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Muriel Browning

Step forward for Welsh women

(December 1984)

From Militant, No. 729, 14 December 1984, p. 4.
Transcribed by Iain Dalton.
Marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for the Encyclopaedia of Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL).

AT THE Welsh Region Women’s Conference on November 9, Militant supporter Muriel Browning was re-elected onto the Regional Committee. Conference adopted a Marxist resolution from Llanelli Women’s Council, congratulating Liverpool City Council on their stand against Tory cuts.

A miners’ wife invited to speak had a tremendous response when she said that after the strike she intended joining the Labour Party. This is also the intention of the majority of women in the Penrhwcyber support group. A resolution supporting the miners was carried overwhelmingly.


A resolution was carried which included: “As a step towards increasing women’s influence in the Party, conference demands the right to elect the Women’s Division of the National Executive Committee.” Decisions arrived at by the outgoing Regional Committee were put to conference and overwhelmingly accepted. These included: one of the women’s seats on the NEC should be elected at National Conference; the four women’s seats on the Labour Party Wales Executive should be elected at the Welsh Women’s conference.

The acceptance of this change will give more authority to the Women’s conference and marks a real step forward.

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