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Peter Binns

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As Peter Binns is still alive, this index is not an attempt to make a complete archive of his work. Its purpose is to provide an index of works by Peter Binns included in various parts of the MIA and ETOL.


January 1972: Against the Self-Images of the Age (book review)

June 1973: From Rousseau to Lenin (book review)

March 1974: Marx – The Grundrisse (extended book review)

October 1974: The Lichauco Paper (book review)

January 1975: The Theory of State Capitalism

May 1975: Marx & Engels – Early Writings (book review)

June 1976: Essays on Marx’s Theory of Value (book review)

June 1976: Marx and Engels (book review)

Winter 1980 New theories of Eastern European class societies (with Mike Haynes)

Spring 1980: Castro, Cuba and socialism (with Mike Gonzalez)

Summer 1980: Cuba (Reply to Nigel Harris) (letter) (with Mike Gonzalez)

Autumn 1980: Cuba, socialism and the Third World – a rejoinder to Robin Blackburn (with Alex Callinicos & Mike Gonzalez)

Winter 1981: ‘If at first you don’t succeed ...’: fighting against the bomb in the 1950s and 1960s (with Rip Bulkeley, Pete Goodwin, Ian Birchall & Colin Sparks)

Autumn 1982 What are the tasks of Marxism in philosophy? (extended book review)

Spring 1983 Understanding the New Cold War

Autumn 1984 Revolution and state capitalism in the third world (extended book review)

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