Material for a Study of British Trotskyism


  1. Home Office report on the British Trotskyist movement in WWII
  2. Security Service report on the British Trotskyist movement in WWII
  3. The Security Services and Alien Trotskyists

The following five source documents were intended as Appendices to John Archer’s article CLR James in Britain, 1932-38, which appeared in Revolutionary History, Vol.6 No.2/3, Summer 1996. They shed valuable light on relationships between the Trotskyists in Britain and the International. We were not able to publish them at the time because of limitations on available space. We are pleased to make them available to our readers through the web. As the editor's introduction to John Archer’s article stated, we have a great deal of important material from this author which we still hope to publish when the opportunity arises.

  1. Resolution on the Tasks of the British Bolshevik-Leninists, unanimously agreed by the “Geneva” Pre-Conference, July 29-31, 1936
  2. Letter to the Marxist Group from the International Secretariat for the Fourth International, dated November 7, 1936.
  3. Extract from the minutes of the meeting of the International Bureau for the Fourth International on December 13, 1936
  4. Declaration of the International Bureau for the Fourth International on the subject of the English Marxist Group.
  5. Statement to the Bureau for the Fourth International from the BL Group in the Labour Party regarding the fulfilment of the Geneva Resolution in the Question of the Unity of the British Groups.
  6. An unpublished chapter of Harry Wicks’ autobiography with additional material by Ted Crawford on the Meerut Trial.
  7. Ernie Rogers: Against the myth of working class patriotism in World War 2. Expanded to incorporate wartime leaflets from the Leninist League of Britain (23510)
  8. The Ridley-Ram theses, by F.A. Ridley and H.R. Aggarwalla

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