Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line: Revolutionary History, Vol. 8 No. 2

Readers Notes

Soviet Union and Stalinism

Guardian, 8 May 2001: Michael McEvoy, After Orwell, Orwell on the corruption of Stalinism.

Weekly Worker, 24 May 2001: Maurice Bernal, In Praise of Stalin, Harpal Brar and Gulag socialism.

Independent, 26 May 2001: Saatchi Pays £18 400 for Lenin, a Czech bronze statue.

Sunday Times, 27 May 2001: J.D., Arena: Stalin – Red God.

Independent, 28 May 2001: Frederick Baker, Stalin: Revolutionary, Dictator, Grandfather, an interview with Stalin’s anti-Semitic grandson. See also From Alice Lagnado in Georgia, The Times, 2 June.

The Times, 1 June 2001: Giles Whittell, Hope for the Abandoned, a plan to resettle Gulag victims.

Sunday Telegraph, 10 June 2001: Oleg Gordievsky, Trotskyists are as Bad as Neo-Nazis, a Soviet defector stays true to his Stalinist training.

The Times, 14 June 2001: J. Jurgis, Remember the Gulag, the number of Latvians deported or murdered by Stalin.

The Times, 20 June 2001: Giles Whittell, Solzhenitsyn Hits Back Over Claims of Anti-Semitism, questioning his treatment of Bolshevism.

Guardian, 21 June 2001: John Gittings, Modern China Marvels at Mao’s Modest Tastes, the eightieth anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party.

Weekly Worker, 21 June 2001: Stan Keable, What was the USSR?

Weekly Worker, 28 June 2001: Paul Flewers, Trotsky and Lenin’s Testament.

Workers Action, June–July 2001: George Grosz, A Visit to Russia, 1922.

Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library, Spring 2001: Jan Toporowski, Imperialism, With Special Reference to JA Hobson’s Influence on Lenin.

Spartacist, Spring 2001: Trotsky and the Left Opposition; A Trotskyist Critique of Germany 1923 and the Comintern, including a low-budget critique of Revolutionary History.

Independent, 1 July 2001: Nicholas Fearn, One By One They Fell to Bullets and Bayonets, the end of the Tsar; Calum MacLeod, China’s Ruling Party, 80 Today, Keeps Iron Grip.

The Times, 1 July 2001: Oliver August, Chinese Told Mao was a Capitalist.

The Times, 5 July 2001: Trotsky Held for Four Weeks, the intelligence background to Trotsky’s internment in Nova Scotia in 1917. See also Public Records and MI5 Detained Trotsky on Way to Revolution, Guardian, 5 July; Ian Thatcher, Trotsky Deal, Guardian, 6 July.

Observer, 8 July 2001: Stuart Jeffries, Did Stalin’s Killers Liquidate Walter Benjamin?.

Sunday Telegraph, 8 July 2001: Tony Paterson, East Germans “Begged Moscow to Send in the Tanks” in 1953.

Sunday Times, 8 July 2001: Stephanie Clark, Stalin’s Final Folly, an attempt to build a tunnel between Sakhalin and the mainland; Mark Francetti, Stalin Drew Cartoons of his Victims. See also Marcus Warren, Uncle Joe Liked a Good Joke, Sunday Telegraph, same date.

The Times, 10 August 2001: Unemployed and Undesirable, the social consequences of the Second Five Year Plan, from 10 August 1933 issue.

Sunday Times, 12 August 2001: York Membery, Double Agent May Have Sent Ace of Spies to his Death, Orlov’s debriefing sheds new light on the fate of Sidney Reilly.

The Times, 14 August 2001: Giles Whittell, Imprisoned by a Soviet Past, the legacy of Stalinism in Russia.

Weekly Worker, 23 August 2001: Iain McKay, Anarchists Against Leninism.

Independent, 29 August 2001: Daria Merkushara, A True English Gentleman Looks Back on Life in Stalin’s Camps, Joseph Glazer describing how his father was purged for ‘looking strangely’ at Stalin.

Action for Solidarity, August 2001: Dan Katz, Lenin and Democracy; John Buckell, The Right Lessons, an attack on Trotsky’s defence of workers’ dictatorship.

