Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line: Revolutionary History, Vol. 8 No. 3

Readers Notes

Soviet Union and Stalinism

The Times, 8 May 2002: Giles Whittell, How Mao Confided Wife Woes to US, Mao’s dissatisfaction with Jiang Qing during the Cultural Revolution.

Metro, 9 May 2002: Stalin Often Threw Sickies, skiving off sick as a tactic against his rivals, according to an MI5 report.

Weekly Worker, 9 May 2002: Jack Conrad, Lenin and the United States of Europe. See also Jack Conrad, Trotsky and the United States of Europe, in 23 May 2002 issue.

The Times, 27 May 2002: Nick Allen, Bodies Found at Site of Tsar’s Murder, those old bones again. See also Bridget Schneider, Imperial Bones, in 3 June 2002 issue.

Guardian, 13 June 2002: Tania Branigan, Stalin Was Their Darling, socialist realism.

The Times, 17 June 2002: Hungarian Leaders Executed, the execution of Imre Nagy, Pál Maléter and Miklós Gimes, from 17 June 1958 issue.

Weekly Worker, 17 June 2002: Mark Fischer, Divisions in the SWP Appear, how the Bolshevik party was run; Martyn Hudson, Dialectics of Defeat, the dilemma of ‘socialism or barbarism’.

Guardian, 22 June 2002: Johann Hari, Joseph’s Dream Coterie, a Stalin fan club in London.

Marxist Review, June 2002: William Westwell, The Commissar Vanishes, a video projection at the Royal Festival Hall from David King’s archives; Dave Wiltshire, National Liberation Struggle and the Marxist Movement: An Outline of Leon Trotsky’s Views on the Chinese Revolution.

News and Letters, June 2002: Bob McGuire, Wang Ruoshi Remembered, a memorial meeting for the dissident Chinese Marxist.

Guardian, 10 July 2002: Stuart Jeffries, Sing-along-a-Lenin, an opera about Lenin’s embalmer, no less.

The Times, 18 July 2002: Robin Shepherd, Stalin is Blamed for Mass Grave Concealed under Monastery, a monastery near Lvov, an NKVD centre in Stalin’s time.

Informations Ouvrières, 24 July 2002: H. Halphen, Hommage à Léon Trotsky, à Léon Sedov et à tous les militants du mouvement ouvrier victimes du Stalinisme, the annual commemoration of Leon Sedov’s death. See also Dominique Fevré, Sur la tombe de Léon Sedov, le 31 Aôut, à 10 heures, in 31 July and 13 August issues, and Samédi, 31 Aôut, un même hommage à Léon Trotsky, à Léon Sedov et à tous les militants ouvriers victimes du Stalinisme, in 28 August issue.

World Socialist Website Review, July–September 2002: David North, A Tribute to Vadim Rogovin, remembering the Russian historian of Stalin’s Terror.

Independent, 4 August 2002: Claudia Joseph, Why Paranoid Stalin Executed Russia’s Heroes of the Nazi Siege of Leningrad.

Daily Mail, 6 August 2002: Ian Bowes, High Priest of Marxism, Stalin at the seminary.

The Times, 10 August 2002: Robin Shepherd, Russia Ready to Rebury “White”, moves to convey Denikin’s body to Russia.

Independent, 12 August 2002: Daniel Howden, Lovers Move into Dictator’s Bunkers, a new use for Albania’s pillboxes.

Informations Ouvrières, 21 August 2002: Léon Sedov (1906–1938).

The Times, 4 September 2002: Louis de Robier, Daily Life, a French diplomat recalls American troops landing in Archangel, from 4 September 1918 issue.

Guardian, 5 September 2002: Garry Bushell (!), Saint Leon, Trotsky and Kronstadt.

Guardian, 7 September 2002: Owen Bowcott, How Fate and Stalin Finally Dealt the “Ace of Spies” a Losing Hand, the entrapment of Sidney Reilly. See also Andrew Cook, To Trap a Spy, Guardian, 7 October 2002.

Sunday Times, 15 September 2002: Mark Franchetti, Russians Discover Mass Grave of 30,000 Stalin Victims, at Rzhevsky, north of St Petersburg.

