), Last of the Brigades, reminiscences of Stalinists from the Spanish Civil War.


Gilbert Achcar, The Legacy of Ernest Mandel: reviewed by Charlie Van Gelderen, Exploring the Work of Ernest Mandel, Socialist Outlook, Summer 2000; Alex Callinicos, Unquenched Spark, Times Literary Supplement, 18 August; Phil Sharpe, Ernest Assessment, Weekly Worker, 14 September.

Yodage Ranjith Amarasinghe, Revolutionary Idealism and Parliamentary Politics: A Study of Trotskyism in Sri Lanka: reviewed by Bob Pitt, First Full-Length Study of T-Group, Weekend Express (Sri Lanka), 20 January 2000; Al Richardson, Full Analysis of the Party’s Significance in the Country’s Overall Development, The Island (Sri Lanka), 3 May 2000; Bob Pitt, The Trotskyist Movement in Ceylon, Daily News (Sri Lanka), 20 January 2000, Island Review (Sri Lanka), January 2000, and What Next?, no. 15; Laksiri Fernando, A Book that Portrays Independence of the Left, Daily News, 21 December 1999.

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