Articles from What Next

The following articles from the socialist discussion journal What Next are available, covering a range of historical subjects.


1. The Bracegirdle Saga: 60 Years After

2. “The German Revolution In The Leninist Period”, by Jean Van Heijenoort

3. “Why The German Revolution Failed”, by Walter Held

4. “The German Left and Bolshevism” by Walter Held

5. “The Locusts – Cankerworms – Caterpillars and Palmerworms Will Get You if You Don’t Watch Out” by Jim Higgins

6. “The Programme of the Parti Ouvrier”, by Karl Marx and Jules Guesde

7. “Soviets in Action”, by John Reed

8. “Secrecy and Revolution: A Reply to Trotsky”, by Victor Serge

9. “A Letter and Some Notes”, by Victor Serge

10. “Lenin and Rosa Luxemburg”, by Max Shachtman

11. “Red Flag Over St Pancras”, by Bob Pitt

12. “Rosa Luxemburg or Lenin?”, by August Thalheimer, introduced by Mike Jones

13. “Is The Time Ripe For The Slogan: ‘The United States Of Europe’? (A Discussion Article)”, by Leon Trotsky, 1923

14 The Discussion Group (Tearsites), by John Sullivan

15 “A German Communist in the Spanish Civil War”, by Eva Eisenschitz

16. “Strategy and Tactics of the Communist International: What are Transitional Slogans?”, by August Thalheimer

17. “A Letter About Lenin”, by Karl Kautsky

18. Rosa Luxemburg on Lenin’s Concept of the Party.

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