Marxist Review, September 2002: Chris Eames, Soviet Graphics, the David King poster exhibition at the Tate Modern.

International Review, Summer 2002: CDW, The Debate on “Proletarian Culture”, introducing Trotsky’s Literature and Revolution.

Informations Ouvrières, 16 October 2002: Porquoi commémorer Octobre 1917, looking at the October Revolution. See also Jean-Jacques Marie, Il y a 85 ans, la révolution Russe, in 22 October 2002 issue.

Weekly Worker, 24 October 2002: Jack Conrad, Dictatorship of the Proletariat: Bolshevism versus Kautskyism; Barry Biddulph, Which Road?, the seizing of power.

Weekly Worker, 31 October 2002: Jack Conrad, Preparing for Power; Phil Sharpe, Absurd, Marx, Engels and Lenin on the dictatorship of the proletariat.

Independent, 1 November 2002: Michael Tarm, Stalin Agent Found Guilty in Estonia, a GPU man who deported Estonians to Siberia. See also Nick Paton Walsh, Eight on Trial in Estonia for Stalin-Era Crimes, Guardian, 21 November 2002.

Weekly Worker, 21 November 2002: Barry Biddulph, Lenin Wrong, commenting on Lenin’s handling of the soviets in 1917.

Independent, 28 November 2002: Chris Gray, Churchill’s Bolshevik Cousin was Soviet Informer, Clare Sheridan, the famous sculptor.

The Times, 5 December 2002: Communist Aims of Dr Castro, Fidel Castro declares himself a communist, from 5 December 1962 issue.

The Times, 7 December 2002: Clem Cecil, Russian Children Given Taste of Communist Life, Russia’s first Gulag Museum.

Guardian, 20 December 2002: Nick Paton Walsh, Russia Prepares to Restore Romanovs, Nicholas II to be exonerated of his crimes. See also Tsar’s Family Ask for Official Vindication, Independent, 21 December 2002.

The Times, 26 December 2002: Ceaucescus Are Tried and Shot, from 26 December 1989 issue.

New Interventions, Winter 2002–03: Dave Renton, Anti-Fascist Theory Before Fascism?: Lenin and the Black Hundreds.

Revolutionary Perspectives, Winter 2002–03: Jock, Party and Class in the Revolutionary Wave of 1917–21.

Independent, 3 January 2003: Sarah Karush, Religion Replaces Lenin for Children of Russia.

Independent, 8 January 2003: Ben Ross, Decline and Fall, a park of Soviet-era statues in Budapest.

The Times, 18 January 2003: Robin Shepherd, Beria’s Terror Files are Opened.

Guardian, 25 January 2003: Nick Paton Walsh, Solzhenitsyn Breaks Last Taboo of the Revolution, the former dissident ends up blaming the Jews for Stalin’s Terror.

BBC History Magazine, January 2003: Catherine Elsworth, Collecting the Cultural Revolution, such bad taste tat from a country with a great cultural history.

Guardian, 13 February 2003: Philip Hall, My Grandfather the Revolutionary, an interview with Esteban Volkov.

Guardian, 15 February 2003: Andrew Broom, Scourge and Poet, the life of Robert Conquest.

Sunday Times, 16 February 2003: At Home with Leon Trotsky, at the Trotsky Museum in Coyoacan.

The Times, 6 February 2003: Robin Shepherd, Calls to Canonise Rasputin Threatens Russian Church Split, some things too much even for Russian Orthodoxy!

The Times, 27 February 2003: The Black Devils of Petrograd, how Trotsky saved Petrograd from Yudenich, from 27 February 1920 issue.

Marxist Review, February 2003: Ray Athow, A Tribute to Our Heroic Comrades: Early History of the Fourth International in Russia. Continued in March and April issues.

Workers Action, February–March 2003: Vsevolod Holubnychy, The Causes of the Famine of 1932–33, the Ukrainian famine.

