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As Ian Birchall is still alive, this index is not an attempt to make a complete archive of his work. Its purpose is to provide an index of works by Ian Birchall included in various parts of the MIA and ETOL.


Autumn 1963: Loyal Opposition? (book review)

Winter 1963/64: Left-over Reformist (book review)

Winter 1963/64: A Study in Inevitables (book review)

Spring 1964: Armed Bodies of Men (book review)

Spring 1964: Crisis of Leadership? (book review)

Summer 1964: Revolt Without Leaders (book review)

Spring 1965: Uninstructive (book review)

Spring 1965: Whence France? (book review) (as Curtis McNally)

Autumn 1965: Apolitical Party (book review)

Autumn 1965: Literature and Reformism (book review)

Winter 1965: Objective? (book review)

Winter 1965: The Rhymes They Are A-Changing

Spring 1966: England Swings (book review)

Summer 1966: The Notebook – Trouble in Belgium

Summer 1966: Permanent Betrayal (book review)

Summer 1966: Radical Alliance (book review)

Autumn 1966: Enigmatic Variations (book review)

Winter 1966/67: André Breton (obituary)

Winter 1966/67: The Common Market and the Working Class – An Introduction

Winter 1966/67: It’s Only Human Nature (book review)

Spring 1967: No Politics Here (book review)

Spring 1967: Roads to Power (book review)

Spring 1967: The Second Time? (book review)

Summer 1967: Artless (book review)

Summer 1967: Hardly an Eagle (book review)

Autumn 1967: Before Thorez (book review)

Autumn 1967: Literature and Dialectics (book review)

Autumn 1967: Quantity or Quality? (book review)

July 1968: So near and yet so far ...

August 1968: Paris back to normal – on the surface

August 1968: France – the Struggle Goes On (pamphlet) (with Tony Cliff)

Autumn 1968: From Revolution to Reform (book review)

Autumn 1968: Introduction to Lucien Goldmann, Is There a Marxist Sociology?

Autumn 1968: On the Labour Party (letter)

Autumn 1968: Revolution Against the Revolution (book review)

September 1968: Not Just Fun and Games in Mexico ...

November 1968: French CP in turmoil

December 1968: Will de Gaulle spark new revolt by workers and students?

March 1969: Founded 50 years ago – the Red International

March 1969: Going abroad? (letter)

March 1969: Vietnam – the war and the British workers (letter)

April 1969: Lukacs as Literary Critic

May 1969: Big Business Behind De Gaulle Resignation

May 1969: France today – almost as though May 68 had never happened ...

April 1970: Marxism and Art (book review)

April 1970: Trouble on the Metro (survey)

November 1970: Sartre and the Myth of Practice

February 1971: The Common Market (book review)

February 1971: Sartre – Part II

Autumn 1971: Sudan (survey)

Autumn 1971: Rejoinder to Harman’s Common Market

November 1971: On Generalised Opposition

January 1972: The British Communist Party – 1945–64

April 1972: Shipwreck of a Generation (book review)

July 1972: Chomsky’s Humanism (book review)

February 1973: Ambiguity – Si! (book review)

February 1973: Seven Types (book review)

February 1973: Vietnam – Myth and Reality

March 1973: The Right Divided

May 1973: Gaullism in Retrospect

July 1973: Frantz Fanon (book review)

September 1973: Antoine Bloye (book review)

22 September 1973: Allende’s Road to Disaster

November 1973: The Arab States

February 1974: The Philosophy of Art of Karl Marx (book review)

March 1974: Red Rising in Bavaria (book review)

May 1974: April Dream in Portugal (briefing)

June 1974: An Opposing Man (book review)

September 1974: Labour Movements in the Common Market (book review)

March 1975: History of the International Socialists (Part 1)

March 1975: India-China (book review)

April 1975: Broad and Alien is the World (book review)

April 1975: History of the International Socialists (Part 2)

June 1975: Socialism and Revolution (book review)

November 1975: The Labour Movement in Europe (book review)

February 1976: The Revolutionary Left in Europe

March 1976: From Comintern to Cominform (book review)

May 1976: Spain – The Prospects (with Paul Harrison)

June 1976: The Novel and Revolution (book review)

June 1976: The Vietnamese Road to State Capitalism

May 1977: The Real Brecht (letter)

April 1978: France – No Left Turn (with Phil Spencer)

July 1978: The spectre of Zhdanov

November 1978: The Faded Dream

Summer 1979 Partisanship or abstention?

Autumn 1979 Social Democracy and the Portuguese ‘revolution’

January 1980: The Swamp-Watchers (book review)

February 1980: Torn from History (book review)

May 1980: The Labour Left against Thatcher

May 1980: Sartre – He missed the boat but he kept on swimming (obituary)

June 1980: The Korean War – When the cold war heated up

June 1980: Torture, death, and ... (letter)

September 1980: Hedging his bets (book review)

Autumn 1980 The autonomy of theory – A short history of New Left Review

October 1980: Much ado about netting

November 1980: Labour and the bomb

November 1980: Simon Raven – The Tory book of rules (writer reviewed)

December 1980: French Left – On the road to Rome

December 1980: S is for sad Stalinism that gave us all a bad name

Winter 1981: ‘If at first you don’t succeed ...’: fighting against the bomb in the 1950s and 1960s (with Rip Bulkeley, Pete Goodwin, Peter Binns & Colin Sparks)

