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Socialist Platform Ltd is a leading publisher of labour movement history studies. Its aim is to bring to activists, students and scholars books and pamphlets at affordable prices on topics that are often overlooked by other publishers.

Harry Ratner, Reluctant Revolutionary
A vivid autobiographical account of a Trotskyist militant from 1936 to 1960, drawing on his experiences in the army during the Second World War, and in the engineering industry afterwards.
304 pages, illustrated, £6.95 including p&p

Harry Wicks, Keeping My Head
The autobiography of one of the founders of British Trotskyism, covering his experiences in the General Strike of 1926, his days at the Lenin School in 1927-30, his meeting with Trotsky in 1932, and much more.
240 pages, £6.95 including p&p
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Sam Bornstein and Al Richardson, Two Steps Back
An account of the Communist Party of Great Britain’s relations with the Labour Party and its role in the trade unions from 1935 to 1945.
143 pages, £4.10 including p&p

Sam Bornstein and Al Richardson, War and the International
A thoroughgoing account of the Trotskyist movement in Britain from 1937 to 1949.
252 pages, £3.75 including p&p

Harry Wicks, A Memorial
Articles by and an interview with Wicks.
54 pages, £1.40 including p&p

F.A. Ridley, The Assassins
The classic account of the Islamic sect, first published in 1938.
272 pages, £2.80 including p&p

R.S. Baghavan, An Introduction to the Philosophy of Marxism
An excellent introduction to Marxism and the natural sciences.
136 pages, £2.50 including p&p

Zygmunt Zaremba, The Warsaw Commune, Betrayed by Stalin, Massacred by Hitler
An account of the 1944 Warsaw uprising against the Nazis by a leading participant. Includes for the first time in English the political programme adopted by the Commune.
45 pages, £3.00

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