Independent, 2 March 2003: Andy McSmith and Severin Carrell, Stalin Apologists Drink to the Memory of Uncle Joe. See also Ben Aris, Russians Remember Stalin With Pride, Daily Telegraph, 2 March 2003; Robin Shepherd, Stalin Still a Hero to Russians, The Times, 3 March 2003; Ben Aris, Life for Russians “Was Better in Time of Terror”, interviewing Stalin’s grandson, and Stalin’s Legacy, Daily Telegraph, 5 March 2003; Robert Conquest, Fifty Years After His Death, Stalin’s Reputation as a Ruthless Master of Deception Remains Intact, and Jonathan Freedland, Stalin Lives On, Guardian, 5 March 2003; Johann Hari, Stalin Died 50 Years Ago, But His Legacy Lives On, Independent, 5 March 2003; Alex McGrath and Ieva McDonald, Anniversary of Stalin’s Death Marked, The Times, 5 March 2003; Russia: Stalin’s Apologists Keep Flag Flying for Soviet Dictator, Independent, 6 March 2003; Clem Cecil, Die-Hard Stalin Supporters Still Seeing Red After 50 Years, The Times, 6 March 2003; James Pickett, Stalin’s Black Crimes, Daily Telegraph, 12 March 2003.

Sunday Telegraph, 2 March 2003: Tom Parfitt, Stalin’s Forgotten Victims Stuck in the Gulag.

Sunday Times, 2 March 2003: Iconoclasm of the Week, a new statue of Lenin with a mouse’s head (!?) to go up in Moscow.

Solidarity, 6 March 2003: Jean-Michel Krivine, 1953: A Year of Hope.

Weekly Worker, 6 March 2003: Jack Conrad, Stalin’s System of Terror.

The Times, 8 March 2003: J. Irelaw-Chapman, Christopher Whiteside, Gerard Walsh, Chas King, How Stalin Should Be Remembered.

Informations Ouvrières, 12 March 2003: Marika Kovacs, Lorsque Staline est mort, j’étais membre des Jeunesses communistes depuis sept ans, eyewitness account of the Hungarian Revolution.

Rouge, 13 March 2003: B.V., Trotskysme, preferring Our Political Tasks to What Is To Be Done?

Weekly Worker, 13 March 2003: Earl Gilman, Workers State?, reconsidering the Soviet Union.

The Times, 14 March 2003: Alexander II Killed by Assassin’s Bomb, from 14 March 1881 issue.

Informations Ouvrières, 19 March 2003: Jean-Jacques Marie, Staline, le Continateur de Lénine?, Stalin as counter-revolutionary.

Guardian, 21 March 2003: Ian Trayner, Czechs Learn Who Spied on Them, secret police informers publicly listed.

Socialism Today, March 2003: Christine Thomas, Socialism and Women’s Liberation, the life and ideas of Alexandra Kollontai.

Socialist Appeal, March 2003: Alan Woods, Fifty Years After the Death of a Tyrant, Stalin and Stalinism.

La Vérité, March 2003: Jean-Jacques Marie, L’actualité de la révolution russe d’octobre 1917.

Independent, 16 April 2003: Simon Calder, Deals of the Week, streets in Berlin still named after Luxemburg, Liebknecht and Thälmann.

Socialism Today, April–May 2003: Manny Thain, Stalin’s Shadow, looking at the press coverage of Stalin’s death.

Workers Action, April–May 2003: Alfred Rosmer, Trotsky in Paris During World War I.

World Socialist Website Review, April–June 2003: David North, A Reply on Rosa Luxemburg’s Attitude to Lenin, without reproducing the letter to which he is replying.

Observer, 4 May 2003: Askold Krushelnycky, Ukrainians Want Pro-Stalin Writer Stripped of Pulitzer, a campaign to defrock Walter Duranty.

Guardian, 24 May 2003: Nick Paton Walsh, Russian Editor Sacked for Attack on Stalin, old ways die hard.

Independent, 26 May 2003: Tony Paterson, Berlin Considers the Resurrection of a Granite Leader, possible re-erection of a Lenin statue.

Guardian, 7 June 2003: Richard Eyre, Monumental Follies, the fate of Stalinism’s monuments in Eastern Europe.

Guardian, 13 June 2003: Mongolians Find Mass Grave, Buddhist monks killed in the Great Terror.

Sunday Telegraph, 15 June 2003: Nigel West and Oleg Tsarev, Zinoviev Letter Was No MI6 Plot.

