ETOL Writers: Erwin Ackerknecht

Erwin Ackerknecht Archive

Erwin Ackerknecht (1906-1988)

Erwin Ackerknecht


Biography [biography provided from from their Bio-bibliographical sketches of selected Trotskyists page]


1931: Letter from Germany – The New Party Turn (as E. Bauer)

September 1931: Germany and the Approaching Winter (as E. Bauer)

September 1931: Germany – The Coming Winter (as E. Bauer)

November 1931: In Germany – A Very Dangerous Strategic Error (as E. Bauer)

1932: The Character of Fascism (as E. Bauer)

January 1932: Rumblings in the German Social Democracy (as E. Bauer)

February 1932: German Political Scene (as E. Bauer)

April 1932: German Sketches (as E. Bauer)

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