Frontline, August 2001: Alexander Podsheldolkin, New Light on the Origins of the Stalinist Bureaucracy, from the Revolutionary History website.

Rouge, 6 September 2001: Jean-Michel Krivine, Il y a 30 ans disparaissait Monsieur K, Khrushchev and de-Stalinisation.

Weekly Worker, 13 September 2001: Eddie Ford, Intentions and Reality, anarchists and the Russian Revolution.

Weekly Worker, 20 September 2001: Andrew Flood, Non-Defence and Ron Allen, Non-Understanding, debating Makhno.

Guardian, 29 September 2001: Michael Pearson, Lenin’s Lieutenant, Inessa Armand.

International Review, Summer 2001: CDW, Unravelling the Russian Enigma, 1926–36, disputes amongst oppositionists over the nature of Stalinism; The Dutch Internationalist Communist Group and the Question of the USSR, from Räte Korrespondenz in 1937.

Independent, 8 October 2001: R.M. Langdon, Stalin’s Crime, the Katyn massacre.

Independent, 13 October 2001: Hugh O’Shaughnessy, On Track for the Russian Revolution, Lenin’s route to the Finland Station.

Informations Ouvrières, 17 October 2001: Jean-Jacques Marie, La faute à Lénine, on an historically inaccurate film on the October Revolution.

Independent, 20 October 2001: Fred Weir, Rest in Peace?, Lenin’s mummy.

Sunday Telegraph, 21 October 2001: It’s a Weird World, a Stalin theme park in Lithuania.

Workers Action, October–November 2001: F.F. Raskolnikov, The War in Afghanistan, from Labour Monthly, March 1929.

Weekly Worker, 1 November 2001: Phil Kent, Democracy and Anarchism, 1917–18, Bolshevism and anarchism.

Action for Solidarity, 9 November 2001: In Defence of “Terrorists”, Sean Matgamna introduces Trotsky’s For Grynzspan.

Guardian, 14 November 2001: Owen Bowcott, Stalin “Picked Philby for Plot to Kill Franco”. See also Joanna Bale, Stalin Recruited Kim Philby to Murder Franco, The Times, same date; Cahal Milimo, Kim Philby “Was Ordered by Stalin to Kill Franco”, Independent, same date.

Guardian, 27 November 2001: John Gittings, The Day Khrushchev and Chairman Mao Saw Red, the start of the Sino-Soviet Split.

Action for Solidarity, November 2001: Max Shachtman, The Life of Leon Trotsky, from 1958.

International Viewpoint, November 2001: Daniel Bensaid, Leninism in the Twenty-First Century.

World Socialist Website Review, November 2001–January 2002: David North, Towards a Reconsideration of Trotsky’s Legacy and His Place in the History of the Twentieth Century.

Guardian, 15 December 2001: John O’Mahoney, Russia’s Lost Tribe, the story of Birobidjan.

New Interventions, Autumn 2001: Phil Sharpe, Marx and Lenin and the Transition to Communism.

What Next?, no 19, 2001: Boris Souvarine, Stalin: How and Why?.

Hobgoblin, Winter 2001–02: Chris Ford, Ukrainian Socialism: National Liberation and Social Revolution, the history up to 1914.

Informations Ouvrières, 2 January 2002: Christian Golfetto, Une Lettre des Amis de Panaït Istrati, the Romanian anti-Stalinist writer.

Sunday Telegraph, 13 January 2002: Damien McElroy, Market Topples Mao’s Last Outpost, Henan’s Mao Park becomes a business park.

Marxist Review, January 2002: Boris Korienko and Viktor Borodyuk, Christian Rakovsky: Executed by Stalin 60 Years Ago.

Workers International Press, January 2002: Trotsky Speeches Newly Reprinted, a new edition of Europe and America.

Guardian, 2 February 2002: Stuart Jeffries, Watch With Big Brother, introducing a season of films that were banned by Stalinist regimes.

Weekly Worker, 28 February 2002: Martyn Hudson, Trotsky and the Thermidorian Chapter.

Marxist Review, February 2002: Dave Wiltshire, Lenin’s What Is To Be Done?: The Centenary; Gerry Healy, Leninism 58 Years On, from 1982.

Socialist Appeal, February 2002: Phil Mitchinson, The Left Opposition.