Socialist Worker, 21 June 2003: Ian Birchall, The Revolt that Shook Stalinism, the East Berlin Uprising of 1953. See also Jeevan Vasagar, Churchill “Betrayed East German Rising”, Guardian, 17 June 2003 – Churchill ‘betraying’ the workers?; Tony Patterson, Revolutionaries of the Forgotten Putsch Finally Get Their Dues, Independent, 18 June 2003; L’insurrection des ouvriers de Berlin-Est de Juin 1953, Informations Ouvrières, 18 June 2003.

Revolutionary Perspectives, Spring 2003: Jock, The Decline of the Russian Revolution and the Cult of the Party.

Guardian, 4 July 2003: Jonathan Rosenbaum, In Stalin’s Shadow, the Ukrainian film director Alexander Dovzhenko.

The Times, 17 June 2003: Roger Boyes, Swift Solution to Stasi’s Jigsaw Puzzle of Secrets. See also Stasi Will Be Outed, Daily Mirror, 7 July 2003; Ben Aris, Fresh Stasi Files Could Name German MPs, Guardian, 8 July 2003, CIA Files May Reveal 50,000 Stasi Spies, The Times, 9 July 2003.

The Times, 15 July 2003: Alan Hamilton, Prince Pays Visit to Remains of the Romanovs, those old bones again. See also Nick Paton Walsh, Memorial Fuels Row Over Tsar, Guardian, 15 July 2003; Clem Cecil, Russia “Repents” with Romanov Cathedral, and Alan Hamilton, Prince Helps to Preserve Ghosts of the Gulag, The Times, 17 July 2003.

Informations Ouvrières, 23 July 2003: Samedi 30 Aôut: hommage à Léon Sedov, à Léon Trotsky et à tous les militants de toutes tendances du mouvement ouvrier victimes du Stalinisme, the annual pilgrimage. See also Porquoi nous serons présent le 30 Aôut, in 6 August issue.

Weekly Worker, 24 July 2003: Geoff Smith, Lessons of History, the history of Trotskyism.

News and Letters, July 2003: Raya Dunayevskaya, The Myth of the Invincibility of Totalitarianism, the Vorkuta Strike of 1953.

Workers Power, July–August 2003: Andy Yorke, The Birth of Bolshevism.

Guardian, 1 August 2003: Nick Paton Walsh, Missed Me! Book Tells How John Wayne Survived Soviet Assassination.

Weekly Worker, 21 August 2003: Terry Liddle, New Ways; Bev Kantner, Dictatorship; Barry Biddulph, Too Centralist, discussing Lenin and democratic centralism.

History Today, September 2003: Antony Lockley, Propaganda and the First Cold War in North Russia, 1918–1919, Bolshevik and Allied propaganda.

New Interventions, Summer 2003: Albert Glotzer, Stalin’s Place in History, from New International, May–June 1953, with introduction by Paul Flewers.

Workers Action, Summer 2003: Nick Davies, Farewell to the Vanguard Party, Lenin and Bolshevism.

Labour Movement

Action for Solidarity, 30 April 2002: Vicki Morris, Why We Are Fighting, enthusing over Stalinist mythology in the Imperial War Museum exhibition on the Spanish Civil War.

The Times, 9 May 2002: Michael Evans, MI5 Warning about Cambridge Ring Agent was Ignored, James Klugmann’s antics, new evidence on the Arcos raid.

The Times, 27 May 2002: Richard Davy, Students in Revolt, from 27 May 1968 edition.

Socialist Outlook, May–June 2002: Jay Woolrich, André Breton and the Politics of Surrealism.

Rouge, 6 June 2002: Front Unique, the history of the united front.

Workers Action, June 2002: Richard Price, Bunting, Trotsky and the South African Revolution; Edward Roux, SP Bunting and the “Native Republic” in South Africa.

Informations Ouvrières, 3 and 10 July 2002: La CGT de 1910 se dressait contre les retraites par capitalisation, a great struggle by the French trade unions. See also Le Pillage de la caisse des invalides de la marine; Les Retraites à 65 ans sont des retraites pour les morts; Répartition Capitalisation: Les Origines; La Campagne d’une organisation syndicale indépendante; Jouhaux, Neil, Guesde, Jaurès: des positions différantes; L’intervention d’un délègué au Congrès Confédéral de 1910, in subsequent issues.