Winter 1981: Letter to the Editor [of International Socialism] (letter)

February 1981: Take the trouble (letter)

April 1981: A murky business

May 1981: Building “The Smallest Mass Party in the World” – Socialist Workers Party 1951–1979 (pamphlet)

Summer 1981: Too much, too little, too late – left Social Democracy in the French Popular Front

June 1981: And now for something completely similar

October 1981: Mitterrand’s mediocre millennium

October 1981: The worm that was turned

December 1981: Centrism – more than just an insult

December 1981: A possible arena for useful socialist debate

February 1982: Albanian Roulette (written as Curtis McNally)

February 1982: Mitterrand’s moderation

February 1982: Tone Deaf Albert (book review)

Spring 1982: Terry Eagleton and Marxist literary criticism

March 1982: The horror they left behind (book review)

May 1982: The Revolutionary Calendar – May 1968

September 1982: Ever decreasing circles

October 1982: Socialism in Europe – France

December 1982: Dialectics – The whole truth

March 1983: He says farewell (extended book review)

March 1983: G.B. Shaw – Plays, prefaces and polemics (writer reviewed)

April 1983: More Sounds (letter)

Autumn 1983: Kinnock’s favourite Marxist: Eric Hobsbawm and the working class (with Norah Carlin)

May 1984: Taking on the workers

June 1984: Euro-Elections – More than just a bore (written as Curtis McNally)

July 1984: Italy – Death of a compromiser (obituary)

May 1985: Enver Hoxha – Death in the family (obituary)

Summer 1985: Left Alive or left for dead?

June 1985: Eurosoap (book review)

September 1985: Fears for Tiersky (book review)

October 1985: France – Over the rainbow

October 1985: More than just taste (letter)

December 1985: So comrades come rally

February 1986: The dreams of children (book review)

February 1986: Speaking personally (letter)

April 1986: The right resistance (book review)

June 1986: Jean Genet – Man of Revolt (obituary)

Autumn 1986: Only rock and roll? (extended book review)

November 1986: King of the wild frontier (obituary/book review)

November 1986: Striking against Suez

December 1986: The volatile Molotov (obituary)

January 1987: From world war to class war (book review)

January 1987: It’s not 68 but it’s not bad

February 1987: Tribune – Fifty years on

April 1987: Black Bread and Poetry

April 1987: Under their thumb (letter)

June 1987: Flowers for the grave digger (book review)

October 1987: The careless party

March 1988: Class, war and class war (book review)

May 1988: The Left and May 68

June 1988: Death of a friend (obituary)

November 1988: Algeria – New ills, old cures

February 1989: Selling off Robespierre (book review)

March 1991: Worsening shame (letter)

September 1993: Pierre Naville – The rebellious victim (obituary)

November 1993: Surreal experience (letter)

Autumn 1994: Heretics in Communism (book review)

Autumn 1994: The Serge-Trotsky Papers (book review)

Spring 1995: Sectarianism? (letter)

Winter 1995/96: In Defence of the Russian Revolution (book review)

September 1996: The Babeuf Bicentenary – Conspiracy or Revolutionary Party?

1997: Harry McShane (letter)

1998: David Rousset (1912–1997) (obituary)

March 1998: The Vice-like Hold of Nationalism? A comment on Megan Trudell’s Prelude to revolution

Summer 1998: Comment on John Sullivan’s The Green Movement

1999: Art, Class and Cleavage (book review)

1999: History of the Communist International (book review)

2000: Another Syndicalist Voice (book review)

2000: Trotskyist Dinosaur (book review)

2001: Tony Cliff (letter)

2002: The Ancien Regime and Revolution (book review)

2002: The Enigma of Kersausie – Engels in June 1848

Autumn 2002: Zola for the 21st century

2003: The Evolution of Victor Serge (letter)

2003: Michael Kidron (1930–2003) (obituary)

2003: Michael Kidron (1930–2003) (extended obituary)

2003: The Navigation of Feeling (book review)

2003: Stalin (book review)

2004: The Babouvists (book review)

2004: Duncan Hallas – Response to Nigel Harris (obituary)

2004: During the Algerian War (book review)

2004: From Trotskyism to Libertarian Communism (book review)

Summer 2004: When Rosmer reviewed Cliff

2005: Daniel Guérin Conference

2005: Lenin (book review)

2005: Peter Sedgwick Commemoration

2005: Speak One More Time (book review)

Summer 2005: Sartre’s century

Autumn 2005: Pierre Broué – A rare combination (obituary)

Summer 2007: New Left Review: The search for theory (book review)

Autumn 2007: Debray’s memoirs – tears of a clown (book review)

2008: Karim Landais

2008: The PCF & 1956

2008: A Trotskyist in the Nazi hell (book review)

Winter 2008: Pioneers of internationalism (book review)

Spring 2008: Seizing the time – Tony Cliff and 1968

Autumn 2008: A fiftieth birthday for Marxist theory

2009: Pete Glatter (1949–2008) (obituary)

Autumn 2009: International rescue (book review)

Winter 2010: Chris Harman – a life in the struggle

Summer 2010: Another side of anarchism (letter)

Summer 2011: Talkin’ ’bout a revolutionary (interview)

Summer 2012: Grappling with the united front (book review)

Winter 2013: Being right is not enough – Some thoughts on Paul Levi

Winter 2013: The enemy’s enemy – Disraeli and working class leadership

Spring 2016: Some questions about the lost German Revolution

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