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Colin Barker

In Brief

(September 1976)

From International Socialism (1st series), No.91, September 1976, p.32.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’ Callaghan for the Encyclopaedia of Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL).

Readers might like to note a number of publications which have appeared since the spring, and which might get missed otherwise. Counter Information Services (9 Poland St, London, W1) has brought out another of its Crisis reports, Women Under Attack, a very useful compilation at 45p. Their next pamphlet promises an exposure of ‘the fallacies of the government’s economic strategy’.

Recently, we reviewed the British Society for Social Responsibility in Science’s pamphlet on Oil (75p, also from 9 Poland Street). Note should also be taken of a matching pamphlet, at 25p, on Noise. BSSRS will give cut prices for bulk orders from trade union bodies. Hopefully they’ll be expanding this very useful series on individual work hazards. Journeyman Press (97 Ferme Park Road, London, N8) have issued a paperback edition (75p) of Ignazio Silone’s fine novel about Italian fascism, Fontamara. Also Robert Blatchford’s classic Merrie England (90p). In May, Penguin Books continued their Marx Library series with a new edition of the first volume of Capital, at £2.95. This edition has a long introduction by E. Mandel, and includes an extra 136 pages of the so-called ‘unpublished chapter’ which has not been easily available previously.

Writers and Readers Publishing Co-operative (14 Talacre Road, London, NW5) have reissued two books by John Berger, the novel A Painter of our Time, and the study of a country doctor, A Fortunate Man. They have also issued four titles in a series of ‘non-sexist children’s literature’ at £2.50 each. I haven’t seen these books, but IS readers who are interested could at the minimum get the local library to order them. More details available from the publishers.

Pluto’s Big Red Diary for 1977 is to be on law and disorder. The series is now expanded to a Big Red Joke Book, at 90p. This is full of jokes old and new, the best section being (I thought) the East European. Also promised is a Big Red Song Book, with music – what price a Big Red Concert to launch it?


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