Socialist Appeal, July–August 2002: Barbara Humphries, The Tolpuddle Martyrs; Rob Sewell, Into the Whirlwind: Trotskyism in the 1930s.

The Times, 6 August 2002: The Strike Effect, railway and underground drivers, police and Yorkshire miners out, from 6 August 1919 issue.

Freedom, 10 August 2002: Diarmuid Fogarty, Sacco and Vanzetti: Murdered by the State; John Patten, Recollections of Albert, remembering Albert Meltzer; see also K.A.F., David Peers, John Pilgrim, Donald Rooum, A Closed Wound?, in 7 September 2002 issue.

Independent, 4 September 2002: David Aaronovitch, Was My Father Stupid to “Serve Stalin” for Five Years, a Blairite ponders his dad’s Stalin worship.

The Times, 17 September 2002: David Sharrock, Spain Confronts its Civil War Memories.

Guardian, 26 September 2002: Jack Jones, Sam Lesser and David Marshall, Franco Fund, a protest from the International Brigade Trust.

Workers Action, Summer 2002: Richard Price, Communists and the Labour Party, 1927–29: A Sense of Déjà Vu; Class Against Class, extracts from the Communist Party’s election programme from 1929.

Informations Ouvrières, 9 October 2002: Daniel Gluckstein, Entrisme: Mythes et Réalité, the history of French Trotskyism.

London Review of Books, 17 October 2002: Perry Anderson, Confronting Defeat: a thought-provoking assessment of Eric Hobsbawm’s Age of Revolution, Age of Capital, Age of Empire and Age of Extremes.

Rouge, 24 October 2002: Jean-Michel Krivine, Procès staliniens: Il y a 50 ans: L’affaire Marty-Tillon, the expulsion of Tillon and Marty from the French Communist Party in 1953.

Guardian, 29 October 2002: Giles Tremlett, Children Stolen by Franco Finally Learn the Truth, Republican children brought up in Catholic monasteries during the Spanish Civil War.

Rouge, 31 October 2002: Archives de luttes, a look at CERMTRI’s archive of revolutionary material.

News and Letters, October 2002: Raya Dunayevskaya, The Revolt of the Workers and the Plan of the Intellectuals, US SWP internal document, 5 June 1951.

Workers Vanguard, 15 November 2002: Dog Days: James P. Cannon vs. Max Shachtman in the Communist League of America, 1931–1933, introducing the Spartacist’s Dog Days collection.

The Times, 18 November 2002: David Sharrock, Graves Debate Could Reopen Civil War Pain, investigating the graves of those executed in Spain. See also Giles Tremlett, Spanish Civil War Comes Back to Life, Guardian, 8 March 2003; Helpers Enlisted to Find Franco Victims, Guardian, 10 March 2003.

Informations Ouvrières, 20 November 2002: François Livartovsky and Gérard Iltis, Les lettres d’aujordhui sont l’hommage aux combattants d’octobre, a study day on the Russian Revolution in Paris; François Péricard, Le CERMTRI inaugure le 30 novembre la bibliotèque Gérard Bloch, CERMTRI’s facilities expanded; François Péricard, Qui était Gérard Bloch?, the Trotskyist activist and historian.

The Times, 27 November 2002: Communists and the Workless, the National Unemployed Workers Movement, from 27 November 1922 issue.

International Review, Autumn 2002: Jens, The Left Fractions and the Question of Organisational Discipline; Gatto Mammone, The Internationalist Position in the 1930s, articles on the history of Left Communism.

Workers Action, December 2002: Ernest Mandel, The Jewish Question Since World War Two, from Fourth International, April 1947, introduced by Richard Price; Jim Higgins, It’s Time to Give Left-Wing Democracy the Deodorant Treatment; Richard Price, The Strange Case of Arthur Ransome.

New Interventions, Winter 2002–03: Ian Birchall, Morris, Bax and Babeuf.

Spartacist, no. 57, Winter 2002–03: Paul Johnson Unmasked, Al Richardson Disrobed, a silly Spart attack upon this magazine.

What Next?, no. 23, 2002: John Sullivan, Santiago Carrillo: A Life in Six Acts; Andrew Burgin, Ted Grant Book Launch.