The Times, 2 March 2002: Richard Beeston, Russia Shies Away from Confronting Stalinist Horrors, problems involved in rehabilitating purge victims.

The Times, 9 March 2002: Richard Beeston, Stalin Jailed Envoy Dedicated to Churchill, Maisky jailed in 1951.

The Times, 16 March 2002: Abdication of the Tsar, from 16 March 1917 issue.

Marxist Review, March 2002: Colin McCartney, Bolshevism Versus Stalinism, the Soviet Union in the 1920s.

Labour Movement

Socialist Worker, 21 April 2001: Hazel Croft, Battling to Ban the Bomb, a history of CND.

Informations Ouvrières, 25 April 2001: Le No 13 des Cahiers du Mouvement Ouvrier vient de paraître, an interview with Jean-Jacques Marie.

Morning Star, 1 May 2001: Mike Squires, Realising Our Strength, the General Strike of 1926.

Guardian, 19 May 2001: Peter Davison, Orwell in Spain.

Weekly Worker, 17 May 2001: Hands Off Russia!, extracts from The Call, 29 August 1918 and 9 January 1919, and Workers Dreadnought, 25 October 1919.

Weekly Worker, 24 May 2001: Third International: The SLP and Moscow International, from the Socialist, 15 May 1919.

Informations Ouvrières, 16 May 2001: Oui, Vive la Commune de Paris, with a song by Eugène Pottier; Prague 1968: Printemps des “deux mille mots”.

Informations Ouvrières, 30 May 2001: Jean Juarès, Notre But, from L’Humanité, 18 April 1904; L’Échec de De Gaulle en 1969, Trotskyist interventions at a Force Ouvrière congress.

Weekly Worker, 31 May 2001: Overcoming Division, from The Call, 21 August 1919, and the Socialist, 25 March 1920.

Weekly Worker, 7 June 2001: Principle or Tactic?, the British Socialist Party replies to the Amsterdam International, from The Call, 13 May 1920.

Weekly Worker, 21 June 2001: articles by James Clunie from the Socialist, 3 June 1920; The National Organising Council, the founding the Communist Party of Great Britain, from Workers Dreadnought, 31 July 1920.

Marxist Review, June 2001: Richard Lugg, Internationalism and the Spanish Revolution.

World Socialist Website Review, April–June 2001: Sri Lanka: The Life and Legacy of Sirima Bandaranaike, the responsibility of the Lanka Sama Samaja Party.

Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library, Spring 2001: Robert Larrie, Newspapers of the 1926 General Strike.

Internationalism, May–June 2001: Jerry Grevin, The Political Misconceptions of De Leonism.

Weekly Worker, 5 July 2001: Lenin for Unity, from The Call, 22 July 1920.

Guardian, 7 July 2001: Paul Laity, The Left’s Ace of Clubs, an extract from his introduction to The Left Book Club: An Anthology.

Weekly Worker, 12 July 2001: The Passing of the Communist Unity Group, from the Socialist, 12 August 1920.

Guardian, 14 July 2001: David Lewis, Political Club, a Stalinist attempt to claim credit for Labour’s victory in 1945.

Weekly Worker, 2 August 2001: Inkpin Speaks, Albert Inkpin’s report to the Communist Unity Convention.

Weekly Worker, 23 August 2001: Tom Bell, speech on parliamentary action at the CPGB’s founding conference. See also Parliamentary Debate: The Amendments, the debate at the founding of the CPGB, in 6 September issue; Hodgson on Affiliation in 13 September issue; Against Affiliation in 20 September issue; Labour Party Affiliation: For and Against in 27 September issue; Arthur MacManus, The Task Awaiting the CPGB and Impressions of the Conference, from the Communist, 5 August 1920, in 4 October issue.

Rouge, 20 September 2001: La Négociation, été 1940: crise du PCF, French Stalinists negotiating with the Nazis to publish L’Humanité.

Guardian, 27 September 2001: Karen Blick Writes, the late Peter Shore’s support for Solidarność.

Action for Solidarity, September 2001: Socialist Worker, Trotsky and Terrorism.

Internationalist, Summer 2001: The Fight for Trotskyism in Palestine, from Fourth International, May 1948.

