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Grace Carlson

Grace Carlson

(1906 – 1992)

Biography [not available at present]


June 1940: First Effect of Minn. Bloc with Democrats

December 1940: Our Party’s Election Campaign in Minnesota

December 1940: “T.B.”, Scourge of the Poor, Kills 9 Workers for 1 Businessman

January 1941: Grace Carlson Reports Negro Audiences

January 1941: Grace Carlson Reports on First Meetings

January 1941: Grace Carlson’s Own Story on Tour Meetings

January 1941: It’s True About New York! Says Grace Carlson

February 1941: Grace Carlson in Memphis on Her Tour

February 1941: Grace Carlson Reports on Negro Audiences

February 1941: Grace Carlson Reports on New Locals

February 1941: Grace Carlson Thanks N.Y. for Banquet

February 1941: The Vote for Trotskyism in Minnesota

March 1941: Grace Carlson Reports West Coast Meeting

April 1941: Grace Carlson in 37th City of Her Tour

March 1942: Grace Carlson’s Radio Speech

March 1945: Best Medical Care Given Fala’s Pups While Infants of Poor Suffer Neglect

March 1945: ‘Learn to Relax by Cultivating Hobby’ Is Radio Advice to Overworked Mothers

March 1945: Poorly-Housed Workers Long for ‘Dream Home’

April 1945: Children Suffer from “Hidden Hunger” Because Workers Can’t Buy Decent Food

April 1945: How May Days Were Celebrated Under Lenin – and Under Stalin

April 1945: Poverty Robs Many Women of Right to Health and Beauty

April 1945: Press Weeps over “Hungry” Heiress; Suppresses News of Ill-Fed Workers

April 1945: How to Get Needed Rest Puzzles Ulcer Patients

May 1945: Big Bankroll Provides Best Immunity to the Dread Scourge of Tuberculosis

May 1945: Mistreatment of Sick Veterans Charged

May 1945: ‘No Meat – No Work!’ Say Miners in West Virginia

May 1945: Pamphlet Bares Navy Frame-Up of Negroes

May 1945: Poor Mothers Advised to Patch, Darn and Sew

May 1945: Rankin Seeks Whitewash in Vets’ Hospital Probe

June 1945: An Inside Story – Conditions of Women in American Jails

June 1945: Rankin Blocks Investigation on Care of Wounded Veterans

June 1945: Rankin Whitewash Blocked in Veteran Care Inquiry

June 1945: Study in Contrasts – How a Millionaire and a Tenement Dweller Lived and Died

June 1945: Use Race Slander in Hospital Probe

June 1945: Why Millions of Women Workers Don’t Have ‘That American Look’

June 1945: Will a “Baby Bonus” Safeguard Child Victims of Profit System?

January 1946: A GM Striker’s Story

January 1946: Minister Disproves Duluth “No Discrimination” Story

February 1946: General Motors Continues Stall in Negotiations

February 1946: GM Strike Leaders Appeal for Aid

February 1946: G.M. Strikers Hold the Line for Full Terms

February 1946: Strike Leader Calls CP Story “Pack of Lies”

February 1946: Two Kinds of Justice

March 1946: Auto Locals Start Drive to Elect Reuther as Next UAW President

March 1946: General Motors Continues Its Arrogant Stand

March 1946: Three Growing Boys

May 1946: The Forgotten Woman

May 1946: Shortages Affect Babies

May 1946: Turn Indignation into Action by Aiding Militant Campaign

June 1946: Calories Are Not Enough

June 1946: It’s a Crazy World!

July 1946: The Dread Beriberi

August 1946: Crime in High Places

August 1946: Infantile Paralysis vs. Profits

August 1946: A New Use for “Truth Serum”

September 1946: The Health of the Nation

September 1946: People Can Change

September 1946: Who’s for Free Speech?

January 1948: The New Gold Brick

February 1948: Death in the Mayor’s Office

March 1948: Add a Dash of Poison!

March 1948: Education vs. Armaments

March 1948: Medical Research vs. Armaments

April 1948: Slow Death in the Mines

May 1948: Cancer – the No. 2 Killer

May 1948: Health, Wealth and Ulcers

May 1948: Tuberculosis – Ancient Enemy

June 1948: “American Bedlam”

July 1948: “The Only Road to Peace”

July 1948: The Struggle for Civil Rights

August 1948: Carlson Reports Tour Reception in Denver

August 1948: Campaigning in Michigan

August 1948: Labor Day Message (with Farrell Dobbs)

September 1948: A Week in Ohio

SWP Blasts CIO Chiefs for Supporting Truman, September 1948 (with Farrell Dobbs)

September 1948: In the World’s Steel Center

September 1948: “Labor Alone Can Halt the March of Reaction”

September 1948: Barnstorming in Buffalo

September 1948: SWP Candidates Blast Truman’s Demagogy; Urge Labor Congress (with Farrell Dobbs)

September 1948: From the Arrowhead Country

October 1948: Militants in Minnesota

October 1948: Dobbs, Carlson Lash War-Mongers (with Farrell Dobbs)

October 1948: Marshall Plots Deal with Franco (with Farrell Dobbs)

October 1948: Seattle and Milwaukee

October 1948: Crowded Days

October 1948: Oppose the Warmakers on Nov. 2! (with Farrell Dobbs)

November 1948: On Historic Ground

November 1948: The Campaign Ahead

January 1949: Humphrey and Labor

February 1949: Letter to a Student

February 1949: National Heart Week

March 1949: Humphrey and Housing

March 1949: Meat in the Diet

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