The Island (Sri Lanka), 10 January 2003: Amaradasa Fernando, Doric de Souza, A Hero Unsung, commemorating the LSSP leader.

Guardian, 27 January 2003: Giles Tremlett, Anarchists and the Fine Art of Torture, Spanish anarchists decorated their prison cells with modern art, certain to get their prisoners confessing!

Rouge, 30 January 2003: Jean-Michel Krivine, Janvier 1933: Le Cauchemar, Stalinism’s capitulation in the face of Hitler.

Informations Ouvrières, 12 February 2003: François Péricard, 12 Février 1934: les chemins de l’unité.

The Times, 14 February 2003: Garry Lloyd, Plea by Anarchist for Asylum, Miguel Garcia Garcia applies for asylum in Britain, from 14 February 1970 issue.

The Times, 3 March 2003: Daniel Finkelstein, As Memories of the Cold War Recede, It is Easy for History to be Rewritten and Crimes Erased, musing over the Stalinist past of Christopher Hill and Eric Hobsbawm.

Guardian, 15 March 2003: Bob Purdie, Fascist Refuted, defending Hugh MacDiarmid.

International Viewpoint, March 2003: Livio Maitan, From the Resistance to the New Movements, excerpts from his autobiography.

The Times, 2 April 2003: The Independent Labour Party, an ILP conference, from 2 April 1907 issue.

Independent, 9 April 2003: John Lichfield, Surreal Scenes at Sale of André Breton’s Collection. See also Pierre Roy and François Péricard, Hommage à André Breton, Informations Ouvrières, 26 March 2003.

Marxist Review, April 2003: Dave Wiltshire, Seventy Years Since Hitler Came to Power: How Stalinism Aided the Nazis.

Independent, 4 May 2003: Kevin Jackson, London Observed, a photograph of Tommy Jackson speaking in Trafalgar Square in 1924.

Guardian, 8 May 2003: Francis Beckett, They Were Both Traitors and Idealists, the Cambridge spies, graduates of Judas College?

Tribune, 16 May 2003: Paul Anderson, The Man Who Spied on Orwell, the murky tale of David Crook. See also Rob Evans, Briton Who Spied on Orwell in Spain, Guardian, 5 May 2003.

The Times, 17 May 2003: Edward Mortimer, French Confusion Over Students Revolt, looking back at 1968.

The Times, 6 June 2003: 150,000 for Sectarian Songs and Sartre Notes, Stalinist anti-Trotskyist songs found in Iris Murdoch’s papers.

Independent, 16 June 2003: Tim Luckhurst, Rogue Traders, Labour and the spooks from the Zinoviev Letter onwards.

Guardian, 18 June 2003: Graham Taylor, Orwell’s Fiction is Turning into Fact, Nineteen Eighty-Four and Stalinism.

Guardian, 21 June 2003: Among Orwell’s Suspects, Orwell’s list of fellow-travellers; John Ezard, Blair’s Babe: Did Love For This Woman Turn Orwell Into a Government Stooge?. See also Bernard Crick and Patrick Boylan, Orwell’s “Premature Anti-Stalinism”, and Fiachra Gibbons, Blacklisted Writer Says Illness Clouded Orwell’s Judgement, Guardian, 24 June 2003; Andrew Clennell, Names on Orwell’s Blacklist, The Times, 25 July 2003; Stephen Dorrill and K.E. Smith, A Stain on Orwell, Guardian, 28 June 2003; Tim Plant and Bob Vallance, Orwell Was Not a Nark, Guardian, 1 July 2003. See also Laurens Otter’s letter on Orwell and Charlie Lahr, and Sheila Leslie’s response, Guardian, 5 and 12 July 2003.

Solidarity, 26 June 2003: Chris Hickey, Documenting the Spanish Civil War and George Orwell and Today’s Left. See also Chris Hickey, Imaging the Totalitarians, in 3 July 2003 issue.

Guardian, 28 June 2003: D.J. Taylor and Scott Lucas, Orwell: Saint or Stooge?; Corin Redgrave, Idealists and Informers, his dad Michael’s involvement with the People’s Convention of 1940–41.