The Raven, Summer 2001: a collection of anarchist material, including George Woodcock, The Anarchists who Returned; Emma Goldman, The Forces that Crushed the Revolution; John Doheny, The Spanish Anarchists.

Weekly Worker, 11 October 2001: Tragedy of Sylvia Pankhurst: Beyond Sectarianism.

Guardian, 18 October 2001: Michael Portillo, Blood of Spain; David Archibald, Death of a Dream, the Spanish Civil War exhibition at the Imperial War Museum. See also Al Richardson, Half-Truths and Evasions, Workers Action, December 2001; Richard Cock, The Artists Drawn to the Cause, Independent, 24 October.

Weekly Worker, 18 October 2001: Defending Socialism, opposing the Allied blockade, from the Communist, 1 August 1920; Ian Donovan, Capital and the Ruination of Land, looking at Kautsky’s The Agrarian Question.

Independent, 20 October 2001: Caroline Virr, Hannah Paterson and Simon Calder, Spanish Civil War Journeys, the odysseys of Orwell, Cornford and the POUM.

Independent, 23 October 2001: Brian Crozier, Guernica Myths, a revisionist account of the Spanish Civil War; see also his Who Blew Up Guernica? in 27 October issue.

Weekly Worker, 25 October 2001: The CPGB and the Miners, from the Communist, 9 September and 7 October 1920.

Weekly Worker, 1 November 2001: Mobilising the Unemployed, from the Communist, 7 October and 9 December 1920.

Guardian, 3 November 2001: Carlo Feltrinelli, Comrade Millionaire, how the Italian socialist publisher obtained the manuscript of Dr Zhivago. See also Gaby Wood, My Father, the Literary Bomber, Observer, 18 November; David Forgacs, Accidental Death of a Playboy Revolutionary, Independent, 21 December.

Independent, 4 November 2001: Elizabeth Nash, Madrid Stories, a Spanish Civil War reunion.

Weekly Worker, 8 November 2001: Women and the Revolution, from the Communist, 9 July 1921.

Action for Solidarity, 9 November 2001: Sean Matgamna, Lessons from the Vietnam Solidarity Campaign.

Socialist Worker, 10 November 2001: Karl Liebknecht: Jailed in 1916 for Saying Down with the War … and Freed by Revolution Two Years Later.

Weekly Worker, 15 November 2001: Affiliation Rejected, the CPGB’s reply to the rejection of its request to affiliate to the Labour Party, from the Communist, 11 and 30 September 1920.

The Times, 17 November 2001: Kate Muir, Fraught and Social, the Marx Memorial Library.

Weekly Worker, 22 November 2001: CPGB Supports Irish Liberation: Communists and Ireland, from the Communist, 25 November 1920; Alberto Fernández, Socialism and Esperanto.

Rouge, 29 November 2001: PV, Internationale, problems of the Fourth International; Richard Greeman, Autour de Victor Serge, publishing Serge’s works in Russia and France.

Scottish Socialist Voice, 30 November 2001: Dave Sherry and Gerry Cairns, A Working-Class Hero, John Maclean. See also James Connolly, Russia Kens John Maclean, in 18 January 2002 issue.

Weekly Worker, 6 December 2001: CPGB Mobilises Unemployed, from the Communist, 7 October and 9 December 1920; James Mallory, Reclaiming Maclean.

Weekly Worker, 13 December 2001: Heroic Struggle, Bob Stewart’s election address, from the Communist, 13 August 1921.

Sunday Observer (Sri Lanka), 30 December 2001: Edmund Samarakkody Commemoration. See also Meryl Fernando, Edmund Samarakkody: Shunned Power for Principles, The Island, 27 January 2002.

Marxist Review, December 2001: Ray Athow, Morning Star’s Distortions of the October Revolution: The Latest Rewrite from the “Stalin School of Falsification”.

The People (USA), December 2001: Debs’ Tribute to Daniel de Leon, from the Weekly People, 11 July 1916.

Workers Action, December 2001: Richard Price, Imperialist War and Revolutionary Defeatism.

New Interventions, Autumn 2001: J.J. Plant, Engels and Riots; James D. Young, Eric J. Hobsbawm.

