Journal of Trotsky Studies

The Journal of Trotsky Studies is a scholarly journal dedicated to the life and work of L.D. Trotsky (1879-1940). The journal aims to encourage the furtherance of Trotsky studies through the publication of relevant articles and hitherto untranslated works, both primary and secondary sources, into English. The journal is published annually, in July.


Ian D. Thatcher, University of Glasgow
James D. White, University of Glasgow

Editorial Board:

R.V.Daniels, University of Vermont
B. Knei-Paz, Hebrew University
A. Pantsov, Depaul University
S. Chikara, Tokyo University
P. Dukes, University of Aberdeen
W. Lubitz, Berlin
B. Pearce, University of London

Contents of previous issues

No.1, 1993

Trotsky’s History of the Russian Revolution, James White
“No Better Bolshevik” - Leon Trotsky and the ‘Leninism’ Question, 1923-1928, Darron Hicks
Trotsky and Soviet Foreign Relations 1920-1924, Brian Pearce
Recent Writings on Trotsky and Trotskyism: A Selection, Wolfgang Lubitz
Trotsky’s Difficult Return (Soviet historical and political discussion surrounding LD Trotsky), Ralf Zwengel & Markus Wehner

Trotsky’s reflections on the Russian Revolution from New York
Shilovsky and Trotsky

Trotsky and the Tanaka Memorial, Brian Pearce
The Berlin Archives and the German Database, Jurgen Schroder
Robert J Alexander: International Trotskyism 1928-85
Wolfgang and Petra Lubitz (eds): Trotskyist Serials Bibliography

No.2, 1994

Trotsky, Kondrat’ev and Long Waves, Vincent Barnett
Literature and Revolution. Leon Trotsky’s Contributions to Marxist Cultural Theory and Litarary Criticism, Alan Wald
Trotsky, The POUM and the Spanish Revolution, Andy Durgan

In Defence of the Party (1906-1907)

James P. Cannon and the Early Years of American Communism, Selected Writings and Speeches
RV Daniels: Trotsky, Stalin and Socialism
Gerard Bellion: Renaud Jean, le tribun des paysans
Terry Brotherstone & Paul Dukes (eds): The Trotsky Reappraisal
Pierre Broue: Leon Sedov, fils de Trotsky

Errata to Issue 1

No.3, 1995

Trotsky’s History, Andrezej Stawar
Literature Without Revolution, Nikolai N. Punin
An Open Letter to General D.A. Volkogonov, Pierre Broué and Aleksandr Pantsov
The Soviet-Polish War of 1920: The Idea of World Revolution and the Position of L.D. Trotsky, V.I. Semenenko
Mandel, Lenin, Marx & Trotsky on the Question of the Productive Forces, S. Cholewka

On Revolution and the Party, by N. Trotsky
L.D. Trotsky defends himself

Two Russian reviews of Volkogonov on Trotsky
Jacques Kergaut, Marcel Pivert, Socialisme de Gauche
Louis Patsouras (ed), The Crucible of Socialism
Louis Patsouras (ed), Debating Marx
Jens Becker, Theodor Bergmann & Alexander Vatlin (eds), Das Erste Tribunal: Das Moskauer Parteiverfahren gegen Brandler, Thalheimer und Radek
Michael Jakobson, Origins of the Gulag

Alec Nove

ERRATA to issue 2

No.4 1996

Documents from Trotsky’s Train in the Russian State Military Archive: A Comment (Robert Argenbright)
Trotsky in Anecdotes (Andrei Rogachevskii and Kenneth W. Wilson)
The Rise and Fall of Trotsky in Soviet Religious Policy (Arto Luukkanen)
Serge and Trotsky’s Views: Strengths and Limitations (Susan Weissman)
Ernest Mandel (1923-1995): A Bibliographical Tribute (Wolfgang & Petra Lubitz)



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