Declaration, June 2003: Steve Fisher, A to Z of Hidden History: B is for Borkenau, Franz Borkenau’s Spanish Cockpit.

Marxist Review, June 2003: Dave Wiltshire, Seventy Years Since Hitler Came to Power: How Stalinism Aided the Nazis.

Socialism Today, June 2003: Jon Dale, The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, 1943, borrowing rather a lot from Maurice Edelman. See also Jean-Michel Krivine, Il y a 60 ans: le ghetto de Varsovie s’insurge, Rouge, 1 May 2003; Joan Trevor, A Desperate, Defiant Stand for Freedom, Solidarity, 17 April 2003.

Critique Communiste, Spring 2003: Jay Wooldrich, André Breton, le surréalisme at la révolution.

Historical Studies in Industrial Relations, Spring 2003: John McIlroy and Alan Campbell, Beyond Betteshanger: Order 1305 in the Scottish Coalfields in the Second World War, organising opposition to Stalinist scabbing.

Prométhée, Spring 2003: François Sitel, 1919: Le Traité de Versailles, the socialist attitude at the time; Bruno Nottin, Retour sur Gramsci.

Financial Times, 5 July 2003: Leslie Crawford, Franco’s Slaves, Republican prisoners working as slave labourers on Franco’s building sites.

Guardian, 10 July 2003: John Ezard, Orwell’s List of “Crypto-Communists” to be Released.

Guardian, 17 July 2003: Giles Tremlett, Spanish War Victims Exhumed, medical workers killed by Franco’s forces.

Informations Ouvrières, 23 July 2003: Nicole Bossut-Perron, Les Journées de la Révolution française.

Informations Ouvrières, 30 July 2003: François Péricard, George Orwell, dans les rangs de la révolution espagnole, en 1937, Orwell’s articles from 1937.

Rouge, 31 July 2003: Madeleine Rebérioux, Histoire d’un refus, histoire d’une conquête; René Mouriaux, Revendications … et révolution; Jean-Pierre Debourdeau, Joyeuses occupations; Eric Lafon, L’été chavid de la fonction publique; Michele Riot-Sarcey and Denis Berger, Espoir enfoui, toujours renaissant, special issue on strikes in France.

News and Letters, July 2003: Raya Dunayevskaya, Rudolf Hilferding and the “Stability of Capitalism”.

Socialist Appeal, July–August 2003: Alan Woods Speaks in the Trotsky Museum; Interview With Ted Grant, on the history of the Trotskyist movement.

Informations Ouvrières, 6 August 2003: François Péricard, La grève générale d’aôut 1953, the French general strike of 1953.

Solidarity, 14 August 2003: Sean Matgamna and John Bloxham, Class, Trade Unions and the Workers Party; Bruce Robinson, Occupied Germany, 1945: No Favours From the Ruling Class; François Duval, When the French Left was Banned for Anti-Fascism, when Rouge was banned in 1973.

Weekly Worker, 21 August 2003: Martin Schreader, Shachtman Split.

Prométhée, Summer 2003: Émile Fabrol, 1924–1927: La Prémiere Mutation du PCF; François Ferrette, 1920–1923: L’affrontement entre Centristes et Révolutionnaires; Alfred Rosmer, Demasquer le Stalinisme, material on the early years of the French Communist Party.

Workers Action, Summer 2003: Al Richardson, How Are Revolutionary Parties Formed?, Marx and the revolutionary party; Pierre Broué, The March Action, Germany 1921, from Fourth International, Summer 1964, with an introduction by Richard Price.

International Review, Spring 2003: D.A., Notes for a History of the Workers’ Movement in Japan, part 1. Part 2 in Autumn 2003 issue.

What Next?, no. 24, 2003: Jim Mortimer, Saklatvala: A Communist Candidate on a Labour Ticket; Harry Ratner, Life After Trotskyism: A Personal Account.

What Next?, no. 25, 2003: Andrés Nin, Austro-Marxism and the National Question; Mike Pearn, Jim Higgins Memorial Meeting; Jim Higgins, 1956 and All That.

What Next?, no. 26, 2003: Bernard Moss, The Hidden Marxism of The Making of the English Working Class; Glen Farred, More on the Unity Movement.