Hobgoblin, Winter 2001–02: Raya Dunayevskaya, The Cuban Revolution: The Year After.

What Next?, no. 19, 2001: Martin Sullivan, Marxism and Rioting; Frederick Engels, Comments on an “Anti-Capitalist” Riot; Martin Sullivan, Michel Pablo and Entrism.

What Next?, no. 20, 2001: Mike Calvert, John Archer Memorial Meeting; Al Richardson, The Place of Trotskyism in the Logic of Marxism; Friedrich Engels, Beer Riots in Bavaria, from 1844; Brendan Docherty, James Connolly: His Life and Miracles; Y.S. Rassool, On the History of the Unity Movement; Matthew Willgress, Pablo, Healy and Political Strategy.

Workers Liberty, Volume 2, no. 1, 2001: Paul Hampton, China and Independent Working-Class Politics; Hal Draper, Lenin and the Myth of Revolutionary Defeatism; Paul Hampton, Tony Cliff and Max Shachtman; John Cunningham, We Need a Critical Appreciation of Benjamin; Susan Carlyle and Sean Matgamna, Sylvia Pankhurst and Democracy.

Observer, 6 January 2002: Fiona Maddocks, One Man Went to Mao …, a memorial gig for Cornelius Cardew, the Maoist ‘cat on the piano’ composer.

New Statesman, 7 January 2002: Terry Eagleton, Revolution by Candlelight, his misspent youth in the Trotskyist movement. See also Nicholas Wroe, High Priest of Lit Crit, Guardian, 2 February.

Weekly Worker, 10 January 2002: “Re-establishing” the Second International, the CPGB’s attack on the Labour Party in 1921; Iain McKay, No Authority, anarchism and Marxism.

Weekly Worker, 17 January 2002: National Liberation and Workers’ Revolution, from the Communist, 16 April 1921.

Weekly Worker, 24 January 2002: Communists Unite, from the Communist, 5 February 1921.

Marxist Review, January 2002: Ray Athow, The Fourth International and Its Place in History – An Outline.

Observer, 3 February 2002: Martin Bright, Angry Brigade’s Bomb Plot Apology and Look Back in Anger, Britain’s contribution to urban guerrillaism.

Freedom, 9 February 2002: Arron, Malatesta and the General Strike.

Informations Ouvrières, 13 February 2002: Jean-Charles Marquiset, En 1921 voit le jour le règlement du “Parti communiste, section française de l’Internationale Communiste”, the first extraordinary congress of the French Communist Party.

Sunday Telegraph, 24 March 2002: Tony Paterson, Rosa has Berlin Deeper in the Red, disapproval of a proposed statue of Luxemburg in Berlin.

Sunday Telegraph, 31 March 2002: Tony Paterson, Communists Face Trial for Crushing Prague Spring, old scores being settled with Jakeš and Lenart.

The People, April 2002: R. McLure, The Paterson Silk Workers’ Strikes of 1911–12.

Workers Action, March–April 2002: Richard Price, Palestinian Trotskyism and the Origins of the Israeli State, includes Against Partition from 1947 and Against the Stream from 1948.

Prométhée, Spring 2002: Programme du PCF par les Législatives de 1923, the PCF’s election programme for 1923.

What Next?, no. 21, 2002: Tan Malaka, Communism and Pan-Islamism, a speech to the Fourth Comintern Congress, 1922; Ian Birchall, Unpopular Fronts?; Mick Woods, The National Question: A Tricky Old Business; Norman Traub, From NEUM to UMSA: A Reply to Yousouf Rassool; Hervé Ducros, More on Lambertism.


Informations Ouvrières, 2 May 2001: Jean-Marc Schiappa, Oui, Vive la Commune de Paris!, part 4; part 5 in 9 May issue.

Guardian, 18 May 2001: Giles Tremlett, Postwar Fighters Against Franco Cleared at Last, rehabilitation of anti-Franco guerrillas who fought in Northern Spain.

Socialist Worker, 26 May 2001: Helen Shooter, War, Revolution and a Dead King, the English Civil War.

Sunday Telegraph, 27 May 2001: Antonia Frazer, Marie Antoinette: Enemy of the People.

The Times, 25 June 2001: Erica Wagner, Karl Marx: Spectre of a Trekkie.

Independent, 1 July 2001: Catherine Garvey, Viva Frida, Viva Mexico, Frida Kahlo again. See also Jo Tuckman, That Frida Feeling, Guardian, 30 August; Corrections and Clarifications, in 1 September issue.

Daily Mirror, 5 July 2001: Marx and Fencers, Marx’s youthful escapades.

Action for Solidarity, August 2001: Robert Morrell, More to Thomas Paine; Cathy Nugent, Who Were the Luddites?; Thomas Paine and the French Revolution in Britain.

News and Letters, August-September 2001: Raya Dunayevskaya, The Theory of Alienation: Marx’s Debt to Hegel.

Weekly Worker, 6 September 2001: Eddie Ford, Democracy or Anarchism, the ideas of Mikhail Bakunin. See also Phil Kent, Class Missing and Andrew Flood, Bakunin, in 13 September issue; Iain McKay, Abolish Authority in 11 October issue.

Socialist Worker, 8 September 2001: Hazel Croft, Who was Che?, the story of Che Guevara.

The Times, 29 September 2001: Peter Ackroyd, Clerkenwell Green Sells its Soul for a Glass of Chilled Chardonnay, the Marx House site to be redeveloped.

Action for Solidarity, 12 October 2001: Vicki Morris, Thinkers and Doers, Unite!, reporting on the Paris Marx Conference, 26–29 September.

Weekly Worker, 1 November 2001: Al Richardson, State, Religion and Exploitation, the Asiatic Mode of Production.

The Times, 11 December 2001: Address to the Labourers, a sermon to the Swing rioters, from 11 December 1830 issue.

Workers Action, December 2001: Frederick Engels, Afghanistan, from the New American Cyclopaedia.

New Interventions, Autumn 2001: Chris Gray, Bakunin’s Statism and Anarchy.

Hobgoblin, Winter 2001–02: Kevin Michaels, Marxism and Anarchism; Cyril Smith, Raya Dunayevskaya and “Dialectical Materialism”; Kevin Anderson, Aspects of Marx and the First International.

Guardian, 16 February 2002: Muriel Zagha, The Puritan Paradise, the artistic legacy of Cromwell’s rule.

Weekly Worker, 21 February 2002: Terry Liddle, Remembering Chartist History.

Guardian, 23 February 2002: Eric Hobsbawm, War and Peace, an overview of the last century and the prospects for this.

Times Literary Supplement, 15 March 2002: Peter Fryer, Marx and Gladstone, refuting an allegation that Marx misquoted Gladstone.

The People, April 2002: One of De Leon’s Best, a comment on his Two Pages from Roman History.

What Next?, no 21, 2002: Bernard Moss, The Eighteenth Brumaire as Disengagement from History: A Parody of the Old Mole.

Workers Liberty, Volume 2, no 2, 2002: Hal Draper, Marx, Engels and War.

New Pamphlets

Andrew Boyd, Jim Connell: Author of the Red Flag, available from Socialist History Society, 50 Elmfield Road, London SW17 8AL.

Rob Dawber, An Injury to One is an Injury to All, a collection of his writings, available from Workers Liberty, PO Box 823, London SE15 4NA.

Edmund Samarakkody Commemoration Committee, Edmund Samarakkody, 1912–1992, available from 8/1 Mudliyar Avenue, Kohuwala, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka 01-852757.

Friends of Durrutti, Towards a Fresh Revolution, available from Anarchist Communist Federation, 84b Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7QX.

Bill Hunter, The Roots of Marxism, looking at the Communist Manifesto, available from PO Box 9, Eccles, Salford M30 7FX.

International Communist League (Spartacist), Marxism vs Anarchism, available from PO Box 1041, London NW5 3EU.

Permanent Revolution: Battle-Cry of the Twenty-First Century, including a reply to Doug Lorrimer on Permanent Revolution and much more, available from PO Box 9, Eccles, Salford M30 7FX.

Workers Fight, 1926 General Strike: Its Relevance for the Future Struggle of the Working Class, available from BM Workers Fight, London WC1N 3XX.


Jacques Batmanian, Egyptian supporter of Trotskyism: Robert Clément, Jacques Batmanian, Informations Ouvrières, 2 January 2002.

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