Workers Liberty, Volume 2, no. 3, 2003: Martin Thomas, Empires and War: An Introduction to Kautsky’s Ultra Imperialism; Karl Kautsky, Ultra Imperialism; Chris Reynolds, The Marxists Against Colonialism: Introduction to Kautsky’s Socialism and Colonial Policy; Karl Kautsky, Socialism and Colonial Policy; Hal Draper, Old Empire Against New.

1917, no. 25, 2003: State Repression and the Left, mostly about the US Socialist Workers Party during the Second World War.

Robert Morrell, The Gentle Revolutionary: The Life and Work of Frank Ridley, Freethought History Research Group pamphlet.

John Newsinger, British Intervention and the Greek Revolution, Socialist History Society Occasional Paper.

Pater Taaffe and Tony Aitman, Militant’s Real History, Socialist Party pamphlet, a reply to Ted Grant’s History of British Trotskyism.


Guardian, 9 May 2002: Elizabeth Mohoney, Total Recall, the Putney Church debates of 1647 and the Levellers. See also Tristram Hunt and Giles Fraser, Revolutionary Putney, Guardian, 19 February 2003; Sebastian Sainoo-Fuller, The English Revolution in 22 February 2003 issue.

Daily Mirror, 10 May 2002: John Vincent, The World’s First News Photograph, scenes of the barricades in Paris in 1848.

Independent, 24 May 2002: Elizabeth Nash, When Bloomsbury Met Andalusia, introducing Gerald Brennan, author of The Spanish Labyrinth.

The Times, 29 May 2002: The Horrors of Civil War, the atrocities during the Paris Commune, from 29 May 1871 issue.

Socialist Outlook, May–June 2002: Matthew Jones, The Dictatorship of the Proletariat, a history of the Paris Commune.

The Times, 12 July 2002: Sir Sydney Cockerell, Daily Life, conversations with Tolstoy about William Morris, from 12 July 1903 issue.

Action for Solidarity, 18 July 2002: Lucy Clement, England’s Revolution, Levellers and Diggers again.

World Socialist Website Review, July–September 2002: I.P. and David North, An Exchange of Letters on Marx and Anti-Semitism; A.D.W. and David North, On Marx and Lassalle, Engels and Carlyle: An Exchange of Letters.

Weekly Worker, 1 August 2002: Ken Burchell, Enduring Paine, the appeal of Tom Paine; Jack Conrad, Scottish Mists and Polish Echoes, Poland, Piłsudki and Luxemburg.

Sunday Times, 4 August 2002: John Peter, Stoppard Gives Theatre Longest Day in Utopia, Tom Stoppard’s trilogy on Russia, The Coast of Utopia, with Herzen, Bakunin and Marx to the fore. See also Tom Stoppard, The Forgotten Revolutionary, Observer 2 June 2002; Michael Billington, Stoppard’s Bundle of Contradictions, Guardian, 5 August 2002; Joy Wood, Stoppard’s Dramatic Licence, Freedom, 10 August 2002; John Peter, Mission Impossible, Sunday Times, 11 August 2002; Oona Swann, The People’s Playwright Flops, Solidarity, 12 September 2002; Peter Riddell, Politicians Should Note the Speech of the Year: From a Man 132 Years Dead, The Times, 26 December 2002.

Solidarity, 8 August 2002: David Black, A Woman of Rare Talents, Helen MacFarlane, first translator of the Communist Manifesto into English. See also David Black, Helen MacFarlane: Antigone in Victorian England, News and Letters, April 2003.

The Times, 17 September 2002: Graham Stewart, Demo Brings Back School Memories of Breaking 1926 Strike, how students and public schoolboys scabbed on the General Strike.

International Review, Summer 2002: Dawson, The Resurgence of Islam: A Symptom of the Decomposition of Capitalist Social Relations, an interesting Marxist analysis.

Prométhée, Summer 2002: Albert Savani, Marx et Engels: Fondateurs de l’écologié révolutionnaire.

Guardian, 1 November 2002: Giles Tremlett, Marxists are Retards, bizarre psychological musings unearthed from Franco-era files.

Times Literary Supplement, 1 November 2002: Adam Hochschild, Letter from Cuernavaca, an interview with Vlady Kibalchich, Victor Serge’s son.

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